Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Born To Run

Well....the promise of that title remains to be seen. If you've been reading this blog, then you know I've had a slight knee injury that has kept me from running much over the last couple of weeks. Aggravation!

Said knee.....the one on the left that is.  I have my daddy's feet....don't look too close.

After researching and talking with long-time runner friends, I believe the "aggravation" is iliotibial band syndrome. Basically, there is a thick tendon that runs down the side of your leg and for several reasons can get irritated and inflamed. I believe the source of my pain was due to increasing mileage to quickly and possibly from changing shoes to a more minimalist shoe and not giving myself the proper time to adjust to running in this type shoe.

So....for any new runners out there......read, research, ask fellow runners and above all, do what the experts say. I could have avoided this injury...I knew better. I knew not to increase mileage any more than 10% a week. I knew that I should have only ran a mile or two in the new shoes instead of five. High notions! Lesson learned!

The Iliotibial Band
(totally wished my bum looked like that)

What have I been doing to treat ITB Syndrome? I was told to purchase a foam roller made for just this purpose....to treat ITB Syndrome and to follow the instructions. I immediately followed this advice. I've been using it for a week now and I can honestly say that from the first time I used the roller, my knee has felt so much better. Other advice, from an expert and avid bike rider, was to make sure I stretched well. And I do. Yoga will also be in my arsenal of staying fit and flexible, very soon.

Now on to the good part......my stats since the injury. Oh wait, you thought I just sat around and nursed a sore knee. What?!? No way....I've come a long way since last June. I can't sit by and lose all that fitness and endurance.  That would be a crying shame and I would be the one crying. Since my last 4-mile run on the Dec. 27th (ran in pain), I've been going to the gym.

Date:        Activity:                                                 
Jan 2   -   3 miles on the elliptical/stair climber          
Jan 4   -   5 miles on the elliptical                             
Jan 5   -   3.12 mile slow run, outdoors                   
Jan 5   -   Swam for 30 min                                     
Jan 6   -   3 miles on the elliptical                            
                  1 mile on the stair climber                       
Jan 8   -   5 miles on the elliptical                            

As of today, my knee feels so much better that I'm considering running a 5K on Jan. 19th. I'll see how the rest of the week goes before committing.

And finally, I'm pleased to announce that I have registered for my first 10K on March 9, 2013. Got to get this knee completely well. I've got some running to do.

Meeting my goals one day at a time, one run at a time. 

Born to run?

Hmmmm, only time will tell.

Until then,

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