Friday, January 11, 2013

Running In Fear..ior

Misspelled title? No, just a little play on words. I have to confess......I come from a long line of fears. Fear of snakes, fear of tight spaces, fear of suffocating, fear of falling down, fear of going get the picture. And then there is the feeling of being inferior. Is that a fear? I think so. Maybe. Could be. Let's talk about it, shall we. 

I read a post the other day about a lady talking about feeling inferior to other runners. She felt like she didn't measure up, couldn't run as fast as others and that she was just in the way...taking up space on the running path. She told a friend she was running with about her feelings and her friend dispelled any fears this lady had. The friend told her that she admired her for getting out there and running. All runners are new at some point and have had the same thoughts and feelings as she. Hummmm, those words jumped right off the page and landed directly in the center of my lap. I started thinking about that. I could totally relate to what this lady had gone through. It was a self-discovery light bulb moment for me.

Running for me has been something done as a loner. There are other things I do that falls into the same category.....I read, research my family history, sew, scrapbook, blog and I'm at home during the day alone. Don't get me wrong, anyone that knows me knows that I love my alone time. But maybe I'm missing out, maybe it's time to crawl out of that loner shell. I feel sort of silly when people ask me who I run with and my answer is "no one". I've been invited to go run with friends, but I graciously bowed out. I've come to realize why....I feel inferior. I can't run as fast or as far as they do. I feel like I would be holding them back and I certainly don't want to do that. Maybe I should remember my post from January 1st where I wrote that nothing is ever as it seems. So, maybe I've let my fears dominate my thoughts to the point of missing out on some awesome runs with some great people. Maybe I can't run that fast or far, yet. So what? I will in time and will have the benefit of making lifelong friendships.

Yeah, that's it! I'm going to do it! I think it's high time I break the fear cycle. I'm going to try to branch out. Maybe I'll join the local running club or maybe I'll take my friends up on their invitation to join them. Maybe that's just what I need to push me to the next level.  What I do know for sure is that running will take you places you've never been, show you things you've never seen...and with a new prospective, I might add. Other benefits are a greater fitness level and a sense of well being.

What more could you ask for from something that comes as naturally as putting one foot in front of the other. I hope for those of you sitting on the fence, thinking of putting on your running shoes, yet holding back for some unfounded fear, that you take a cue from me and other runners.....lay aside running "in fear..ior". As my husband tells me constantly, "screw it, just do it"! (His words, not mine...haha! Don't want you hating on me for such brashness.) (But don't hate him either. He's good, he's wise and I love him.)

OK, confessions are over. Phew! Boy am I glad. It's not easy baring your soul to the whole world.

Before you go, in case you were wondering.....

1)  I ran outside yesterday for 3.18 miles.
2)  The IT Band roller works wonders.
3)  My knee didn't bother me until about mile 2.5. Stretched a little and was good to go.
4)  However, I had a constant dull ache in the left bum.
5)  Healing takes time.


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