Friday, May 27, 2016


I just had to share with you the best garden shoe, ever! I normally wear rubber boots while working in the yard and in the garden, but it's getting hot and those puppies make me sweat. So, the search was on for a different solution.

After looking online, I found these adorable garden shoes.


They run true to size. They're flexible and have a thick cushion on the inside. Soooo comfortable. Inexpensive. And, they're made in the USA!

I've worn them in the garden, cut grass in them and when they've gotten dusty or muddy....I rinsed them with the water hose. I love them!

Well, I've already had my breakfast and coffee on the patio. It's gorgeous and cool out there right now, so I'm headed out the door to do some chores before the heat drives me inside.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Remember and be grateful for those that they gave their life while serving our country.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

See you next week, 
~*~ Laurie ~*~

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Conversation With Sawyer

Cliff and I can't express in words how proud of Lidia and Sawyer we are! They are not only ridiculously smart, but they are beautiful inside and out. I'm so glad I get to be their grandmama, endearingly called LaLa.

Lidia and Sawyer had their awards program at school today.

Lidia received a certificate for "A" Honor Roll.

Sawyer received the "A" Honor Roll for the year award as well as a ribbon recognizing him for being one of the top five students in third grade. 
(That's him on the right.)

After the program, I was hugging on Sawyer as we walked to the car and I was telling him how proud we were of his hard work. I told him that he got his smarts from me. He replied, "Really?"  Then I told him that he got some of it from Papi and that his mama was a little bit smart, too. 

The rest of the conversation went as follows:

Sawyer said: I knew Papi was smart, but I didn't know you were.

 Laurie said: Why not? 

Sawyer said: You never told me.

Laurie said: Well, I graduated high school in the top five, too. And Papi graduated as Valedictorian of his class. I, also, graduated at the top of my class in college. 

He seemed pleasantly amused and surprised. 

Laurie said: How do you know that Papi is smart?

Sawyer said: Because when we were working on the boat, Papi started using numbers that I never heard of before. He was using Algebra.

LOL!!!! He cracks me up!

Talk soon,

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Beach Day

Relaxing and enjoying the beach 
before the summer crowd arrives in a couple of weeks. 


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Kayaking The Saluda

We went kayaking down the Saluda river last weekend. Cliff and I had already checked out the river a couple of weekends before.  It's shallow for the most part and has some rocky shoals, which makes little tiny rapids. We call them rapids, but really they were just glorified ripples. This would be a great place to bring Lidia and Sawyer for a long kayak trip. Although we would only paddle about 7 miles, that's a long kayak trip for the kids. The trip would take us close to 3 hours to complete. 

We got up Saturday morning and put the kayaks in the lake, right in front of the house. In order to get across the dam, we paddled to a mandatory portage area, took the kayaks out of the water and carried them up a hill........

 ....then down a hill.

 Sawyer decided this was the best way to get down.

And then, down a road that came out on the other side of the dam. 

 We were able to get right to the water's edge with no problems. 

 And then, we set sail.

At first we thought this was a train trestle, but after passing beneath it we decided it couldn't be. It's too narrow. Maybe it's just for foot traffic.

First rapids of the day. Lidia and Sawyer were nervous at first, but paddled through it like pros. After that, they were excited and looking for more.

 Here's another. There were about 4 or 5 areas in the river like this. 

To put things into perspective....that log above Cliff and Sawyer came to rest there during that awful flood we had last fall.

  When Sawyer got tired, Cliff towed him.

It was a great day on the river. Although the trip was a little long, we were moving with the flow of the river and the weather was beautiful. Lidia and Sawyer did great. I want to do this trip again in the fall, when the leaves change colors.

 Talk to y'all soon,


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May Garden Update

I have a crazy garden. I am trying to understand what the heck is going on. As you know, I planted early and had to baby the veggies during two frost/freezes. Even though I covered the plants, I believe the cold stunted them somehow. They have not grown as well as I thought they should. The plants have been a very light green, almost yellow at times and they are not filling out very much. I sprayed them with some Epsom salts and water...which is supposed to make foliage green-up and help fruits produce. It helped a little. I'm trying to be as organic as I can be.

Here it is, mid-May and the veggie plants are starting to produce their fruits, which is wonderful.....but I doubt it produces very much considering the size of the plants. Just take a look......

It's very hard to get a good picture of the garden, but here you go.

Tomatoes in the small.

....Small, yet it's producing tomatoes.



Cabbages are looking good. I thought they should be ready by next week, but no.

Celery, grown from the cut off bottom of a store bought celery.

Picked two Romaines last weekend and enjoyed a fresh salad. 

Cilantro picked Saturday morning made a delicious salsa Saturday evening.

The Peach tree is loaded.

As you can see in the first couple of pictures, I'm not finished with the garden area yet. I'm still working on it and am also making a flagstone path around the outside perimeter. Hope to finish that project up next week. I'll show you, once it's done.

And how can I talk about the garden without showing you my blooming flowers.



And last, but not least...trailing Petunias.

Talk Soon,

Friday, April 29, 2016

Cliff said......

 Here's a pretty bloom to start your weekend because Lord knows we need something lovely to meditate on, especially after yesterday's encounter.

Now if you know anything about me, then you know I am deathly afraid of snakes. Well, I had an encounter, yesterday.

Do you remember this picture? I was pulling up weeds and grass by hand, laying down newspaper and then topping it off with wood chips. I finished that stage of the garden project and now I'm putting down a flagstone path around the outside perimeter of the garden to make mowing around it easier. I'll show you that, when I'm finished.

Yesterday, I was pushing the newspaper back on the outside edge and....OMG! There lay a snake. I just about freaked out. My hand was close enough that I may have touched it. I have never been so close to a snake before, except the time I stepped on one, when I was a child. Which is probably the reason I'm so afraid of them. Anyway, I backed up so fast that I nearly stumbled. For a split second I thought about running in the house and staying there. But, I braved up, grabbed the shovel and chopped the mess out of him. First time ever! He was all of 8 inches long. Long enough, okay!

Later, I asked Cliff if he told his mama that I had killed a snake and Cliff said, "She couldn't believe it - she almost choked on a vanilla wafer, when I told her."

HaHa! She knows me well.

We won't talk about the King snake I saw in the flower bed by the back door, this evening.  Now that one sent me running and squealing back into the house.

Happy Weekend,

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Weed Killer Update

The proof is in the pudding......

This Weed Killer works!

Environmentally Safe Weed Killer
1 gallon vinegar (I used white)
2 cups Epsom salts 
1/4 cup original blue Dawn dish detergent

Mix all ingredients in a garden sprayer. Spray the mixture on weeds in the morning, after the dew has dried, and in 3-4 days the weeds will be completely d.e.a.d. 

*Thank you Mama Pea for sharing your recipe with me.*

~** Laurie **~