Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Scenes From Our Horse Ride

Cliff and Gambler

Cliff and his friend, Preston, host a winter horse ride every year. They call it the Gator Ride because they ride in gator country. Although, I'm not sure they have ever seen one this time of year.

Cliff and Preston like to go out a couple weeks early to check out the conditions in the Francis Marion National Forest and that's what we were doing Sunday. They like to make the ride challenging for the veteran riders that come. The thicker the forest, the snarlier the brambles, the muddier the roads, the deeper the water....the better. And, if they see a gator.....icing on the cake!

I'm not one of those die-hard riders. I would rather stay mostly in the clearings behind the camera. Preston would stay with me, for my safety, while Cliff was exploring.  Sissy and I did walk through some water up to her knees, though. She trusts me because she knows I don't want to go any where that she doesn't want to go. Ha! At least that's what I thought until she had a little freak, later.

The ride was pretty uneventful, except for the time Cliff and Hunter (Preston's friend) rode through the brambles and Preston and I rode around the outside perimeter. Sissy couldn't stand that her boyfriend, Gambler, left her. She was biting at the bits to get to him and would twirl me around in some vicious circles. But Cliff wasn't gone long and she calmed down, when she saw him and Gambler coming back. And then there was the time that Gambler saw some rusty fence wire lying off to the side of the path and did a quick side-step because who knows what he thought that was. Oh wait, and there was the 'when Sissy freaked' thing. You'll see the pictures below of the water we had been walking in all day. The water...dark and knee deep. You would think this was the creepiest of creeps, but no....we came up to a tiny stream. I'm talking about 8 inches wide, if that. The water running through it was but a trickle and couldn't have been more than a half inch deep. Yet, Sissy freaked and felt like she had to jump the 8 inch wide, half an inch deep stream or drown. Now, I wish I had a picture or video of that. Good thing I was holding on! I told Whitney about it and she said, "Yeah. she just can't wrap her head around that." Ha!

Well, there's lots of pictures to look at, so I'm going to leave you to it.....

 The Francis Marion National Forest

 Saddling up. 
(Whitney, don't look at the dreadlocks)

Cliff and Hunter clearing the brambles. Sissy was so excited!

 Cliff and Gambler trudging through knee-deep water.

 Cliff on Gambler and Hunter on Waylan. Do you see the swampy area in the background? 

 Gator country.

 Preston on Dolly and Cliff on Gambler.

After the ride, we took the horses back to the barn. Our horses are boarding at Preston's farm, temporarily. They have guineas at the farm. Aren't they interesting?
 From the neck up, they are as ugly as sin. But, from the neck down...... just look at that beautiful plumage. 

 Heading to the barn for some R&R and food.

 But first, a dirt bath! 

 And now, a well deserved meal.

Talk soon,

Friday, January 29, 2016

The Incident on I-20

This is a long story, but I have got to tell y'all what happened to me today.

I was driving down I-20, heading for the beach, when I noticed about 6 patrol cars on the side of the road. A couple were highway patrolmen and a couple or more were unmarked cars and a couple of those had their blue lights on.

I wondered what in the world was going on....did they find someone in the ditch? I decided that wasn't it or there would have been an ambulance. Then I wondered if they were after an escaped convict. He may be hiding out and the patrolmen are getting ready to sweep the area. Well of course, I began to help them look. I was making note of any outbuildings nearby that the convict could be hiding in and there were a couple. But I didn't see any signs of a, I left it to the patrolmen.

Two miles down the road I saw my exit coming up. I turned on my blinker and pulled over in what I thought was a turning lane. Turned out it was a wide shoulder area. HaHa! I stayed on the shoulder until I reached the exit, which was only a few more feet away. Just then.....

I saw the PoPo in my rear view mirror.

One of those patrolmen had pulled in behind me. It startled me. I wondered if he had new information from what I perceived to be a posse getting ready to search for an escaped convict.

Apparently not. He didn't seem to be in a hurry.

Strange thing was that he followed close behind me. I took the exit and kept within the 45 mph speed limit, until I saw the 60 mph speed limit sign. With the patrolman still following closely behind, I decided I would wait until I actually passed the sign before speeding up. We had traveled at least a quarter of a mile at this point. I was doing everything right....staying within the speed limit, had on my seat belt, used my blinkers, so I had nothing to worry about.

Well...... just as I began accelerating up to 60 mph, the highway patrolman turned on the blue lights. The C-word came out of my mouth before I knew what happened. What in the world was I doing wrong? The only thing I could think of was that I had pulled onto the shoulder thinking it was part of the exit lane and he probably thought I was drunk or on drugs.

I pulled over and just as I did, I saw my camera tripod lying on the front seat. "OMG, what if he thinks it's a gun? What am I going to do?"  I had no time to do anything....he was at my window before I could hide it. He greeted me with, "Good day, ma'am." Well it may or may not be....depends on what you want... and NO that's not a gun...was going through my head.

He asked to see my driver's license and registration. I was retrieving them and asked, "What did I do wrong, officer?" He said, "Show me your license and registration and I'll tell you." I was fumbling in the glove box to get the registration, which I had so cleverly placed in a Ziploc bag among Insurance cards and the like. I said, "Oh Lord, let me put on my glasses, I can't see a thing and I want to make sure I give you the right card." Just then...I realized what I said and thought, "Oh great! I  just told him I couldn't see a thing and I'm driving without glasses. Aack! I hope that went over his head."  I handed him my license and registration and he quickly pointed to my registration and said, "You see this date?"

I looked and exclaimed, "Oh My Lord!"

My license plate had expired!

All of a sudden I wondered, "Can he take me to jail for this?" And then I wondered what I was going to say to keep from going to jail. I couldn't come up with a thing. I was surely bound for the pokey.

He took my license and headed to his car. About this time I decided I might need to take a picture of this and send to Cliff, just in case he had to come bail me out. The patrolman came back with my license and registration and told me that I needed to get this taken care of. I told him that I would and that Cliff probably had my new one in his Jeep. He said, "No ma'am. The DMV said it has not been renewed. I'm going to just give you a warning, but go take care of this." I assured him I would.

Oh y'all, I had just dodged the long arm of the law. 

If I had my wits about me, I would have asked why all those patrol cars were pulled over on the side of the road. I figured it was best to let it be. 

I still can't figure out how he saw those tiny little numbers on my license plate, as I drove by. 

Before leaving, I took just a minute to send the photo to Cliff. 
He didn't respond. Ha!

What happened next may be TMI, at least for the men who read this. I'm so sorry.

I had to stop for gas and go to the restroom.  While I was pumping gas, I recounted the I-20 incident to my sister, who had already called me three times asking about my camera. Her response, "You only drive 60 on the interstate?"

I hung up the phone and headed to the restroom. And y'all, when I sat down.....the toilet flushed on it's own. I thought, "Gross, I am going to be mad, if I get wet." About that time, the lights turned off in the bathroom, on their own. At that point, I laughed out loud, right there in the public restroom of a convenience store just off I-20. I got funny looks from the clerk and a couple of customers when I left the store. I just assumed they heard me laugh and left it at that.

When I finally got home and told Cliff what happened.....

He said, "I wish you had gotten arrested. I would be taking all kinds of pictures of you."

I hope I don't have a stroke! Especially, before I get to the DMV office on Monday!


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Nature In January

Last week, Linda of Woke up....Got out of bed 
challenged a few of us on Facebook to seven days of posting Nature pictures. It was not only fun, but pushed me to get outside and look at my surroundings. Even in the dead of winter, there is still so much beauty to behold. I thought I would post several of them and an additional one that didn't make it to my Facebook posts.  
It's Nature in January, y'all.....


Have a great weekend,

Monday, January 25, 2016

I've Been On The Road Again

  The Episcopal Chapel
Pineville, SC

   This sweet chapel was built in 1810. 
During the Civil War, the church remained untouched by Union troops as they burned most of the buildings in this small town to the ground.

My back road adventures continue....


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lake Snow ~ Barely

 We had snow at the lake. See....I can prove it.

 There was snow on the water globe left in the zinnia patch.

 There was snow in the crook of the crepe myrtle.

 Lidia, Ana (Lidia's friend) and Sawyer were raking it off my car into snowballs.

And suddenly, between the sun and the snowball throwing, it was gone.

Notice the toboggan that Sawyer is wearing? I finished it! Fits him like a glove. 
I have to make Cliff one, now. He needs a camouflaged one for the swamp.

If you got snow, hope you enjoyed it. I was in heaven watching the little bit we got this morning. Hope our friends up north and on the east coast stay safe and warm. 

Send me some.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cliff said....

Something's wrong with this coffee. It smells like the air you let out of tires.



Sunday, January 17, 2016