Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Striped Paint Job

I'm slightly exhausted. I've been painting all week at the lake house. I took a break yesterday to go buy more paint and pick up Lidia and Sawyer, after school. They are spending the weekend with me here at the lake. Sawyer got sick last night with a stomach virus. Bless it. Throwing up in LaLa and Papi's bed made him feel even worse. He was feeling better today, even though he had a fever this afternoon. And he apologized for keeping me up last night. I couldn't help but kiss his head multiple times, so hope I don't get it.....ain't nobody got time for that.

As bad as he felt, he and Lidia made a snack for me because I had been working so hard and all. They are sweet like that.

We don't let them use knives, especially when not supervised. So, Lidia said she used a butter knife to cut up the fruit. Bless her heart, she worked hard. And it was quite delicious, too.
Yeah, so....painting is for the birds. I'm not good at it. I get impatient and start making mistakes or dripping paint on stuff. So far, I've painted the den and foyer, but changed colors because the first one ended up being too gray. I was going for a light tan. I have the worst time trying to choose colors. Hopefully, this new color will be the one.
While I was at it, I decided to try a stripe on the laundry room walls. Well, actually the laundry room is a laundry closet and it was quite hard to paint without taking the washer and dryer out, but I did. Once again, thank heavens for yoga.

Basecoat, done.

I saw something similar on Pinterest and wanted to try it.

It was quite time consuming,

But, I'm quite satisfied with the results.....

We still need to install a shelf, maybe a piece of artwork or a basket or something. Not much room for more. I do realize that showing y'all painted walls is like Boring with a capital B, but I just thought it was too cute.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

White Spots and Devil Worshipers


One day, last week, I received an email that a burglar alarm had been tripped at sensor 12, at the lake house. We don't even have a sensor 12, but I checked the Pulse online anyway and everything looked normal. So, I called and everything looked good on the alarm company's end, too. They were going to have their technicians check to see what kind of glitch it could have been.  


We came up to the lake. I arrived first and decided to walk the perimeter of the house just to make sure no windows or doors were busted in. They all looked fine. But, when I walked up onto the front porch I saw something so strange. It was a white spot of something with arrows pointing to it. After receiving the notification of a burglar alarm being tripped, I immediately thought, "Someone has been here on the porch. What in the world is that white spot and why would someone paint arrows pointing to it? Could this be sensor 12?" I got a little freaked out, I'm not gonna lie.

Up close....definitely looks like arrows...

Pointing right to the spot.

You can faintly see the others making a path straight to it.

Cliff arrived a little later and I took him straight to the porch to show him. I said, "Look at this. Why would someone do this? Do you think it could be devil worshipers"?
Without blinking an eye...he said, "Laurie, a bird pooped on the porch, stepped in it and then walked off".
OMG! I laughed and said, "Well thank the Lord! I sure am glad it wasn't devil worshipers".

(Found picture on internet)

It was most likely a Great Blue Heron.
There are plenty here at the lake.

Ha! Still laughing.


Went to Lidia's belated birthday paint party with her and...



Cliff tried out his new kayak.

 It's 18' long and narrow. Our other kayaks are 16' long and are wide enough that you don't feel like you're going to flip them over.  He practiced at keeping the new one upright. Didn't take long. He's doing a triathlon later in the year that is a little different than what he normally does. He will kayak, bike and run.

And then today:  

We got this.....I was a happy girl.

I mean, I've been begging everyone that has snow to send me some....

And, I would just like to thank whoever did.

As little as it was, yes was, as it's all gone now....


I was in snow heaven,

Thursday, February 19, 2015

What Is It About School Buses?

Exactly what is it about school buses that make kids do crazy things? A few weeks ago, I was two cars behind a school bus. There were two boys, who appeared to be middle school age, sitting on the back seat. Those two boys were shooting the bird at a lady in the car in front of me. I don't know if she saw them, but you would have to be almost blind not to. She finally turned off and then I was directly behind them. The bird wasn't good enough for of the boys bunked his rear up to the window and acted like he was getting ready to moon me. Well for the love of..... What is wrong with these kids? I started shaking my finger at him as hard as I could. If he could read lips, he would have seen that I was saying...."don't make me stop that school bus and report you to the driver"! I guess the finger shaking was good enough. He sat down. But, the audacity!

And then, just a couple of days ago, I pulled up beside a school bus with little kids on it. I'm talking grammar school age. I looked over and saw two little girls; one on the next-to-the-back seat....she was smiling and waving at me. And then there was the one on the back seat....she was sticking her tongue out at me. Goodness gracious! What in the world?

Mama always said that you'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar. I guess that expression could apply here.

So, I started smiling and waving...mostly, for the little girl that was smiling and waving at me. But then, something wonderful happened. The little girl that was sticking her tongue out at me stopped and she began smiling and waving, also.

Not only was I reminded of the expression that mama used to say, but I was reminded that an act of kindness can change an attitude.

Yes it did!

I'm considering this my random act of kindness this week. I can only imagine how it would have affected the little girl, if I were to shake my finger at her. I imagine it would not have had the same meaning or impact that it did on the older kids. To see her break out into a smile.....well, it just warmed my heart.

Keep Smiling,

I'm linking up once again with Betsy with My Five Men for week 2 of Random Acts of Kindness. Hope you'll pay her a visit. Later y'all!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Walk On The Beach

A walk on the beach,

toes in the sand,
Here by the ocean,
I think I'll stand.
By: Laurie Cox

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Sweet Vintage Bag

Williamsburg School ~ 1940
Mr. Clifford, bottom row, 6th from left
Isn't he just the cutest little boy in his overalls and tie?

Someone gave my mother-in-law this picture of her late husband, Cliff's daddy, in a group of school kids from 1940. It was such a treasure that I felt I needed to do something special with it.  I knew my girls, Emily and Whitney, would love to have a copy....they both adored their grandfather. So, I decided to frame it for them. I made copies and purchased matching frames.

And then, when I saw Jen Ham's blog that day, she had written a post showcasing a sweet little pouch that she had made. I immediately knew that I had to have it to use as a gift bag for the girl's framed photo of their grandfather. Jen sells her pouches on Etsy and she is super helpful, talented and easy to work with. She only had one pouch made, but after I told her I would love to have a couple more, she spent an afternoon and made them for me. I am so grateful for her taking the time and using her talent to accommodate my need. The pouches are beautiful and have a vintage look that is perfect for a photo from 1940. If you visit her blog,, you will see this post where she showcased the pouches. But, I would love to show you what they looked like when they arrived and how I chose to use them.

Jen packaged the pouches with a sweet little card that says,
"Be Mine" and a heart shaped Thank You.

I had to have three, 2 for the girls and 1 for me.

Jen appliqued a heart on the inside lining of the pouch. So sweet!

The pouch is just the right size for the photo to be slipped inside.

And here it is, resting in it's new home,
ready for to Woodruff and the other to Denver.

Sweet to pieces! All wrapped up and ready to go,
I loved the pouches. They made the perfect vintage gift bag for the treasured photo of Mr. Clifford. Emily and Whitney were surprised and really loved them. Actually, Whitney's comment was, "Well that's cool"! Ha!
Talk to you soon,
Edited: It was brought to my attention that when you click on the link to take you to the apple and orchard blog, it doesn't work. I apologize. I have, also, tried to get back to the blog and I get the message that the page can not be displayed. You can search for her on Etsy, but she does not have any items for sale at the moment. Hopefully, Jen will see this post and know that she has friends looking for her. She is: Jen Ham with Apple and Orchard.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Still Swooning and Slightly Sore

A few of our friends ran the Myrtle Beach Marathon, today. Cliff and I didn't. We ran an almost 9-mile trail run in Awendaw. We ran the same trail last year.  The picture of the trail above was actually taken last year. It looked exactly the same, today. I just couldn't take the time to stop for pictures today, though, because I was on a mission. I wanted to beat my time from last year. You can read about that adventure here.
Last year, we had just gotten over a terrible ice storm. This year, we have had a good amount of rain and portions of the trail were very muddy. I tip-toed through the muddy parts. It appeared that someone had taken the time to place a palmetto frond or a stick or a board across the muddy parts, but still...I took my time. I didn't want to end up looking like I had just been involved in a mud wrestling incident. Other than that, the race was pretty much unremarkable.
..........Well there was this..........
My dang nerves showed up big time and I have to say, they didn't go away as quickly as they normally do. I felt unprepared for this race because I had not trained as I should. Cliff said it was because I was scared of stepping on a snake. This is a reality I live with daily. Ha! Anyway, I guess little Miss Gut knows more than I do. She knew something was up. But just as always, when we stepped to the start line, I was fine. It was 35 degrees F when we started. I really thought I would be miserable, but I dressed just right. I actually started peeling off the gloves less than a mile into it. The jacket came off about half way through.
Get this......we lined up by age, I think. I was the only female in my age group. And, had the race coordinator decided to give age group awards, I would have taken first place, I think. But only the top male and female, and top overall won awards. What ev! Winning is so not in my vocabulary. However, I had a few goals....1) finish the race uninjured 2) don't finish last, and 3) beat my time from last year. I met all three goals. Yipee! Especially, beating my previous time. I am a SLOW runner......ok.....I've told you that how many times? Last year, I finished in 2:23 and this year, I shaved off 12 minutes. I finished today in 2:11. Holler!
After the race, we ate some of the home-made vegetable soup that the race coordinators provided. And then we wobbled to the Jeep to leave for home. When I got inside, Cliff had a box lying on my seat. It was my second Valentine's surprise of the day.
It was a heart shaped cookie. So sorry...I forgot to take a photo before biting into it. Yum! 
Earlier this morning he gave me a sweet present.
Valentine's surprise number one.  A bracelet with a heart charm. I love it! And then, later, while he was waiting on me to finish my race, posted a poem on Facebook for me that he had written nearly ten years ago. Valentine's surprise number three. I debated whether to share it with you or not. It is certainly personal, but since he shared it to my Facebook page, I decided that if he doesn't mind, then I sure don't. And it goes like this........
To My Sweetheart on Valentine's Day
One day I was me, and then I was whole
On my birthday it was, at twenty-five years old
My life, already long, had finally begun...
With the sparkle in my eye as bright as the sun
Your black shinning hair, brighter than white
Imprisoned my thoughts each day and night
Obsession it was, forever and longer
Growing and growing, stronger and stronger
Our vows were taken, taken to heart
And one we became till death do us part
And death it will be till we finish this life
With you as my bride, my beautiful wife
Unwavering and true, our love would endure
Through good times and bad, for richer or poorer
And so it has been since that special day
When I gave you my heart and you swept me away
Day in and day out, I crave more and more
Of your incredible love that I simply adore
When your lips touch mine, I hear the Heavens sing
And I feel like I'm floating on an Angel's wing
As your silky skin presses next to mine
Quivers of pleasure run through my spine
You're my first, my only, and will be my last
Each day's like my honeymoon returned from the past
You are my Angel, delicate, petite
Each time that you smile, I'm swept from my feet
But I am a man, fearless and tough
Strong and confident, salty and rough
I'm mean and thorny, oblivious to much
But I melt in your hands by only your touch
How this can be I cannot conceive it
That your touch is so precious, I still don't believe it
I look in your eyes and I see in your spirit
It is I who you love, I can feel it and hear it
Some years have gone by since that magical date
As my princess bride you secured my fate
And throughout those years our romance was sweet
My heart in your presence has pounded each beat
You are my essence, my life, and my love
A lifelong blessing from the Master above
On this Valentine's Day, I affirm to the world
All my love is for you, my Indian Girl
Love that man of mine! He can still surprise me after 34 years. I had a great Valentine's Day....hope you did, too.
Still Swooning and Slightly Sore,

Friday, February 13, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness Adventure 2015

Betsy from My Five Men is hosting a Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Adventure on her blog for the next four Fridays including today. I'm joining in because I truly believe that one random act of kindness can totally change a person's attitude, outlook or even one's life. And when other's follow suit, the kindness multiplies. How wonderful!

I began Monday working on my RAK. I posted on my Facebook page that I had a brand new peacoat that I wanted to give to a little girl that was truly in need. No one came to mind, so I asked my friends if they knew of a little girl that could truly use a new coat. I got a few likes from the gesture, but no one sent me any information. I'm not giving up....I know someone can use this sweet little peacoat. So for this particular RAK, the search continues.

On to the next RAK. I haven't been out and about much this week, so doing something for a stranger or even a neighbor hasn't presented itself. However, I made an offer of help today that I think qualifies for a random act of kindness.

If you remember, my daughter and two grandchildren moved to the upstate about a year and a half ago. Their father still lives here in our hometown and with his work and the kid's school, it's sometimes a juggling act for him to get the kids for a visit. When talking to my daughter today, I learned that the kid's father was going to travel to the upstate to pick them up for the weekend. They have Monday off from school, so it would be a perfect long weekend for them.  It just so happens that I have an appointment in Columbia, which is only about an hour from their home. So, I volunteered to go pick them up after my appointment and drive them back home to save their father some time and travel. He was very appreciative! And, because of that act of kindness, I get to spend about three hours with my grandchildren that I wouldn't have otherwise.

Kindness! It's a win-win and it's contagious! I challenge you to do something kind for someone today.

Happy Valentine's Day Y'all,

Oh wait, in case you were wondering......I'm running a 9-mile trail run tomorrow, on Valentine's Day. I'm a little concerned, however, because the temps are supposed to be very cold.....and, and I admit that I have not trained like I should for this race. I'll just be happy to finish this one. And if all goes well, I will be doing my 5th half marathon in March. Time will tell.