Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Messy Fall

 Unlike summer, when I like everything to be nice and neat and pristine....the yards mowed and the edges weeded, I like a little messy fall. I love to see the leaves lying around. For some reason, fallen leaves makes me think of Thanksgiving and gives me a warm and cozy feeling. This is at the lake. You can see a little bit of color, but it's not really the colors that give me that feeling. It's those fallen leaves!

However, here at the beach...........

It's not so messy, yet. The trees are hanging on to their leaves a little longer. 

There are a couple lying around and I just let them be. They make it seem a little fallish. I don't even mind the plants showing their dying leaves.

I'm so grateful for fall!

 But that's not all......
Happy Veterans Day to the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country! 
I am truly grateful for your service! 


  1. I'm hopping in my jeep to come down and steal that blue and white planter from the porch! love that thing!

    I agree about the messy fall! I love the leaves on the ground! Our next door neighbors (yes Mr, Neighbor man) have huge maples and their leaves are wonderful! I was just admiring their blanket of leaves over the weekend and was a little disappointed to see them out raking just a few hours later! lol....

    1. and...I bet you are the only person that has 'horse poop' on their Thankful List! hahaha...

    2. HaHa! I might be the only one thankful for horse poop. But, it was for a good cause. Well, gas up the jeep and come on. I have four of those planters, two large and two small. And for the life of me, I can't remember where I got them. Phooey on Mr. Neighbor father-in-law used to run the mower over our leaves. He was just trying to be helpful, but I was sad to see them go.

  2. too Laurie! Love to see the leaves piled where the wind sweeps them!
    Unfortunately....we must stay on top of them at the the is a wicked mess!
    Love your beach cosy!
    Had a great day with miss V♥️...
    Expecting a hideous windy day tomorrow....geesh!
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

    1. We'll rake ours up after Thanksgiving. The wind will take care of some of them. Thanks, the porch is cozy. You know that show on HGTV about tiny homes? I think we could say we live in one at the beach. Lol! Well, maybe not that tiny, but I love that it is small. Less to clean. I can spend my time playing, instead.

      What did you and Miss V do today?

    2. Had her from 7:30 am....
      Quite a day! This Nana is pooped!
      Did a lot....had fun....enjoyed every second♥️
      Gosh....she is good for me!

  3. I like a messy fall, too! Nothing like the crunch of leaves under your feet and watching the kids "shuffle" through the leaves making paths. Love every moment of it. Bless our veterans indeed!!! We have our GREEN LIGHTS burning to honor them. xo Diana

    1. Crunchy it. Hope you spent your day with the veterans down at the VA....because I know you would make them feel as special as they are.

  4. No more leaves here! I raked up the few we have and we mulched them into our garden....Yep, love this time of year!

    1. I love it too, YaYa! Leaves serve mutiple purposes, don't they? I'm sure you had to get yours up quickly....aren't you due for snow soon?