Thursday, July 16, 2015

Baby Darlings

In the beginning, there were three bird eggs. 
The mama bird hid them in one of my ferns at the beach. 
I checked on them a couple of weeks ago and they had hatched, but only two made it.  These little darlings still look a little bald in spots.

This was taken last Saturday. They were more alert and their feathers are filling in.  Cliff watered the fern the day before, but forgot they were there and thought he might have drenched them. They look fine, though. We've been very careful, since.

This was taken yesterday (Wednesday). Baby Darlings don't look too happy, do they. I have been worried about them in this heat. So every time I went out to have a look, I would blow on them. HaHa! I figured a little breeze would feel refreshing.

Oh my gosh! Look how cute! This was taken today. They are looking healthy and their feathers have really filled the point that I believe you can tell that they are sparrows.  If you look even closer, you may be able to see a few droplets of water on them from when I watered the fern today. But law, I need to talk to their mama. She needs to do a little house keeping....if you know what I mean. 

I was a little bummed to say goodbye to them today. They will probably have left the nest by the time I get back from my bike tour. Maybe they'll come by for a visit now and then. Or, maybe they'll choose my ferns to raise baby darlings of their own.



  1. Oh, they are so sweet! You really got some great photos of them!

    1. You should have heard me talking to them. I was using my baby voice. I know that people walking by thought I was baby talking to my fern. Lol!

  2. Those babies are so cute, Laurie. They look like they are about ready to fly the coop any day now. So sweet!

    1. I'm afraid so, Lynn. The mama in me wants them to continue to live in my fern. I'll check on them when I get back from my trip, but I know they won't be there. :(