Monday, April 27, 2015

Freeze Frame Flips, Baby Darling and a Sad Heart

Friday was a whirlwind. On the way to the lake, I had several stops. Some planned and some not.

My first stop was not planned. I definitely got a little distracted, when I saw it. I couldn't just ride by!
Salem Black River Presbyterian Church
(near Sumter, SC)
Founded by Scotch-Irish settlers in 1759.
They originally met in a log cabin, then later the wood framed building and then this brick one.
As a matter of fact, it is commonly know as The Brick Church.
Next, I had lunch with Pam in Camden. Left there and drove to Greenwood to buy more paint to continue painting the lake house. After leaving Greenwood, I had just enough time to drive to Laurens to meet Patti to pick up Lidia and Sawyer. On the way to pick them up, I got a text from Lidia.
What in the world? So, I called her immediately. 
Me: What's up baby?
Lidia: We don't want to come to the lake because Baby Darling had her kittens and Sawyer is sad because he doesn't want to leave his teacher and move up to third grade.
He had just realized at a school celebration for promotion to the next grade that he wouldn't have the same teacher next year and that this school year was quickly coming to an end. That was a powerful realization for him.
For a minute there, I was scared.
For Lidia and Sawyer not to want to go to the lake, something major had to have happened. Well, turns had.  I mean, who could leave Baby Darling and her three new baby kitties? And, when going through something as traumatic as leaving second grade and your most favorite teacher and not being able to ever see her again is just so, so SAD. And who feels like swimming and fishing, when your heart is breaking?
But, both Lidia and Sawyer were brave and came to the lake anyway. And then, things cranked up!
Saturday, they fished. They caught something like 15 fish. And then Saturday night, six of them were fried up in a pan. We chowed down on fried fish, hushpuppies, corn on the cob, coleslaw and fresh strawberries.
I spent Friday evening and Saturday afternoon weeding my flower beds. I found two more flowers that I didn't know was planted there. Lavender and a peony. I was happy about the lavender, but nearly jumped for joy over the peony. And I forgot to take pictures of both. Although, the peony just had a bud, no bloom yet. So maybe next time.
Sunday, Lidia and Sawyer swam practically all morning....then it was lunch on the porch.....and more swimming in the afternoon. Sawyer had been practicing his flips. I wasn't successful in snapping the shutter at the right time. Here's what I got....Sawyer in his freeze frame flips.

Well...ok... some of them weren't flips. He improvised. Ha!
Cliff's mama spent the weekend with us at the lake. She would probably die, if she knew I posted a picture of her on my blog. So, shhhhh!
I parked myself on the lounge chair and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, sipping sweet tea and looking at Pottery Barn catalogs.

Epilator legs. Ha!
And just then, it was over. I had to take Lidia and Sawyer home. Lidia was ready....she had Baby Darling and kitties waiting on her. Oh, in case you were wondering.....their names are Bold Blackie, Baby Darling, Jr. and Logan. All gender neutral names because Lidia didn't know if they were boys or girls. Ha! She thinks of everything.
And in case you were, also, wondering.........NO, I did not get any painting done this weekend.  Maybe next time.
Til then,
P.S. On the way home today, I took several more pictures of old churches. Post that later. Stay tuned.


  1. What fantastic memories you are creating at the lake with Lidia and Sawyer.

  2. I'm glad the kiddos were brave and came along...ah, to be that young and only have those problems again! What a relaxing weekend...I would have stopped at that charming set of churches, too! Hope this week holds as many great things, as well, Laurie!

  3. Glad the weekend ended up fun and the kids went!

    Baby kittens! I'm so jealous! It's been 2 years since we had kittens here!

    But I'm most jealous of those legs! I want them! haha....

  4. What a fun weekend--babies and sad to be leaving a teacher. Our SweetCheeks leaving kindergarten started crying because she thought that her teacher moved right along with her---about broke my heart.
    Glad the kids have so much fun with you at the lake. xo Diana

  5. Having Grandkiddo fun is much more important than painting! The walls will still be there! It must be nice to have weather warm enough for swimming! Lucky Duck! I'm glad it was a nice weekend and congrats on the new additions..your Grandkitties! Ha!

  6. Nice and relaxing. Will you get any photos of the kittens? Rebecca

  7. Would it be possible for Sawyer to see his second grade teacher every now and then or is he moving to a different school? My daughter loved her fourth grade teacher, and she was going to a new school for fifth and sixth grade. The goodbye to her teacher was rather tearful. However - 5th and 6th grade teachers were wonderful and she had an awesome time at that school.