Thursday, April 30, 2015

I May Be Evil

I'm not sure, exactly, what this thing is. When I was straightening a birdhouse on the side of a tree at the lake, he/she came running out and up the tree. Scared the bejeebies out of me! We stared each other down for a good 15 minutes. And even an hour after he scurried up the tree, he was still there crouched down like this. Is it a baby squirrel or something else? 

Notice how he kind of flattens out and his sides looks rippled. Hmmm, I have no idea.

Back home now....on LaLa Lane. I snapped several photos to capture what mid-spring
looks like here in SC. This is planted in my backyard. It's shrub sized and for the life of me,
I can't remember what it's called.

He hangs out at my back door. Can you see the pollen on his back?

I was hoping for a bird family to move in, but no residents, yet.

I've always loved this poem. It hangs on my front porch.

The azaleas were so pretty this year.

And, so were the dogwoods. This one is growing just inside the edge of the woods.

Just because I love a close-up.....

My front yard.


Miniature Roses

Back in the upstate.....a cute little barn that I pass regularly.

Hostas at the lake.

Snowdrops at the lake.

And lastly, another barn that I pass often with the leaves of the trees popping out.

Oh wait, in case you were wondering.....I may be evil. Remember the squirrel stealing the birdfeed? Well, he brought visitors. There's three out there now, eating the it's the best thing they ever ate in their life.  I'm so sorry, but I just can't have that. Squirrels drive me nuts, no pun intended. I read about sprinkling Cayenne pepper on the birdseed. The writer said that it would send the squirrels packing and wouldn't bother the birds. So, day before yesterday, I tried it. I didn't see any squirrels that day. Yesterday, it rained all day and the squirrels feasted. Either the Cayenne pepper didn't bother them or it was diluted or washed away by the rain. And lo and behold, when I got home from yoga this morning, there they were...hanging on the side of the birdfeeder....chowing down, again.  Gah....I grabbed the pepper and ran outdoors. I sprinkled the pepper around the bottom of the feeder, heavily. I've been watching the squirrels all day, just waiting for them to get into it. I even giggled at the thought of their tongue being on fire from eating cayenne laced seeds. See, I think I'm turning evil. Well, I guess the jokes on me. The squirrels are hovering around it. I think they must smell it and won't go near. The closest they have gotten was when one shimmied down the chain and tried to chew the top off the feeder. It's metal so he couldn't do anything with it and gave up. Have mercy, though, they are still hovering.

OMG! Update!

He did it! He braved up and went for it. You can see the cayenne pepper sitting there on the bottom right. At first, I thought it didn't faze him. But just now, he jumped down and started digging a little furrow in the dirt and rubbing his nose in it. Ha!

Well, there you have it. The cayenne pepper may only put a damper on keeping the squirrels out of the birdfeeders. This one ate it until he couldn't stand it any longer, I guess. And then, had to go rub his nose in the soothing dirt. I'm afraid this is a never ending battle.

 I may be here all day. Ha!


  1. Oh my, not sure what that little critter is! Perhaps it is a baby squirrel! I like the little critters unless they are eating my plants for dinner!

  2. Laurie - we don't have them here, but that little one looks like a FLYING it, and you should see. Your photos are beautiful, and I have to laugh at you and your Cayenne Pepper. My dad has the same problems with squirrels that you do - he hates them with a passion, but has softened a little this past year. I even caught him putting out left over pizza for them in January, with all the snow. Carry on your valiant effort - poor squirrels! ;-) XOXO

  3. A flying squirrel! How very cool!

  4. Yep, I agree with the other bloggers...a flying squirrel. We have a few squirrels here but the cat keeps them at a distance. My Mom has a real problem with them in her yard in Chicago. They are very destructive....tear up her lawn furniture and even the gazebo that's made from canvas on her deck has been chewed up! The worst part is they eat her tulips! So sprinkle away!

  5. Laurie- Yep- that looks like a flying squirrel to me- My son has them (about 3 miles from our house) but we don't have them here. Weird. They are kind of creepy looking, I think.
    Laughing about your red-hotting your poor squirrels. You could make squirrel soup and won't even have to use any seasoning if they are all peppered up already.

    Have a great weekend- xo Diana

  6. Flying squirrel....pretty sure of that one.

  7. Hi Laurie, I think he is a Flying Squirrel, I've never seen one that close before. Aren't you brave to get that close to something when you don't know what it is. Bravo!

  8. Very nice photos! We do not have any flying squirrels around here.

  9. Yep, that is a flying squirrel. They are nocturnal creatures and you must have disturbed his sleep when you were working by his nest!

    Your blooming flowers are gorgeous.

    We have an over-abundance of pine squirrels around here and they eat most of the seeds we put out for the birds. The little guys are cute but there are also plenty of little girls of their species around and if they aren't kept "under control" (ahem) they proliferate at an alarming rate and become very destructive.

  10. I have only seen a flying squirrel once. I would try to photograph it 'flying' if I were you.

  11. Squirrels drive me insane - and I was going to try the cayenne thing myself this year ( they've even eaten the fairy light I have in the garden - right through the wire and then on to the glass bulbs - so I'm no sure why I thought cayenne would stop them ) now I'm discouraged lol !
    I'm jealous you have blossoms - still waiting here !

  12. The squirrels here love the birdfeed, too, so I can feel your pain. However, I somehow like them, too, and love to watch them when they chase each other etc. We also have hawks and owls here, so they are kept under control - kind of.
    Your clematis is beautiful! And I would love to see a Flying Squirrel myself!