Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Overview: Month of August 2013

Wow! What a month! August came sliding in sideways and left just about as fast. So much happened in August this year. Emily and my grandchildren moved to the upstate. Cliff competed once again in the Ironman Louisville. We celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary. And my training for the half-marathon in October has really taken off.

I'm so glad I found this emblem painted on a sidewalk in Louisville, KY. It sums up what us runners experience all the time. We start our run with energy and vigor.....and towards the end comes the slow down and fatigue. You start looking for landmarks to gauge how far you have to go or you watch your Garmin like a hawk.  And just then, inevitably, someone crosses your path and says......You're Almost There! Sounds sweet and you start to look forward to the finish line only to find out that the finish line could be another mile down the road. But believing put your hope in it....and you journey on. It may even drive you to pick up the pace a bit...all for the promise of another day, another run....done. As I continue my half-marathon training, this has become my new mantra. I'll say it loud, I'll say it proud. I am almost there!

Now, in case you were wondering...exercise stats:

August 2013:

Ran:                 66.18 miles
Best Pace:        12:43 avg. (listen, in the heat and humidity we've been having....pace suffers)
Longest run:      8 miles
Bike:                104.67 miles
Best mph:         10.9 mph avg. (don't even go there)
Longest ride:     21.26 miles
Races:              No races, this month. Again, Hallelujah! It's too hot!

Whelp, today is a rest day and I'm going to enjoy it. I have a couple more shorter runs this week and then a 9-mile run planned for Sunday. Yikes! And then the following week....double digits. Have a great day!

Talk soon,

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  1. Congratulations of your August achievements! I love your new mantra, almost there. Brilliant!