Monday, September 2, 2013

Ironman Louisville: Part 3 - Kentucky to Indiana and the Lotion Episode

Lincoln Memorial Bridge
Our Louisville trip was coming to a close. Tuesday was a travel day...we were heading home. But before we left, I needed to run once more. So, I ran from our hotel...The Galt House Inn....down along the Ohio River......clean from Kentucky to Indiana. ~Ha!~  It was a whole whopping 4 miles. I ran over the Lincoln Memorial Bridge. It spanned the Ohio River, from the Kentucky side to the Indiana side. The bridge is now dedicated to walkers, runners, bikers, etc. I even got in some hill work.

A portion of the ramp leading to the Lincoln Memorial Bridge.

The ramp leading up to the bridge was at least 2/10ths of a mile long with a steady incline. While I was on the bridge, I had a nice bird's eye view of Cliff's swim start, the island they had to swim around and finally, the bridge in the distance he swam under to get to the finish line. It sure put his swim into a whole new perspective for me. The view was just gorgeous!

Bird's eye view of the swim start.
The bridge Cliff had to swim under to get to the finish line.

After a refreshing shower and packing up, we were on the road again. Homeward bound. It was going to be a long trip and even with a keen imagination, the ride home can get very boring. There are limitations to what you can do in a car.

The leg, the dashboard.

So what's a girl to do? Pamper! That's right, I decided I needed to pamper my running legs a bit. Not long after getting on the interstate, I plopped my feet and legs up on Cliff's dashboard and proceeded to slather them good with copious amounts of lotion. About that time, Cliff's dry humor kicked in and he asked, "So when (as a woman) do you decide is a good time to put lotion on? Do you ever decide that it's a good time to prop them up on a pew and put lotion on them at church or a grocery buggy at the grocery store?"

~Ha~Ha! Cliff is funny! At least when he's cracking jokes, he's not experiencing road rage. In case you didn't know....there's a conspiracy out there. As I discovered, there are a few things a wife can say to calm the rage for a while. "Do you want me to drive?" and "I need to stop, I feel like I'm going to vomit." ~Ha!~

A few of the sights on the trip home.....


The Great Smoky Mountains and Cherokee National Forest
North Carolina

No Place Like Home

And in case you were wondering, there will be no more "Ironman Louisville". I can't take it. I'm sure Cliff will think about it and may even argue that he believes next year will be different. And it may be...he is strong and fit, after all. He can swim and bike like nobody's business. But, the heat seems like the danged bottle neck and what in the world can you do to change the weather? Not a ding dong thing. Louisville is HOT! End of story! So, as his wife of 33 years, I'm putting my foot down. I prefer health over a hard head......any day!

Til another day,

P.S. August exercise stats are coming soon.


  1. Your run sounds wonderful. I love running over bridges and one without cars is great. Plus you got to see the swim start - where it would finish and great scenery. Wow!

  2. I applaud both you and your hubby for all the fitness things you two do. My #2 son and his family lived in Kentucky for a couple of years and I used to cross all the bridges from Ohio to their home...I'm glad I was driving and not running! It does get hot here, but I know it does in So. Carolina too...I could never handle all that running in such heat. Your leg shot reminded me that I also do that..throw the old leg up on the dash...last weekend we were driving to Chicago and did that and noticed all the hairs on my leg I missed shaving! I need better light in the shower!

  3. Wow Laurie, you are such a trooper. That's impressive!
    Glad to see you relaxing your poor feet and legs. Thanks for sharing the beautiful scenery too. I hope you or your hubby build a box for your long table. You will adore it. xo Linda

  4. Hey remember when I almost passed out at the top of a mountain due to altitude sickness and everyone told me not to hike 14ers anymore?? I did it anyway...wonder where I get that from? I feel sure you should prepare yourself for a fight on whether or not he is going to go back to Louisville :)