Saturday, September 7, 2013

Kitter Shanty

What a beautiful Saturday morning. The temperature here must be in the upper 60's. I've already had my coffee, while sitting on the porch listening to the birds and watching the squirrels gather hickory nuts for their winter stash. The pecans will be next. The trees are full. Too bad I don't own them.....Cliff would have him a good squirrel pirleau and I would be making pecan pie. ~Ha!

After checking Facebook this morning, I saw that Whitney had posted a picture of Kitter. And, OMG it cracked me up! There are just some things you can't keep to yourself. So here you go........Just a little Kitter humor to amuse you this beautiful Saturday morning.

 "The Kitty Shanty was knocked off it's foundation. She is now living in third world country conditions."  ~Whitney~
Talk soon,


  1. Ha! We both had "kitty" posts! They are amusing little creatures and I can see why curiosity did it's job on cats!

  2. Love cats. We have three! And I have to tell you you can't mention s****s on my posts. I can't even get that thought into my mind as I am so freaked out. The things that can't be named simply don't exist where I swim.

  3. Too funny!
    Thanks for dropping by!