Tuesday, July 9, 2013

There's A Thief On The Loose

Old Homestead on LaLa's Lane
Nostalgia is my friend. We hang out. We talk. We reminisce. Nostalgia makes me wish I were a pioneer woman, sometimes. But then I remember that pioneers used out houses and I snap out of it. But never-the-less, I love old stuff, old homes, antiques...you get the picture. The photo above is of an old homestead on our property. I don't know the history of this old home, but I'm sure it belonged to the family that owned our property many, many years ago.
This old house used to have an old tin roof and beautiful old doors. Nothing special, no artisan craftsmanship, just old and plain and I loved them. She was in a state of disrepair and would eventually just rot and fall down. But I could see potential at every corner. So, last summer we had someone start the task of disassembling her and saving the best wood to build a potting shed for me. It was an arduous task due to it's location and the heat from long summer days. But, we managed to start a pretty good stash. My potting shed project got put on the back burner and the old house still just stands among the trees just as you see her here.
I took this photo last week. When I saw it, I nearly went into convulsions. Because as you can see, my beautiful old doors are gone. GONE! Three of them...just GONE! I could not believe it. What happened to them....I just couldn't imagine. I had previously asked for the doors to be saved intact. I wanted to use them, just as they were, on my potting shed. The only thing I could think of was that the guy whose crew was taking her down had come back and removed them for me. I called him and of course, he had not. He asked who would want them...maybe someone who would sell them as antiques? Good question.
There's a thief on the loose and he or she or the devil incarnate has stolen my old homestead doors. And I am mad! First of all, the old house is not easily visible from the highway. You have to drive down our lane to be able to see it. So, someone has been casing out our property and came back when no one was home and stole my doors. I just can't think about it for long because I get so angry that I almost wish harm on the thief. I feel violated. I hope whoever has my doors might read this and understand how much I loved them and will return them. It's not likely, but I had to give it a chance.
Thank heavens, I had enough forethought to have the doorknobs removed last summer when the disassembling began. (See doorknob below). It's all I have left. For now, we will begin taking her down again to salvage the wood and any old bricks used as pillars. She will make a gorgeous potting shed and I can't wait. I will give her new life and she will shine as in her former glory.
Doorknob from the old doors.
To the thief who has my doors....I hope you seek forgiveness because if you don't, you and Satan are going to be bunk mates one day. And I also hope that stealing my doors causes you so much discomfort that you would gladly return them. Amen!

P.S. - Cliff doesn't know it yet, but I am offering a reward for the safe return of my beautiful doors. 


  1. Hi Laurie, It made me think of the story of how an organization hired someone to rehab an old school. It was over three years and in the meantime the oak hardwood flooring, windows were all taken. I heard it was by the person who was doing the rehab supposedly not. It was said that they probably sold it. They decided to burn the building down because it was not safe. Before they did that some body took the doors that were left. It makes you really wonder, because you might know who is doing your work, but you don't know who the helpers are. I really feel sorry for you. Hope you have a good day Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  2. oh my. I understand why you are mad. They are trespassing and could be on your property anytime and you not know. Hoping you get the rest of the building salvaged so you can use all the materials. The door knobs are awesome.

  3. Oh Laurie, what an awful thing! It's so sad that people think it's ok to trespass and steal. Last summer, we had all of the fruit removed from our pear tree without our knowledge, and even though that was just cheap fruit, it helps me relate to your frustration just a little bit. We just have to know that some day, these people will pay the ultimate price for the life they have lived. Can't wait to see how your shed turns out!

  4. Well that's just disgusting! I can't believe someone would have the nerve to swipe your doors.
    I hope your potting shed comes together quickly. I love those door knobs. That's all we had when I was a kid.

  5. Why do people think it's OK to just take anything they want? I'll never understand that and I guess it's because it's something I would never do..I hope they get returned, but I'm sure your potting shed will still be great without them. I love the door knobs and I'm glad you atleast have them.

  6. On noooo that's a crying shame really! I can imagine how you feel and I'm sure it's way too late to check Craig's List to see if they are listed. I feel your pain!! I'm thinking the culprits are the people you had remove the wood last Summer.

    You can find old doors under materials and antiques usually on Craig's List and maybe you can find some that looked like the original ones. At least you saved the doorknobs!

    It's a beautiful old house and it reminds me so much of buildings that used to be on my Gramma's property up in the mountains.

    Hang in there !

  7. Thank you all for your concern. I may have misrepresented the guys who were taking the home down for me. If I did, it was not intentional. I know those guys very, very well and I know without a shadow of a doubt they would not have taken the doors. My husband's guess is that someone with connections to the owners from many years ago may have taken them. I wish they would have just asked. I would have gladly given them one or may two of them. I know all to well the feeling of not being able to have something that belonged to an ancestor.

  8. Oh no! I'm so sorry...I know how sad (mad) you must feel. Yes, good thing you took the knobs, they are pretty too. Maybe they'll turn up...