Thursday, June 20, 2013

Anatomy Of The Run


The sun rises and peaks through the window. The non-morning person rolls over. The sun with all it's might and infinite power can be heard saying...."wakey, wakey".
Pre-run inner dialog with imagined voice of the sun:
NMP (Non-morning person): Well, how annoying is that? Wakey, wakey? That's the best you can do?
SUN: Good grief. It's your day to run. Must we do this every time?
NMP: I can't. I'll get nauseated.
SUN: I'm getting hotttter by the minute.....Humidity is coming for an extended visit. Betttter get uuuppp.
NMP: Oh, alright. But first, I need some coffee. No, tea. Let me just check my emails. Hummmm, wonder what's happening on Facebook? Need to look at the Weather Channel for a minute. Gotta iron a shirt for Cliff. Good grief, now I'm hungry. What can I eat? Oh yeah, a banana. Sip a little water. Put on my running clothes. Don't forget my race belt with a water bottle this time. Stretch a little.
SUN: Come on already, time's a wasting.
NMP: Geez, I'm coming....just let me tie my shoes.
Finally, out the door. That took 2 hours. I have got to get better at this. Wave to my neighbor, Ms. Joyous, as Sawyer calls her. Start Garmin watch, start music and start running.
0-1 Mile: Oooh-wee. I feel good. Check Garmin watch. Oh Lord, started too fast. Just gonna keep running this pace, though. If I'm ever gonna get faster, need to push the limits occasionally. First mile....the mind can only think about how the body feels. Warming up those sleepy muscles takes a little while.
1-2 Miles: OK, at 1.5 miles you start to get into a rhythm. The muscles have warmed up and it's starting to feel good. The mind is starting to wander now.....making a to-do list for the day. Working out any decisions that needs to be made as in; what color curtains am I going with at the beach? I need a Target trip. What the heck...traffic is picking up. Cars, golf carts, foot traffic and dogs on leashes.  Cut the block to avoid the stinky trash truck. Stay focused.
2-2.5 Miles: You come to realize that dogs don't like runners. You may have to take a side step. Happened twice this week, already. You wonder what the owner on the other side of the leash, the one that's letting their dog get just close enough that it scares the bejeebies out of you would think if, I just hauled off and pepper sprayed their varmint?  Disclaimer: I like dogs. I just don't like the ones that want to bite me and I don't like them to lick me, either. That's just pure Gross! Getting tired now. Pace slows. The mind now slips into a state of catatonia (not really, just messing with you), only to be brought back to reality with one of your favorite smells....Coppertone Suntan Lotion.
2.5-3 Miles: You are most definitely tired now. You are not beyond asking the little blond headed boy riding a three-wheeled bike with a basket on the back for a ride home. He says, "No, you won't fit". Sigh. You carry on. The finish line is in sight. Your step gets a little extra pep. And, you're done. Hallelujah! You say a quick prayer thanking the Lord for the ability to run.....because there are so many that can't and would love to be in my tired shoes. Amen!
Post-run: Stretch, water, record time and distance, shower, left over sushi (California Roll) from last night. Get on with your day having the most exhilarating feeling of accomplishing "The Run".
Your turn!
Go get your run on!
Oh wait, if you're not one of my Facebook friends, then you don't know that I rode my first ever 20-mile bike ride yesterday. Holler!

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    And Congratulations on your Run and Ride!