Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Kitter Time....

Cats make me laugh out loud.  And for Lord's sake, who doesn't need a good laugh. So, for your lighthearted enjoyment today......I present Kitter.

You remember Kitter, right? Kitter is Whitney's cat and they live in Denver. Her real name is "Jordan", but she only gets called that when she's in trouble with her Mama. Kitter, also, provides Whitney's entertainment while Jason's at work. One day, I'll have Whitney guest post about their (their= Whitney, Jason, Kitter and Morgan, the Great Dane) move across country. It was epic! Occasionally, Whitney sends me texts telling me what the grandkitter's been up to. Below you'll find five photos with subtexts of said Kitter's shenanigans. Enjoy!

Whitney: Kitter went grocery shopping.
Me: The look on her face says, "I can not believe I forgot the tuna"!

Kitter....the face of insanity.

Whitney: Jason and I are in danger. Kitter's been planning an ambush.
Me: Looks like it. I would run, if I were y'all.

Whitney: Woe is Kitter!
Me: What happened?
Whitney: She fell over.

 Now that Kitter's a celebrity, she's getting the Royal treatment!

Bless it!

Talk soon,


  1. So blame cute ! Sista sista

  2. Thanks for sharing the funny pictures. Cats are so special!

  3. Fun post...made me smile. Kitter is so cute and obviously has a very happy and loving home. :-)

  4. Crazy little creature!

  5. Who in the world could forget Kitter?! Love those expressive eyes.

  6. What a cutie Kitter!
    Brilliant photos capturing all the kitty antics! ^..^
    I especially love the antics one! :D