Sunday, April 14, 2013

Camp Pizza and Red Bug Central

Gathering skewers. Need them to cook stuff.
See the old car in the back ground....left there during the Pioneer Days.
That's Snake City.

Sawyer came in the house the other day and said, "LaLa get the Clorox". "What, why"?, I asked. "Because Papi and I have been to snake city, tick heaven and red bug central", he says proudly.

"Oh my Lord, Sawyer. Go straight to the bathroom. Don't touch anything. Strip off and get in the tub".

I turned the shower on and took the nozzle and hosed him down. He asked, "LaLa, do we have to do this"?  "I'm afraid so, you've been to red bug central. Do you remember the last time"?

Well, having this boy around is certainly entertaining to say the least. Having had only girls, I have a lot of expectations in this boy child. I'm sure he will continue to floor me with his wit and things he gets into (at this point, however, his Papi is the ring leader). But, BUT, if he ever brings a snake around......well, I don't want to make empty threats, but it won't be pretty.

Sawyer had a great time at "the camp" (camp name is subject to change daily). As you will see in the following pictures, the boy is in heaven. Sawyer, his Papi and Lidia add to the camp every time they go to the woods. Pretty soon, they'll have their own little village out there. Well hidden in the woods in front of our house, it's every boys dream (and some girls too). I can't wait to see what he'll come up with next.

Today, the camp's name was dubbed "Camp Pizza".
For obvious reasons!

Cooking pizza on the camp fire. I'm pretty sure the skewers didn't work too well.

No need for china and cutlery when at the camp. A cleared place on a nice log will do.


And storage? No problem. Just store them on top of the logs.

A zip line....coming soon.....Oh Lord!

His very own authentic....made from scratch....hammock.

And what was Lidia doing, during this camp adventure? She was drugged up on Benadryl and sacked out on the sofa. Bless it! Allergies!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Talk soon,


  1. Snake City, Tick Heaven, and Red Bug Central - this made me smile SO big this morning, imagining that little boy having the time of his life out in the woods...grandpa, too! LOVE it! Happy Sunday - Tanya

  2. That must have been fun for you!! Last week my grandsons were here for 4 days. They are soooo cute, but what a program! Can you tell me how I was able to cope with this program when my 5 were kids?
    Have a good week with only tiny adventures.

  3. Your grandchildren are so beautiful and precious, Laurie! Aren't grands just wonderful and the stuff we would cringe about when our kids did it are just "cute little antics" when they do them--never mind they can sometimes leave you with your jaw dropped? I have 5 grands and the first 2 were boys. You are right, having had only girls, I can honestly say that they can do and say can be pretty amusing and often shocking. Have a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

  4. Having had all boys, getting Granddaughters was my shock! He looks like he's enjoying every second and I'm sure his Grandpa is too! I'm sorry your little Granddaughter had the allergy thing going...I'm betting she loves the camp too. I laughed at all the pizza in the logs! Fun times with such cute kiddos!

  5. Your little Sawyer reminds me of my grandson:) Sounds like a wonderful time - nothing much better than hanging out in the woods!

  6. Oh such a lovely camp and so perfect for a little imagination. I love the names. We do have a 4 yr old grandson the youngest of 7 grandchildren. The rest are girls! Ha I can't wait to be around him. He is decidely different than all the girls and such a joy.