Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Exercise Marathon Weekend at Lake Lure

The plan was simple. Cliff and I were going to Lake Lure for a bike ride and a swim. Never mind that Lake Lure is mountainous and the water is frigidly cold. I must have been in denial because who in their right mind would attempt to ride 22 miles in the hills of Lake Lure. But, that was the plan indeed. Cliff's plan. And you see, Cliff makes some mighty lofty plans at times.

I was going along for the trip...."sure, sure", I said, "I'll try riding the bike on the fun ride of 22 miles for the cause of Lake Lure". Until we got there......

Lake Lure

Here's the story. Cliff and I left Thursday for the beautiful Lake Lure. He had a scheduled 63-mile bike ride that Saturday through the mountains of Chimney Rock, Lake Lure and surrounding areas. For beginners (that would be me), there was a fun ride of just 22 miles. And then on Sunday, he would swim 4 miles in Lake Lure as a training swim for a 5-miler he has coming up in June. So, he thought it would be a great idea to make it an all exercise weekend.

The only thing is, last Wednesday, I started feeling sick with some sinus issues. The pollen this year has been a doozy. So, I started taking sinus meds to help. I wanted to have a good weekend. It did sound fun.

Some of the gorgeous Cherry trees blooming at the resort.

Thursday: After arriving to Lake Lure, we hit the gym. I rode the stationary bike for 11 miles. Pretty impressive, considering I don't ride the bike anymore. But you remember, that is one of my goals for the I jumped on with excitement and vigor. We were going for a swim in the indoor pool afterwards, but the place was crawling with kids.

Spring break! Yay!

Friday: I was definitely sick. I had a temperature, was coughing and had a stuffy nose. I continued with the meds...not letting it stop me from the exercise weekend Cliff had planned. We rode bikes today for about a mile. That's all I could handle. We even rode up a 15% grade hill, twice. I know it was 15% because Cliff has a Garmin or some dohicky that said so. But even if he didn't, look at it. That's steep y'all! That road has fear written all over it.
Said 15% grade hill. Yeah, you see! It's steep. That's why I look so contorted in the next picture.

That hill was a killer. It took all I had to make it to the top. I was grunting the whole way. And then Cliff had the audacity to ask me to do again. So, I did and it wasn't any easier the second time. Grunt!

Later that afternoon, we ran 2.16 miles....and you guessed it, more hills. And then when we got back to the previous 15% grade hill at the resort, I ran up it too.  Occasionally, there were some flat places to run. Artificial, but flat. Ha!

Now this is more like it. Artificial flatness! That's me running, flat. I love to run on board walks. The surface is so forgiving.

And this is a creek view along our running path. Serene!

Some of the local sights.....Quilt block on an old barn in Chimney Rock.

Covered bridge near Chimney Rock.

Saturday:  Still sick. I decided that there was no way I could ride 22 miles in those hills. I'm pretty sure Cliff was a little bummed that he didn't get to, but there was just no way. So, we went on a 1 mile hike instead and yes, you guessed it straight up the side of a mountain.  Hmmmm, Cliff was now starting to cough a little.

Our hiking shoes. On the left....the ones I scored in Colorado and on the right....Cliff's Converses...he never leaves home without them.

Bridge at the trail head.

Pretty stone bridge about half way up.

Yep, it was a climb alright.

And more climbing.

Saw this unusual plant. Does anyone know what it is?

And there's our destination. Hallelujah. I'm tired.

Sunday:  I was starting to feel a little better, but now Cliff was feeling bad and had fever. He decided the lake was way too cold to go for that swim, especially since he was now getting sick. The water temperature was 58 degrees F. He had a wet suit, but his face would be exposed. I think he made the right decision.  So, we kayaked instead for 1.8 miles (which took a couple of hours) and then called it a day.

Lake Lure

That's Cliff

That's me taking a picture of Cliff.

By Monday: Cliff was really sick. So, we packed up and came on home. I feel good about all the exercise we got to do. Of course, it would have been more fun and intense even, if we hadn't been sick. We kept going as long as we could. I took lots of pictures. Overall, it was a great weekend for us to get away and spend some quality time together. Cliff ended up going to the doctor today. He has pneumonia. He will be fine and we'll have another exercise marathon weekend, another time.

Just an old mountain home. Bless it! Seems as if she's seen better days. She's still beautiful though and was begging me to take her if to say, "I am kind, I am strong, I am important".

Oh wait before you might want to check back in a couple of days. Sawyer's been on the loose. 

***4-11-2013 Update: The doctor's office called this morning to say that Cliff does not have pneumonia after all. He probably has the flu and an URI. He's feeling better. Thanks for your concern.

Talk soon, 


  1. Wow. I got tired just reading your post. My hubby likes to exercise with the remote.

    1. Lol! Give him a cup of your strong coffee an strap on a pair of running shoes.

  2. My kids used to live in Greenville, SC and I went to Lake Lure and took a boat ride..that's the extent of my exercise there! You are wonder woman! Hope Cliff is feeling better. I just got over the very symptoms you both had! Hated it!

    1. Glad you're better. Cliff is starting to feel better. Thank you! This was our second trip to kayak in Lake Lure. It is so pretty there. We love it.

  3. Ok.. I want to come live with you two as your exercising adventures sound like so much fun~ said from the comfort of my easy chair!!! I'm surprised that you didn't stand up and pump when riding up that hill. Is it better to do that sitting down in a low gear? Just wondering. And how I would love to have a place to hike. Gorgeous.. loved the mountain cabin!

  4. I was too afraid of falling to stand up. LOL! I was in granny low gear, as my husband called it. He did stand up when he rode it, though. So not sure which is best. I'm just glad I made it at all. Yes, wasn't that little cabin sweet. She looks as if she led a good life.

  5. Looks like a fabulous area to get in some really good exercise -- who needs a gym membership! I'm impressed that ya'll did so much when you both obviously weren't feeling well. Good for you! Hope Cliff is all better soon. Take care, Tammy

  6. Hi Laurie,
    WOW, what a trip! I can't believe you did all you did feeling as bad as you were feeling! What a trooper! And then for your husband to get sick too? I'm so sorry. However, the sights were gorgeous! Loved seeing all your pics!
    Thanks for dropping by my site and leaving such a sweet comment. Yes, we're getting anxious to be completed...almost there!
    Have a wonderful, restful (haha) weekend! You deserve it!

  7. Great idea for hiking and taking walks. Let's hope your Cliff feels better soon. Getting away to enjoy a good week-end together is always great fun. Getting sick is not. Be well. Blessings, Linda

  8. It was so wonderful tree and I love it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Your lovely woodland flower is a trillium. They also come in white, yellow and other shades of purple - aren't they gorgeous? I dug some up from the woods at French Hollow and planted them in my shade garden. They are blooming now.

    1. Thank you, Linda. I knew someone would know what it was. I stopped by your blog and left a comment. Thanks again for solving the mystery for me.