Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Edition of Conversations with Sawyer

Sawyer - Pool-bound with PJ's, Housecoat, PFD,
Gamecock Dangly Hat, Sport Crocs and Underwater Eye Wear

Well, it's been a while now since I introduced you to Sawyer. Remember, Sawyer is my 6-year-old grandson and he is just the funniest little thing ever. His perception of the world keeps me in stitches.  So I thought you might enjoy a few more of his insights.


1/28/2013 - Back story: Sawyer knows that before getting dessert he has to finish his dinner. And as children do, they try every trick in the book to get dessert. Sawyer is no exception. He didn't eat all of his dinner tonight, but came over to his mama...whining.....

Sawyer: Mama, I'm full and can't eat any more, but now I can't have dessert because I didn't finish my dinner.

Emily and I: (Laughing)

Sawyer started crying: I can't help it, it's part of my life.

Bless it...we laughed some more, but then he got major hugs and kisses. And he got dessert. Ha!


1/30/2013 - This one is from his big sister, Lidia. They are so cute when they try to talk like an adult. 

Lidia: "Mama, you just asked me must have a short loss memory term".


2/1/2013 - Back story: Emily took the children with her to Target. They are pretty good most of the time, while out shopping, especially at the checkout. I've been impressed that Lidia and Sawyer just hang out there so quietly showing great patience. Little did we know that they really are making observations that we know nothing of. On this occasion, however, Sawyer felt the need to express his observation to his mama.

Sawyer on the Target cashier: "Mama, that guy kinda looked like Aracabama (translation - Barack Obama), except.....Aracabama doesn't wear earrings".

HaHa! He knows his Presidents!


2/4/2013 - Back story: Sawyer was sick today, so I stopped by to pick him up and take him home with me. I couldn't wait to pamper him and make him feel all better.

Me: Sawyer, I am sorry you are sick. I am going to take you home and fix you some chicken soup for lunch. That will make you feel better.

Sawyer: LaLa, you know what would make me feel better?

Me: What's that?

Sawyer: Going through the car wash.

Me: Well, let's go then.

I whipped my car around and through the car wash we went. He was all smiles. Now, you tell me that you wouldn't do whatever to make your babies feel better.


2/15/2013 - Back story: Lidia and Sawyer spent the night with me last night so I had to take them to school this morning and it was very foggy in places.

Sawyer (very excitedly):  LaLa is that a tornado?

Me: No, Sawyer, that's fog.

Sawyer: WELL, it looks like a tornado.


3/3/2013 - Dinner at Cracker Barrels.....Sawyer gave his "chicklin and dumplins" a big thumbs up.


I should write a book. Would it be awful of me to get rich and famous off my grandkids? Oh well, I guess I better not. I'll just keep sharing them with you through this blog.



  1. Sawyer ROCKS - anyone that thinks going through the car wash makes them feel better is all right by me - personally, it makes my Vertigo go nuts! Happy Thursday - LOVE the photo! Tanya

    1. I thought that was pretty brilliant myself. Thanks for your kind comments Tanya.Have a great day!

  2. No, write the book and make millions so u and I can go on a adventure. Great stories.

  3. Perfect, no wonder you love them so much. Great stories.

  4. Very sweet and cute! It would be hard not to laugh at everything they said but I'm sure they're thinking they're very grownup and serious! Writing a book's a good idea. I wish I had done that when my own kids were little. It would have come in handy when they turned teenagers and I could have looked back on it and remembered when I thought everything they said was so precious! Ha! Have a great weekend!

  5. So cute. It will be a good day (way in the future) to have grandchildisms. What a joy!

  6. Gotta love your Sawyer! And Lidia too!