Thursday, December 6, 2012

Adventures of the High Seas.......

I was hesitant to post this. I was afraid that it wouldn't be exactly what I'm going for in this blog, but decided what the heck. After all, this was an adventure for me....being a 50-plus-year-old cruise newbie and all. I was going to call it "Tales from the High Seas", but decided I couldn't because my sister, friends and I made a pact.....What happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas. I can certainly give you some highlights of a great adventure, though.

A few months ago, Carla called to ask me to come along with her and two of her friends on a Bahama's Cruise. My immediate reaction was ....... "Are you crazy"? "You know I get motion sickness and sea sickness is THE worst". The very thought brought on flashbacks of some 30 odd years ago to a day spent on the high seas with my then boyfriend, Cliff, and his best buddy, Earl. Let me just say that visions of chunky eggs and tomatoes and hugging the side of Earl's boat filled my head. Well...I quickly snapped out of that and let me just interject here that peer pressure is strong. Carla easily talked me into going along. So, off to the drugstore I go. Two packs of Dramamine would probably do.

Carnival Fantasy Cruise Ship

- Board ship in Charleston.
- Explore.
- Mandatory safety meeting.
- Set sail.

Uh glad I took a dose of Dramamine before boarding. Ship is rocking and rolling. Felt like a mild case of vertigo. Can't walk straight, keep bumping into wall. Going potty was worse. Prior to dinner, might better take another Dramamine. Feeling a little funny. Made it through dinner. Stop by a game show...still feel funny. Lay head on back of seat. Dramamine knocked my lights out. Woke up to Carla snapping pictures. Felt very vulnerable and violated. Not even funny. Pretty sure I snored at some point. Back to the room before an all-out drool fest commenced. Propped the balcony door open with a chair. OMG! A peeping Tom or Neck Craner lives next door. Hurry, get back inside!  Ahhhh, the sound of the wind and waves......sleep that night was sweet.

- Still rocking and rolling.
- Decided still had enough Dramamine in my system.
- Moved chair so we could close door. Neck Craner in full gear. Had my hair up in a towel and still had my gown on. Made his morning, I'm sure!
- Warned Carla......that's all I could do.
- Lounged most of the day on deck, sunning and watching the ocean flow by.
- My day to run, good thing they have a gym.

Uh oh.......planned to run 5 miles. Hopped on treadmill, ran a few steps and the shipped rolled right. Ran a few more steps and the shipped rolled left. Dang! Should of taken more Dramamine. After 2 miles, enough of this. Don't feel like puking in the gym. Finished with 2 more miles on the elliptical and 2 miles on the bike. Whew! Done! And no puking. Major accomplishment. Rinsed out my sports bra and hooked it to the arm of one of the chairs on the balcony. Sometime later, decided I better go get it before Neck Craner did. Finished the day with the Captain's dinner. Yes! I'm wearing my !New! Cowboy boots. Told friends about Neck Craner. One solution offered.....shake the "girls" at him. Gah!!! Not happening!!! Bedtime. Sneak out to balcony for chair to prop open door. Arrrgggh! Carla! He's out there again! Duck back inside. Good thing sleep came so peacefully. Homesick!

Becky, Carla, Janice and Me. Black was our signature color.

- Nassau
- Shopping
- Beach

Uh oh.......FYI, teenie tight men's bikini bathing suits and butt crack in the Bahamas? Yep, same as the states. Gross!!! Beautiful water, though. Back to ship for late lunch. More sunning and deck time.....sweet! By now, the only time Carla or I ventured out to the balcony was to grab the chair to prop the door open. Neck Craner was always waiting. Homesick!

Nassau Beach

Nassau Street

- Freeport.
- Shopping in the parking lot. Really?
- That didn't take long.
- Ship leaving early today, no time to visit what is supposed to be the most gorgeous beach, ever.
- Head to the deck again.

Uh oh.........where's my camera? Got to find it...there is the most beautiful sunset, ever. Whew, found it. Leaving Freeport. Tugboat helped us leave port. Ahhh, that sunset! Ahhh, a full moon! All is well at sea. Except, homesick!

Shopping in Freeport Parking Lot

Becky, Janice and Carla sunning on deck and Sunsets

Leaving Freeport....Full Moon at Sea

- At sea.
- Back to the gym. This time was able to run 3 miles on treadmill and 2 on elliptical. Hey, there's a jogging deck up top. I have to run on it, I have to. Wait....what? Eleven times around equals a mile. Well, that'll drive me crazy trying to keep up with laps. Decided 1/2 mile was enough. Pure gorgeousness!

Uh oh.........Need a Dramamine! Looks like we are headed into a storm. Sky is dark!! Began to rain. Seas not as rough as I feared. Learned to dodge Neck Craner. Sleeping with the balcony door propped open on the open seas....priceless!

- Arrive in Charleston.
- OMG! It's cold!
- Disembark.

Uh oh.....Carla and I retrieved our luggage, strolled through customs with no wait and no problem. Our floor went first. Becky and Janice's floor went last. Major bottleneck in customs! Two hours later and we are headed home. Did someone say something about being homesick? Shoot, I'm ready to go again.

Hope you all get to experience a cruise one day. Just be prepared with Dramamine and decide ahead of time what you'll do if your next door neighbor is a Neck Craner. Other than that, the food was great and plentiful, the friends were so much fun and that south Atlantic Sea? Absolutely beautiful!!!!

Til next time,


  1. I totally enjoyed your post. Very funny!!

    My own experience on a cruise ship was a little less eventful. For some reason it didn't make me sick. But that whale watching tour was a smaller boat and it was dreadful.

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