Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Look At January 2017

Snow on cedar from our little snow event on January 4th.

Nothing new for January. It is typically the slowest month of the year for me.

Weekend Activities:

Last weekend, we took Lidia and Sawyer to an old fashioned skating rink (the kind I remember going to as a teenager). They loved it. I can see us becoming regulars. Ha!

We've had a warm January. I hope Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, tomorrow.  I'm not quite ready for spring.

Crocheting dishcloths like there's no tomorrow. Stocking up so I can move on to something bigger. This is just the ones I've crocheted while at the beach. I have, probably, twice this many back at the lake.

In the area of health....making some changes to my diet. I've been reading, watching health documentaries and researching how food can heal us. One of the changes I'm making to my diet is to go gluten free, at least for awhile. I can't imagine that I'll never eat bread again. But, to know how many problems gluten can cause in the body, boggles my mind. Did you know that it is one of the root causes of most diseases? I'm not so sure it's the grain itself or the Round Up farmers spray on the wheat before harvest. None the less, that in and of itself is enough to scare the bejeebies out of me. Oh, another change I've made is that I've start drinking bone broth. It's touted as a gut healer. And, as I'm learning, all disease starts in the gut. I'm all about prevention!

I've been walking. Walked on a machine at the gym the other day called The Curve. It's much like a treadmill, but with the belt curved up at the front end and back end. You use your own muscle power to make it move. I burned 465 calories in 30 minutes. Holler!

Reading seed catalogs...making my list and checking it twice.

Happy February!
Talk soon,


  1. Oh I remember the old skating rinks. They were so fun. I love love love your little dish cloths. Im currently working on some of the old fashion crochet top dish towels like you see hanging in granny kitchens. lol.

  2. I love your little snow event photo - so pretty!
    Well done you, for taking all those proactive measures for your health!

  3. I am on day 32 of no flour and no processed sugar and I feel fantastic! I am shooting for 1 pound a week so I haven't lost much weight, but the effects are already noticeable.

    But, I'm going to a bridal shower in Beverly Hills on Saturday and I know the food will be fabulous. I'm will eat what is provided and not feel any guilt.

    I need to see if my gym has the Curve!

  4. We take the grands to an old fashioned skating rink here quite often. They are only open in the winter here.
    I have to laugh at my friend that goes to a workout center. She has names for all the machines. Her LEAST favorite is called The Crotch Ripper. I didn't even

    Hope you have a great Wednesday but you may be OFF my friend's list now that you are praying for a LONGER I only want SNOW and COLD on Christmas day and then I want it to be gone. lol xo Diana

  5. Aren't they the light of our lives?
    Everything they say and do is so dear to Jacques and I.
    I like my winter too..I do..a time to just be less busy with chores.I love my gardens..well parts of this break is so nice to do other your thing I love about yours are the colors..and the Sprinkles in the candy sprinkles.
    my husband was gluten free for a while..I discovered a lovely bread machine gluten free was a few yrs ago..but if ever you needed it..perhaps I could find it.. just never know..about anything really..take care..good for you and the walking..but you are one already?:)I admire your hikes.
    Have a good rest of week.

  6. Great photo, Laurie! And goodness, a blast from the past with the skating rink. Of course our skates were abit different back in the day. And remember those metal skates with the skate key? I still have mine!

    And oh those crochet cloths...I love them!

  7. I'm not strictly gluten free but most days I am and I can tell a huge difference. I feel better without it!

    How's the mostly vegetarian thing going?

  8. We call those skates roller-blades up here...the roller skates actually have wheels on them...
    SO nice to be so ding dang organized, Laurie!!
    Good luck with your new eating daughter has Celiac, and loves that bone broth!! She uses it for her homemade soups.
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  9. Beautiful photo of the snow dusting the cedar branch! Oh, the roller rink memories. LOL! Blast from the past for sure. Ha! I've been trying to work up the discipline to remove sugar and glutens from my diet. I am cheering you on, girl!! LOVE your dishcloths. I went on a bing of making them a couple of years ago and have been feeling the stirring to do more. ;) Have a wonderful week, Laurie. blessings ~ tanna

  10. Ah, yes, roller rinks! They were big when I was in junior high and I spent many happy Saturdays there with friends. (Skates looked much different though!) I also remember the type we tightened on to our shoes with a key from when I was a little kid. Oh, the memories!

    I think you hit the nail on the head regarding gluten intolerance. It's the wheat commercially available. Studies show it's NOTHING like what it used to be. Buying organic helps and using the "old" wheats that haven't been "ruined" like spelt or einkorn may be the way to go. The health of our gut (digestion, elimination and many other things) is so, so important. Probiotics are so important for keeping our gut healthy.

    I used a self-propelled treadmill for a period. Thought it would kill me. That is a real workout. Would rather hike up a mountain!

  11. It looks like a nice January. It's interesting to read about your changes in diet and I hope you can see some results. I don't think I could ever not eat bread. I mainly eat organic whole grain breads and bake a lot of my own bread, using organic flour. We almost completely eat organic foods and I cook a lot from scratch, and I do think it makes a difference.
    BTW, I love the top photo!

  12. I used to take my boys to the roller rink often when they were little and they went to many bday parties there too. Just be careful on those skates and don't break anything! (sorry, surgical nurse in me talking here!) I'm all for Spring but like you I don't want it too early or else it really messes up the fruit trees up here. I think the GMO's in the food is truly the culprit for all the digestive problems the world seems to be having. I hope you find the right combo to help you feel your best!

  13. Hi Laurie, Good for you for taking stock of your health. It seems everything we eat these days is loaded with pesticides and hormones. I've been trying to eat organic as much as I can. I remember taking my kids to the skating rink and I went as a child, too. I thought that I would be able to pick it up again when my kids went, but it's not so easy! I had to hold the hand rail the whole time. Haha! Your dishcloths are so sweet! Hugs xo Karen

  14. Last time I visited you were still in the watermelon patch! Cute dress, I like the fan and congrats on your new eating regiment. It was cold here on Sunday.....but warm today. I am betting winter is not over!..Janey