Friday, July 29, 2016

Colorado: Dillon Reservoir Ridge Trail Hike - July 26th

The next few weeks are going to be action packed. My posts may get a little long at times and most definitely picture heavy. But, you want to see what Colorado adventures and explorations we get ourselves into, right? I thought so. Let me start by saying that the altitude sickness is milder this time than two years ago, when we made this same trip. But, I am still having some issues. Right now, I feel like I could puke. I haven't let it stop me though....I take it easy and drink lots of water, when I feel like that. It passes quickly enough and then we are on to our next adventure.

The following is day three, after arriving in Dillon, CO. Granted, the past couple of days were active, too. I just didn't get any photos.

The hike today was at the Dillon Reservoir Ridge Trail. Lake Dillon is situated at roughly 9000 ft. It is surround by an 18-19 mile bike/walk/running trail, which we will be using daily. Right across the lake from us is the hiking trail highlighted in this post.

The trail begins in a meadow filled with wildflowers.....which will be in tomorrow's post....and, then after a mile or so up the trail we head into the tree line and ridge. It was hot, but not too bad in the shade. Lidia was ready to go home about half way. She was having difficulties breathing, but after passing the half-way mark, we proceeded on down the other side. We stopped often to catch our breath and to seek out the shade and have a drink. Sawyer wore an old pair of Lidia's hiking boots that ended up being too big. He slopped up and down in them kicking up dust like Pigpen in a Charlie Brown cartoon. LOL!! He stuck by my side all day..."so he could take care of me". This is the reason you may see a few more pictures of him today than Lidia. Lidia, despite having a little trouble breathing, stayed by Cliff's side. They left Sawyer and me, regularly. Ha! When we were almost to the end of the hike, Sawyer told me that his whole body hurt. That didn't stop him, though, when he saw a pile of rocks. He jumped on them with the tenacity of a Colorado rock climber. 

Total miles hiked: 3.78 miles in 1:18 hours

 Starting our hike in this pretty meadow.

 Heading for the tree line.
Passing through gates....
 One of the first overlooks.
 Lidia, resting....
Cliff, waiting on us to finish resting...

 Rocky ledge overlooking Lake Dillon.
Sawyer was trying to scare me by pretending to go over the side.

Sawyer, me and Lidia at another overlook.
Lidia needed to rest, while we went up the last overlook.
Bless it, I know how she feels. But, she was a trooper and
stayed with Cliff, step for step, until near the end.

Another overlook of Lake Dillon.

Sawyer found sticks...he has one there sticking out of his backpack....

...and, he found rocks. These two made the shape of an arrow and the number "4".

We are staying in one of those condos across the lake.

More rock climbing....

And then, we came to the end of the trail.

One more rest before....

...heading home.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

See you tomorrow with more,



  1. Your pics are super clear and u look great in shorts..I would have a long linen skirt on LOL..
    How wonderful they came w/ you♥
    The scenery is jaw dropping!
    I watered plants and organized drawers..jealous?:)

  2. Laurie, Kudos to all of you. That's a good hike for young kids. You and your husband made some great memories with the kids. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Goodness! I'm exhausted just from the thought of all that hiking! haha. What gorgeous views, though...amazing! Hope you start to feel much better, soon!

  4. This is great. I giggled at the shoe story. Looks like a lot of fun and exploring. Cant wait to read more about your trip. Keep em coming.

  5. Oh well worth the effort - good for you all! The scenery is awesome! Glad you all had so much fun!

  6. Thanks for sharing the beautiful scenery with us, Laurie. Your grandkids are going to have such wonderful memories of the times spent with you and Cliff when they are grown. Glad you made it into one of the pics!

  7. Nice hike. Beautiful view of Lake Dillon.