Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ocean Senses

Cliff and I spent a couple of hours on the beach, today.
All but one of my ocean senses were invoked.
I watched pelicans dive bombing....trying to catch fish. I watched as the waves rolled in and left again. I watched the seagulls soar just above the surf.
I saw how blue everything looked and I couldn't get enough. 
I listened to the waves gently crashing on shore. I listened to the sounds of the seagulls. And, I listened to nearby children romping in the waves and their mother calling them in. 
I felt the cool, slightly damp sand beneath my feet. I felt the warmth of the sun and then later, the cool ocean breeze.
The smell of salty air reminded me to just breathe.


  1. Love your ocean senses. I love the ocean. I long for it ever since I moved to the Midwest. It is like a magnet to me- always pulling me back to it. Sweet post- xo Diana

    1. You'll have to load up Sweet Cheeks, Bright Eyes and the rest and come for a visit. You can bring Hero, too. Have a great day, Diana!

  2. Thank you! From someone raised near the beach and now living near the mountains, I am drawn back to the coast through your senses...

    Jim Fowler, Greenville, SC

    1. Well Jim, you need to come for a visit. I don't know of any place that has those beautiful flowers you photograph, but the beach is rich with photo opportunities.

  3. What gorgeous pictures you take of the beautiful area in which you live. Those couple of hours you spent on the beach are very, very appealing as we push to do all those last minute tasks to get ready for winter in our area. (I'll have to send you pictures of us lounging -- at the moment I've forgotten what that means -- in front of a cozy fire this winter. It will be our version of your time on the beach!) Lovely post, Laurie.

    1. Thanks, Mama Pea. Oh, I can't wait to see pictures of you actually having some down time in front of a fire. I can just sense the feeling you would that says, "Ah, all is right with the world".