Thursday, July 30, 2015

Biking Grand Targhee - Day 3

 The Grand Tetons from atop Targhee Ski Resort

After a hearty breakfast and map meeting on day 3 of our bike tour, we were shuttled from the condos in Driggs, Idaho to the base of the ski resort at Grand Targhee in Wyoming. Once there, we had choices of what we could do. Some chose to hike up to the top of the ski slopes and some of us chose to take the chairlift. And, we had one lady to go horse back riding.

Views going up and down the chairlift at Targhee Ski Resort, Wyoming. Notice the mountain bike in one of the could mountain bike down and this is how they got their bikes to the top. 
These two ladies are my new friends....Pete and Elaine.

 Views of the Grand Tetons Mountain Range from the top of Targhee Ski Resort

I took the chairlift along with my new friends, Elaine and Pete. All I could think of was that movie where three people got stuck on a chair lift in winter and the only way down was to drop. The first guy did and broke both legs and was killed by wolves. I don't quite remember the rest, but I do know the other guy was killed, too. And the girl made it! Ha! At the top, we hiked a short distance along the ridge line and y'all, it was majestic! You could see for miles. And there were quite a few flowers up there too. You could almost hear the oohs and aahs three counties over.

 The wildflowers up top included asters and columbine and others that I don't know. 
It was so nice to see them in their natural habitat.

After we were finished taking in all that majesty, Elaine, Pete and I rode the chairlift back down to the base of the slopes. We were so enamored with our surroundings that we didn't realize we could pull a bar down in front of us for safety. So there we sat...I was white knuckling the side of the lift and Elaine was afraid of heights, too, but we managed to get over it and enjoy the scenery before us. We had lunch at the Branding Iron Restaurant. The veggie sandwich was delicious.

 That's me, Maxa, Elaine and Pete
 Oh, look....I made a newer friend. He was hungry so I gave him one of my cashews.

 White knuckling on the way down....Me....and my new friend, the chipmunk. He loves me.
Now, it was time to head back down the mountain on our bikes. And....have mercy...we had a short, but steep 8% grade hill to climb to get out of the resort area and I nearly puked up a lung, no make that both lungs before making it to the top....not to mention we were at an elevation of 7600 ft. so my breathing was already compromised. Thank goodness it was short and I recovered quickly. The rest of the way was all downhill. I forgot to turn on Map My Fitness until part the way down, but at one point on the bike's odometer, we were going 29 mph. That was fun, but I thought it might be a good idea to slow it down a bit and get things under control. So we slowed down to 22 miles mph. You can't imagine how much fun going downhill was! Today's ride was supposed to be 11.9 miles, but my odometer read 10.6. Close enough, I guess.

If you look slightly to the right, you can see where the switchback is for this downhill portion. So fun!

That afternoon, we were treated to a 90 minute yoga class. I just love yoga! It was so relaxing to stretch those biking muscles. After yoga, we re-grouped at the condo and then left for dinner at Warbirds Cafe situated right beside a runway of a small airport in Driggs. The restaurant looked like an old hangar. Very quaint.

That was our last night in Driggs, so everything needed to be packed and ready to go the next morning. I wrapped up my day with laundry and then it was off to bed. Our ride the next day would be approx 25 miles from Driggs, Idaho to Jackson, Wyoming.

Today's total miles: 10.6
Total for trip:  37.15

Til Day 4,


  1. Wow! The most beautiful pics ever!

  2. I'm sure making a few friends made it all that much more fun! The scenery is breathtaking!

    1. It was, Betsy. The scenery just gets better every day and I could have just gotten lost in that. But, having these ladies to ride with was nice, too. We had to help each other look for bears and stampeding bison. Lol!!

  3. The views you saw on this day always take my breath away every time I go up there. Not a bike rider like you but omg I love this area!

    1. I can see why, Kathy. Breathtaking is an understatement! Next up will be views as we rode from Driggs to Jackson.

  4. Omigosh! The part of the country you were in is absolutely beautiful! I'm sure I would have lost my balance and fallen off my bike more than once while taking in all the scenery. What I especially like is that it seems to not be crowded or tourist-y.

    1. It sure was beautiful! I didn't lose my balance, but I was weaving a couple of times. Lol. The area in the photos was not so crowded. In the town of Jackson, though, was a different story. Tons of tourist. The good news was that we were mostly on bike paths and didn't have to contend with them. And after you got out of town 3 or 4 miles, the crowds were pretty much gone.