Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Weekend at the Lake

Every weekend spent at the lake we make new discoveries, add a new element or see new potential. This weekend was no different. I discovered new bloomers, we added new dock chairs and I see a new project in the future.
The New Bloomers:

 I'm not 100% sure, but I believe this is a Rose of Sharon.
If anyone knows differently, please tell me.

 We have daylilies coming out the wazoo....a new one blooming every trip.  
Of course, my hydrangeas are blooming their mop-heads off. 
Unlike the ones at home, these blooms are gigantic.  

 The petunias are starting to fill in their spot around the fire pit.

We have plums....
I don't know when they ripen, but this one seems to be close.
The New Element:
Riding down the road one day, Cliff spotted some Adirondack chairs and a couple of swings sitting outside someone's home. It was obviously a home-made outdoor furniture business. We pulled in, had a seat in one of the chairs and then ordered a couple from Mr. Wilbur. He used cedar and the construction is that of an artisan. Very well made! This weekend Mr. Wilbur had my chairs ready. The problem was that we had no trailer and we didn't bring the truck to pick them up. So, Cliff had the idea to pick them up with the boat and trailer. He would then launch the boat at the landing and drive right up to the dock to unload them. Good idea! He took the boat seats out and the Adirondack chairs fit perfectly. We figured that when people saw us pass on the road that they were envious of "these" boat seats. Ha!
Here they are on the lower dock. Now, I ask you....do I leave them angled? 
Or, do I turn them both straight? 
 The New Potential:
This submerged dock will be a new project for us.
We are planning to bring it up, dry it out and use it as a table for outdoor eating. 
Measuring in at about 12 feet means that it will need it's own special place.
So that means, I'll be designing a new outdoor eating area. Yay!
You can see the end of it here. I'm in awe....it's so vintage! Won't this be fun?
Oh wait, in case you were wondering how it's going......
Bike Training:
June 2...........9 miles
June 4.........9.8 miles
June 10.........10 miles
  June 11.......17.58 miles
June 13..........38 miles
June 14..........19 miles
TOTAL since first of June: 103.38 miles
The count down begins with only about 4 weeks to go.


  1. Yep, that looks like a Rose of Sharon to me! Lovely flowers and plums too! Those chairs are beautiful and I vote for the angle look...I'll be right over to test them out! And when the table is done...I'll be right over to test it out too! Congrats on your training schedule..looking good! You are an inspiration! Have fun at the lake and keep the pics coming..love them!

    1. Thanks, YaYa! I'm still learning all these new to me flowers and shrubs. Something different is blooming every time we go. So it seems the angled look is way to go. Come on over...I need a good chair and table tester! Lol! Training is good....I know I'll be ready. I can't wait!

  2. I'm entering another vote for having the chairs angled. Easier to have pleasant conversations that way. The craftsmanship on the chairs looks gorgeous. Your new dock/table, I'm sure, will be lovely, too, once you get your talented hands on it!

    Your bike adventure is going to be a piece of cake and a whole heckuva lot of fun since you're going to be in such good shape for it. What a lot of training you've put in!

    1. Thanks, Mama Pea....it seems the angled look is the way to go. I can't wait to get that dock up and table made. Yes, I agree.....the tour is going to be so much fun and especially since I put in the training.

  3. I am glad you are getting those biking miles in.

    As to those gorgeous chairs - angled.

    1. Yep, angled it is! I knew I could count on you for a good look. And oh my yes, I surely am getting the miles in. I've got another heavy week of riding this week, too. Well, really for the next 4 weeks.

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