Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Numbers

3-the number of bird eggs Cliff found in one of my ferns at the beach 

Numbers! That's what has been going through my mind this weekend. I'm probably not normal, but to help pass the time while I'm exercising, I start counting things. I count miles, minutes, cadence, clouds, birds, rabbits, porta name it. It's probably OCD! I've been known to exhibit a few of those traits. What you are about to read pertains to my bike rides this weekend. 

Let's take a look......

Saturday's bike ride:

1  -  peanut butter and jelly sandwich (at 2 hours into the ride)
2  -  bottles of Gatorade
2  -  cramps in my quads (while resting hours later)
3  -  Swans gracefully landing in the lake at Market Commons
4.5 - hours on the bike 
5  -  bunnies spotted along the trails
8  -  pieces of watermelon (at 2 hours into the ride...OMG it was so good)
40 - miles I rode on the bike
67 - number of times I said, "Help me Jesus".
92 - the temperature when I finished the bike ride
1872 - number of calories burned (Double Holler!)

2 - the number of times I was on top of this bridge overlooking the intracoastal waterway

Sunday's bike ride:

1/2 - peanut butter and jelly sandwich (at the end of the ride)
1 - bottle of Gatorade
2 - hours on the bike 
2 - trips over a 4-5% grade bridge (screaming quads!)
3 - bunnies spotted along the trails
4 - number of pounds I've lost since starting training
5 - pieces of watermelon (at the end of the ride and still SO good)
20 - miles we rode on the bike (Cliff went with me)
86 - the temperature when we finished the bike ride, this morning
898 - calories burned (Holler!)

And one last number....93.77 - number of miles I rode last week!!

I absolutely believe that I will be well prepared for the WomansTour bike ride next month. My weekend rides have been getting longer and even though the temperatures are sweltering, starting early is the key. My legs are tired and I've felt drained, but it's nothing hydration and a good nights rest won't help. I actually look forward to my next ride. 



  1. Wow! You are racking up the miles.

  2. I love your numbers.
    I used to count children when we went out for walks, to make sure I hadn't lost any. ha ha!
    Congratulations on the miles. Sounds like a great program. Maybe I need a bike.

  3. Wow! After bike rides that long, I don't think I'd remember anything. Ha! I don't even think I could pedal that long. In fact, I don't even remember the last time I rode a bike. It's all I ever did when I was 12, everywhere. Kudos to you!

  4. Put that all to music...and you have a song!

  5. You wore me out just reading the numbers! Good job! I know you'll do great!

  6. Hi Laurie...
    I have seen your comments over at Betsy's lovely blog, and thought I would like to visit you!
    Love your lake house....your sense of humour.....and your obvious zest for life!
    Great blog....keep up the biking!
    I will be back, for sure!
    Linda :o)

  7. Oh my goodness! You are going to be so skinny we won't be able to see you!
    Way to go...that is a TON of work. I'm very impressed!

  8. You are amazing! Dedication, determination and . . . staying in darn good shape!

  9. Wonder Woman has nothing on you, Laurie. That is amazing!