Friday, January 30, 2015

Hiking Mt. Vegroovious

I felt like I had missed out on something after Cliff, Lidia and Sawyer's hike a couple of weekends ago. So last Sunday, we all went hiking.  Back to Mt. Vegroovious (the name given, by Cliff and L&S, to the huge hill/small mountain across the lake from us).

We got all dolled up because our first leg took place in the boat. And although the sun was shining, the wind from the boat ride would cut right through you.

 The Highlights in Photos:

1) Lowered lake water levels reveals a sandbar of sorts
2) A quick stop at the Greenwood State Park

3) Sawyer drove us back across the lake.
4)And then it was snack time.....Lake Sushi - sardines and soda crackers. A true southern fisherman's staple. Although a born and bred southerner, in all my years, I had never eaten sardines before.
That was history in the making, right there. And you know what?
They were actually pretty good. Lidia and Sawyer love them.
5) Just a stone's throw from our house, the dam, named Buzzard's Roost, is at the end of the lake and then the Saluda River is on the other side. Since kayaks and such, can not cross over the dam, there is an area called mandatory portage where someone in kayaks, for instance, can take their yaks out of the water and cross over on land to put in again in the Saluda River. 
This is the Saluda River side of the Buzzard's Roost.
5) Mandatory Portage
6) We revisited the cairn they made a couple of weeks ago.
Sawyer and I added more stones.  
7) Hike up and over Mt. Vegroovious.
8) Treasures - Cliff and the children always find some sort of treasure.
Today, Cliff found an old Texize jar. Texize is a company that makes cleansers.
I looked on eBay and these jars are going for $28.
We cleaned it up and will hang on to it for awhile.
I may display it somewhere in the kitchen or laundry closet.
9) There was a beast waiting for us at the end of the hike. The mandatory HILL. Good Lord, this hill is not for the faint of heart. Lidia was the first to make it up to the top, then Cliff. I was next and then poor Sawyer was last. By this time, he was so tired and out of energy that he could hardly walk a few feet before flopping down on the grass. He finally took his life jacket and threw it as far as he could....walked a short distance and repeated until he made it to the top. He could hardly go when he got to the top. He leaned on me until we made it back to the boat.  

What a great day with the grandkids! I'm so thankful we have the time and energy to be able to make memories like these. I know Lidia and Sawyer will remember them always.
Til our next adventure,
P.S. I've been experimenting with my camera in manual mode. I'm sure there will be lots of mistakes and bad pictures until I get this thing figured out. But, oh my goodness, when I do....well, I just can't wait to see what I can do.


  1. Fun pictures and fun hike. Thanks for the movie recommendation. I was thinking about that one.

    1. Thanks, AJH! Sniper is another good movie.

  2. I like the way Sawyer made it to the top - motivating himself.
    You will so enjoy taking photos in manual mode. I do that as well, and I'm never going back. Oh the things you can do! Of course it's a lot of trial and error, but that's part of the fun!

    1. Carola, I need to take lessons from you.

  3. Poor fella! At least he made it. So many gifts would have flung themselves to the ground. Ha! Looks like it was a great day. Best wishes, Tammy

    1. Thanks Tammy....he never complained, just kept plugging along. He's a sweetie!

  4. oops ... that should say kids, not gifts :)

  5. What a fun hike and how fortunate that you can spend the day with your grandkids. But, no way would I ever take sardines on a picnic! Steve on the other hand would think it was great.

    1. HaHa! You should try them, Carol. They actually taste like tuna fish, to me.

  6. I love hearing about all your adventures with the grandkids......memory making is so important and they definitely will remember all the times your shared. As for me and thanks....john loves them but I will pass......ha