Thursday, December 18, 2014

Way Back When.....

....I was still a bun in my mama's oven...... Well, that sounded corny, but I'm leaving it in because my posts are for posterity's sake, remember. HaHa!

Anyway, today is my birthday! And I plan to do just what the heck I want to, which includes going to the grocery store, baking, making beds, laundry...'cause....a woman's work is never done. But I'm seriously enjoying all the Birthday Wishes I'm receiving on Facebook. I don't need presents....nah....but those two words just make my day!

Again, way back when I was still a bun in my mama's oven, this world was a different place. I thought it might be fun to Google the highlights of the year 1959. Yeah, I dated myself. I don't care that you know how old I am. I'm hip like that.

In 1959:

1)   Alaska was admitted as the 49th U.S. state and Hawaii as the 50th.
2)   Ben-Hur was the movie of the year.
3)   Exodus by Leon Uris was the number one best seller.
4)   Two monkeys, Able and Miss Baker are the first living beings to successfully return to Earth from space aboard the flight Juniper AM-18.
5)   CBS made The Wizard of Oz an annual tradition.
6)   Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by the Platters topped the charts.
7)   In the 50's The Korean War took place and the Vietnam War began.
8)   Bonanza was very popular on T.V.
9)   Dwight D. Eisenhower was President.
10) In 1959, a cure-all vaccine for diphtheria, polio, and whooping cough was released.
11) I share my birth year with Simon Cowell, Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompson and Magic Johnson.
12) Mary Ann Mobley from MS was Miss America.
13) Frank Lloyd Wright died that year.
14) Cliff was 4 years old.
15) Daddy was in the Army, stationed in Ft. Ord, California. He had only been there 3 weeks when I was born and it was 6 weeks later before he met me for the first time.
16) I was born at 2:18 a.m., weighed 8 lb. 9 oz., it was cold and rainy. Mama said, "You've gained a few pounds, since then". HaHa! .
17) Mama was living in Spartanburg with Granny and PaPa, since Daddy was away. Spartanburg is listed as my birth city, but I was actually born in a little community called Cowpens in Dr. Crow's clinic. How about that!


My oh my, how times have changed. Progress continues and is needed, but sometimes I wish I could go back and experience what it was like to be a teenager and/or an adult during the 50's. I bet I would be wearing poodle skirts and watching American Bandstand with Dick Clark, listening to Chuck Berry or Elvis and doing the twist in my black and white saddle oxfords at the local sock hop. Or, I would be doing my shopping, baking and cleaning in heels and pearls.

Hang Loose,


  1. Thanks for the fun post. I was 9 years old when you were born. I didn't get to wear poodle skirts because they were out of style by the time I came of age to wear one. My husband and I loved growing up in the 50's and 60's. We love our lives today, but we bemoan the loss of the best of those decades.

    Happy Birthday!

    1. I know it would be fun to just spend a day or two experiencing the fun times.

  2. I was 9 too when you were born. I loved growing up in the 60's.

  3. Laurie-
    Happy Birthday to you! What a fun post this was to read. I have always loved to read the little books you find once in a while, that are all about "The Year in Review, 19xx" A lot has changed since the 50's, but you know, they say styles come back around eventually, maybe you'll have a chance to wear that poodle skirt and saddle shoes after all, hahahaha

    1. Thanks Cindy! Oh boy, I've just been waiting for poodle skirts and oxfords to come back in style.

  4. Just popped in. Glad I did so I could wish you a Happy Birthday from Texas!

    1. Hi Diana, Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and welcome to my blog. I'm so happy you stopped by. Please come back soon. I'll leave the light on....

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday, Laurie! It is always fun to look back and see what was going on when we were little. I hope you have a blessed, wonderful night- xo Diana

    1. Thank you so much Diana! It was a very nice birthday. I just wish they would slow down. LOL!!

  6. Oh my, lately I have not been able to follow my favourite blogs as much and I ended up missing your birthday. Is it too late to wish you happy birthday? No... so Happy Birthday Laurie!

    1. I'll take a happy birthday wish anytime. Thank you!