Saturday, December 13, 2014

It's Nearly Over....

2014, that is. It's been a crazy busy year. I've found myself putting things on the backburner and this blog caught the brunt of it. I was even asked the other day if I had quit blogging.

No way! avoid making this novel length, I'm going to sort of bullet the last month's or so memorable events with pictures. And it will be picture heavy, I promise.

Remainder of October 2014:
Sawyer turned 8! Here he is in his Korean Tae Kwon Do Dobak (uniform)
eating birthday cake in a sombrero at a Mexican restaurant. He's multi-cultural!
One week after my last half marathon, I'm pretty sure I broke my I haven't run since then. Bummer! I'm actually going in the morning. I think it has healed pretty well. Could have been because of the great care I took of it with the cast and all...

Lidia was Cat Woman for Halloween and Sawyer was some sort of Action Figure. I couldn't tell you which one, even if you tried to beat it out of me. And from the looks of that thing behind him, he may have to do some....well, you know....action.

Lidia's class went on a three day field trip to Seabrook Island near Charleston, SC 
concentrating on environmental education. She's a smart girl!

Lidia and Sawyer's last fishing adventure at the lake. It looks wicked cold, doesn't it.

Sawyer has been practicing with his bow and arrow. He's pretty good, too. Bless it, he's still sort of snaggletoothed. I love him!

In case you don't know where I've been......Sawyer wanted you to know.
November 2014:
It snowed at the lake on November 1st.

It was gorgeous! But only lasted a few hours.
Sawyer's artwork was chosen as one of twenty from hundreds of students at his school to be displayed in the Chapman Cultural Center. It's of a superhero, of course. He's very talented!

Lidia and Sawyer took away some major trophy's from their Tae Kwon Do event. I wouldn't cross them, if I were you!

Lidia and Sawyer earned their Green Belt with Blue Stripe. Black belt, here they come!

Remember this picture from this post? The cotton popped! Isn't it beautiful? I just love living in the "land of cotton"!
December 2014:
Alas, we are in December. I love December for many reasons......
1) It turns cold.  2) It's my birthday month.  3) It's Christmas, and 4) It's family time.
I'm so excited because all of my children will be home for Christmas this year. And then, there is Ms. Bones. You remember her, don't you? Please don't get the wrong idea....I am not macabre! 
She's just been a part of our family, since I was in x-ray school.
Her outfit changes seasonally. Ha! Here she is.....dressed for the holidays.
Isn't she elegant?
Unfortunately, we did have some sadness just before Thanksgiving. Cliff's step-father passed away. The family, though sad, is celebrating his life and memories. And we know he is in a better place.
Speaking of Thanksgiving, Mama spent it with us at the lake. I really wanted her to just rest and take it easy. Y'all, the woman wouldn't sit still. She has helped me cook, washed every dish in the house, swept and taken out the trash. I had to make her go sit down and rest. Hope I'm that active in my 70's.
And finally, Lidia was baptized the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We are so proud of her and her decision to follow Jesus. She is so sweet. I can't wait to see how the Lord will use her. She was a little nervous that morning. On the way to church, she asked us if the water in the Baptistry will be warm. We assured her that it is heated and she said, "Alright then, I'm good to go". I love her!
Merry Christmas,


  1. Glad to see you here, Laurie. I am sorry you broke your toe and lost Cliff's step-father. It was fun to see pictures of the kids and catch up on your life a bit. Looking forward to having you catch up more! xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana. Yep, I sure do hope to get back into my blogging routine.

  2. What a great re-cap of the year ... wonderful shots!
    diane @ thoughts and shots

    1. Thanks Diane. I hope to get back into my blogging routine. I have missed it. Just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I know this is a difficult time for you and especially at the holidays. I wish you peace and comfort this Christmas.

  3. I've been struggling with blogging...such a busy time of year and frankly I think I don't have a ton to blog about! When you look back at all the activities of the year, it's amazing how much we do and how blessed we are. Your family is adorable and I hope you all have a great Christmas season!

  4. I agree, too much going on. I have lots of bits and pieces to blog about, but nothing of substance right now. Looking back, as you mentioned, I do see how very blessed we are. I sure hope you have a wonderful Christmas, also!