Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Kitter

The Kitter

Do you ever look back at old posts to see how many views they've received? I do and you'll never guess which post has gotten the most.  It's Kitter Time.  I'm perplexed to say the least. It wasn't even that good. Just had some cute kitty pictures and a few captions. Big deal. So what? Granted, the spam world, for some reason, fixated mostly on that one post. Well, hello! That says it all. Remember, I had to turn on word verification to try to control the deluge of spam comments. It was cray cray!

However, that seems to have worked. So now, I feel safe to do a Kitter update.

Periodically, I tell Whitney how many page views Kitter has gotten. With over 4600 hits, Whitney now considers Kitter to be an A-list Celebrity. In light of Kitter's newfound celebrity status, I told Whitney that I might have to interview her and she said, "Good luck. Kitter is unruly and uncooperative".

Well, if she won't do interviews, then I guess a new Kitter photo montage will have to do.....

Narrated by Whitney, of course.

This is what crazy looks like. She freaks out when she can't get to the human behind closed doors.

 Puss In Boots

I think we need to call a plumber. Kitter has taken "needy for attention" to a whole new level.
Someone is being cute in hopes of getting some food.
"Oh hi...are you working? I'll just sit here and stare at you because you
won't let me walk around on the desk."
She has a tough life.
 Oh sure...because where else would you lay?
Early Christmas present/shanty replacement for the fuzzy creature...and she hasn't even been good!
This is what sits above me (and stares at me) when I work from home. I feel frightened.
 So much for trying to pack...looks like my bag is already full.
 So much for folding up the chair so she wouldn't lay in it.
 The move was hard on her too....she's so tired, she can't even play with her favorite sticky green man anymore!!
Picked up a case of Cuties at the grocery store. 
Got some goodies from Panera .
Just love that Grand Kitter!
Love her mama more!
Hope the spammers find someone else's blog to fixate on!
Time will tell!
Oh wait, in case you were wondering:
Running 10 miles today.
Emily, Lidia and Sawyer are here.
Sawyer's isms have already cracked me up.
This blog was proofread and edited by Lidia.
Happy Spring Y'all,



  1. LOL- Isn't it funny to see what people want to see? You know what? I have never done that- checked to see my most popular post. I think I need to do that. I am betting it is something about

    You DO know you still have word verification on, right?

    Good luck on your 10 mile run, Laurie. xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana, my run was good. I think you should check your posts and let us know which is the most popular. And yes, I know I still have WV on. I just got a comment from Tanya that will help, I think. Thanks for letting me know, though.

  2. Oh, what a cutie! She finds the cutest places to rest.

    I laughed when you mentioned the post that got the most hits. The spammers are hitting my post last spring about our fire pit. It cracks me up, but I am getting tired of deleting the comments.

    1. Too funny. Your fire pit...haha. I was getting tired of deleting comments too.

  3. This post is sure to garner JUST as many visits as the old one. Adorable, she! Happy weekend, Laurie...

    PS - I pretty much obliterated Spammers, about a year ago, by changing my settings on Comments to decline Anonymous contributions. You can also get rid of the word verification thing and just simply do the "comment moderation" thing if you do it that way. The only comments I need to moderate since have truly been left by readers. Just an FYI

    1. Thank you so much, Tanya. I am going straight to my settings to change those things. I don't want to have word verification on, but it was the only way I knew to curtail the spammers. Happy Weekend to you!

  4. She's adorable! We have a kitter too but she's not that sweet! Have a good weekend and have fun on that run...10mi is a biggie!

    1. Thank you! The run was good! I'm tired now and need to stretch out my left leg. It tends to get really tight after a long run.

  5. If you do Instagram people always like the cat pictures. And puppies too!

    1. I don't do Instagram, but I sure do love kitty pictures, too.

  6. h wow, your beautiful cat should have its own television show!!! What a personality an what a beauty,

    1. Thanks Laurie and I love that we share the same name. Have a great weekend.
      ~Laurie C.

  7. Ha-ha! You crack me up. Kitters is so cute. I tell you, cats sure can wedge themselves into any space. I don't know how they are actually comfortable sometimes. Jingles even finds hiding spaces where I thought there was none and she will stay there until I start wandering the streets looking for her. As if she would ever venture out into the big scary world. :) Have a fabulous day. Tammy

  8. The cat is absolutely adorable - such a pretty one! Cats have so much character!
    I used to have quite a lot of spammers, too. Since I moderate the comments it was no problem - I just deleted them. Somehow I haven't got many recently - the occasional one, but that's it.

  9. OMG! So funny and cute! xo Jen

  10. Laurie, I am not a spammer, but I am pretty fixated on your box of Cuties in the form of Kitter. Cats are so much like humans in that they have such unique personalities and their peculiarities are worse than a human with a bad case of AAD. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw Kitter under the Christmas tree. It brings back memories of the Christmas our Lilly not only checked out the presents, but peed on some of the packages. We discovered it right away, but had to re-wrap before it soaked through to the contents!

    1. HaHa Lynn, you crack me up. Kitter sure does have a unique personality. We laugh at all her antics. I sent Whitney a Christmas ornament and she didn't let Kitter smell it before hanging it on the tree. Kitter would not leave it alone until Whitney took it down and let her check it out. HaHa!!

  11. It's such a cute cat!! I really miss having cats, but I'm away too much, and it would just be unfair for the poor creature.
    I will never understand this top-post thing. My most viewed post it's some stupid comparison I made between men in kilts and men in speedos... What a strange world.