Saturday, January 25, 2014

Grow Your Blog - 2014


I am so ashamed of myself. The new year has come and one of the only posts I've written is to tell you that I've been away for awhile. Duh, like you didn't already know that. But alas, the day has come that I can no longer be away for awhile.....for two very good reasons.

Reason #1: I've missed writing. Although I carry on conversations in my head on a constant basis and intend to write these things down, lately it seems my attention has been called in different directions.

Reason #2: I've joined up again this year with Vicki from  and her Grow Your Blog Party. So, I must have a post ready to share with all sorts of new friends. You see that little button on the right. You can click on it to go to Vicki's website to pay her a visit and to visit many other bloggers there. The majority of these bloggers are crafters.

And then there's me.

Although I craft and create, I don't usually blog about that. I blog to capture memories to share and to preserve for my children and grandchildren. So......I'm the one that many of these bloggers let tag along because they are all wonderful like that.

Disclaimer #1: I reserve the right to blog about crafts, if I want to. Ha! And it may or may not happen from time to time.

Last year, I joined the GYB Party and gained over 60 followers. I'm very grateful to Vicki for letting me be a part of this wonderful event. Over the year, I've grown exponentially and met so many wonderful people from all over the world. So now, I welcome you to my blog. I hope you enjoy reading about what's happening down on LaLa Lane as I'm sure I'll enjoy reading yours.

Thank you, Vicki!

The Back Story: My name is Laurie. My home and playground is near the coast of South Carolina. I've lived here all my life. Well, except for the time daddy was in the Army and moved around a little. Anyway, I love to run, kayak, read and cook for my family. I do many other things, too. But these things and my many adventures are mostly what I write about.

The Back Story Characters:
Cliff - my husband of 33 years. His dry wit will leave you gasping for air. Oh and he's gorgeous! Some people may cringe at the word, but he really is my "soul mate".

Emily - my oldest daughter and mother to my two grandchildren. She is super smart! She's a nurse. One word to describe her....Compassionate with a capital C! If I ever get sick, she's my go to girl!

Whitney - my youngest daughter. She lives in Colorado and is about to be hired as an Air Traffic Controller. Holler! She is the female clone of her daddy. She doesn't so much look like him, but has his sense of humor and athletic prowess along with street smarts and logic.

Lidia - my granddaughter and the sweetest, nearly 10-year-old eva! She is the best story, conversation, etc. summarizer I know. She loves science and is as smart as a whip. Takes after her mama. Love her to pieces!

Sawyer - my grandson and the funniest little 7-year-old I've ever met! He is the best reader in his 1st grade class. He shocks the heck out of me with that. He loves Bear Grylls and aspires to be him. He has already started a bucket list. #1 on his list is to go to England to visit Bear Grylls, of course. Love him to pieces!

Jason - my son-in-law, Whitney's husband. Lord Bless him. Whitney makes him toe the line. Ha Ha!! He's in school to become a Nurse Practitioner. And he's gorgeous, too. If those two ever give me a grandbaby, I know it will be beautiful. But guess what? They are dead set against having children. Dang it!

Kitter - my grandkitty...her parents are Whitney and Jason. Kitter has a story of her own. I blog about her from time to time because she is just so danged hilarious. She thinks Whitney is her play toy.....oh the things those two get into.

Matt - Emily's serious friend and (hopefully!!!!) soon, son-in-law number two. Matt knew Emily when they were 15 and 16 years old. His father was our pastor and as it sometimes happens, his father became the pastor at another church and they moved away. But, while they were here at our home church, I told Emily that Matt is the boy I wanted her to marry. Life took a different turn for both of them, but after all these years, Matt and Emily found each other again, by chance, and it looks like my wish may come true after all.

There are others you will read about from time to time.....The Sistas and Sista Sista to name a few.

Well, hope I caught your attention and that you will stick around for awhile. It's WAY fun!! Seriously!!

Now, If you would like to read my blog from the GYB Party from last year, just click (here). If not, no biggy...we'll just mosey on.

Let's get down to business........As promised, below is my full-on, catch-you-up post. Read on......


2014: New Year, New Stuff

So....let's see. I last wrote in December and boy do I have lots to catch you up on. I declare, 2013 was extremely busy. I looked back on New Year's Day 2013 to see what the heck I was doing because you know the saying, whatever you're doing on New Year's Day you'll be doing all year.

Oh wait, I need to call mama to see if I got that right. Hang on, I'll be right back.

Oh Lord, good thing I called. According to mama, I had it all wrong. The saying goes...."If you wash clothes on New Year's Day then you'll wash them for a corpse before the end of the year." Yikes!!

I don't think I washed clothes on New Year's Day this year, thank goodness. But I did enjoy some rice and black eye peas (Hoppin' Johns), collard greens and cornbread. It was just Cliff and me this year. The children were off making New Year's memories of their own. It was a nice relaxing day....I knitted, took a joy ride around the beach with Cliff and then rested.

Since my last post in December, I've ran many miles and even ran a 5K with my best pace yet, had a birthday, the grandkids stayed with us over Christmas break (more about their adventure in another post), dinner with friends, went on a movie binge (saw Maddea's Christmas, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, August/Osage County and Sole Survivor). Jason flew home for about a week and a half to go hunting with Cliff and to visit his mom....all before starting back to school.

I started a new tradition, for this year anyway, called "Drop-In Dinner". I have a large family and wanting to stay connected a little more, decided to have a drop-in dinner where they would come by my house when they got off know, to give them a reprieve from cooking after a long week of work. They could eat at my house or take it home. Usually when we get together, those of us that are starving end up having to wait. So as not to make anyone wait, I dubbed it a drop-in. We had our first one a couple of weeks ago and I called it the "Drop-In Soup Dinner". I can't wait until the next one. I've already got a menu planned, but you'll have to's just a big ole surprise.

Let's running has picked back up. I have a 9-mile Trail Run I'm training for and another half marathon in April. I've started working with a personal trainer to improve my strength and hopefully, drop a few pounds. Had my first session with him Tuesday and Lord have mercy......I told Cliff that I was going to need an Epsom salt bath, a rub down and personal concierge service and I'm pretty sure that the next day I would be a little bit paralyzed. Second session was Friday and I'm not gonna lie, I got sick. I nearly puked. After working out a few kinks, I finished the workout with a little more knowledge of what to eat and when.

I have a few home projects in the works....or rather will very soon. And last, but not favorite show ever, American Idol, came on last week. Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 pm, I'll be glued to the television. Well, I think that's the crux of the last month here on LaLa Lane.

I'm looking forward to another year full of fun and adventure and hope you come back for visits, regularly. I'm heading out for a run.....I think we've reached our high for the day.....39 degrees. Some call that balmy ;) Ha Ha!!  But here on the coast, all I can say is's cold enough to kill hogs.

Oh wait, in case you were wondering....................

My 2013 year end exercise stats are:

2013 Exercise Stats
Month:        Ran:

      Biked:   Kayaked:
Mar45.22BFF/10K - 12:56 pace5
Race For The Inlet 8K - 11:34 pace
Apr29.4Divas 5K - 11:27 pace41.581.8
May38.58Caper's Island Eco 10K - 13:47 pace62.68
Brookgreen Gardens 5K - 12:19 pace
June50.89Simpsonville Sunrise 8K - 12:48 pace81.07
Oct41.18Georgetown Bridge to Bridge Half - 13:56 pace10.4415
Nov24.41Race To Save Hearts 5K - 11:28 pace
Dec42.62Misty's Category 5K - 11:22 pace
TOTALS:549.53Best Race Pace: 11.22566.1132.8

Disclaimer #2: If this excel spreadsheet looks crazy on your screen, I do not claim to be the Excel Expert King that Cliff claims to be. Okay!

Hasta Que Otro Dia,


  1. Laurie, I have to say, I have always loved the name of your blog. It's nice to meet the rest of your family here. Great post telling it like it is! Have a great weekend in your balmy temps...its frigid up here in New York. Blog on...

  2. Good morning and welcome to the Party! I am Kathy of Kathyinozarks and am one of Vicki's helpers this morning.
    I loved your blog post and feel like I "know" you a bit already-I think that is awesome that you run!
    Enjoy the party

  3. you are one busy lady with a busy family. glad you are back blogging. keep up your running/training, it's an inspiration to me.

  4. HI Lauri love your post and can't believe a whole year has gone by since we last met at last year's party. I hope the next few days or weeks brings you lots of new 'friends'

  5. Hi Lauri ... lovely blog ... I've opted to become a new follower! Woot-woot!
    Happy to have found you!
    diane @ thoughts and shots

    1. Thank you Diane, glad to have you! Can't wait to get to know you more.

  6. Hi, Laurie!

    I do not have the excuse of being away, as you have. I just have been a little down and out of sync. Have fun at the Grow Your Blog party and have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Even though I've been following your blog for a while, I learned some new things about you and your family! Sounds like you have a fun group that keeps you active and happy! Enjoy this year's party and I hope more folks come to visit your blog!

  8. Wowza, Laurie, when you come back you REALLY come back! ;) Great to see you again, and thanks for leaving a comment on Comptonia today :)

  9. Hi Laurie, Stopping by from Grow your Blog, I love your idea of drop-in dinner - if only our respective families lived closed enough!! Lovely to meet you:) Vicky

    1. Hi Vicky, welcome to my blog. So nice to meet you and look forward to getting to know you better.

  10. Happy New Year, Laurie...glad you're back - glad I'm back. Looking forward to more of your wit this year! Just glanced quickly back at a few of your posts...landed on the CO Thanksgiving one...all of my old stomping grounds in there! My great-great and great grandfathers mined the Lamartine Mine, above Idaho Springs...and LOTS of concert nights spent at Red Rocks, among other things on there! Sounds like your year is off to a great start - XOXO Tanya

  11. I am very looking forward to following you and learning more! xoxo Jen

    1. Me too, Jen. Me, too! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for following. See you soon!

  12. Hi Laurie!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! It's really nice to meet you! Hopefully I will manage to fix the translator soon so you can read my posts.
    I like your exercise stats. It never crossed my mind to make a post like that and sum up all the races and events I've been to. Maybe in the end of 2014 I'll steal your idea and do something similar ;)

    In the meantime I'll be following your blog!


    1. By all means, use my idea. I can't wait to read about your running. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Thanks for the catch-up post...enjoyed meeting the family!! Keep healthy and keep going, Laurie!

  14. Hi Laurie..stopping by from GYB party! WOW....5Ks 8Ks 10Ks...I'm totally impressed. Keep up the great work!

  15. Love your sense of humor . . . love the comments you leave on my blog . . . love the idea of the blog party to meet new people and read more about those I already now a little bit aobut.

  16. New follower here. I usually only join quilt or jewelry blogs but you are so entertaining I have to join in the fun. Looking forward to getting a chance to go back and read your older posts.

    1. Welcome Carol....please come back anytime. Hope you enjoy the older posts! Love, love your jewelry! You have some major talent going on.

  17. Hi Laurie,

    I'm visiting from the Grow Your Blog party. It is nice to meet you. I think you should blog about your crafts - it would be fun. I plan to look around a bit more and then be on my way to visit the others. I do hope you will stop by for a visit and enter my giveaway. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs – Donna

  18. Hey Girlfriend! This is where we met last year at around this time! :D Yeah, duh, like I haven't noticed you've been missing in action. Oh! Wait a minute, so have I!!! LOL! For the new year I moved my blog to wordpress, I know, I know and I've decided to unplug a bit... I will only post once or twice per week so I have time to make art! :D Looking forward to another year of reading your blog my dear blogging sister! :D
    Beth P (http://elisabetpollockstudio[dot]wordpress[dot]com)

  19. I love the idea of your Drop in Dinners! I will be borrowing that idea!!!! Just this morning I was trying to figure out how to make Sunday dinners easier on mom's...You solved it...don't have the big family dinner on Sundays! Thank you, no more hectic Sunday mornings or burnt or late meals on Sunday...can now enjoy Sunday mornings and church with ease! I will be looking forward to your drop in dinner meal plans! :)

    1. Hey Beulah, Glad I helped with your dinner dilemmas. Come back soon....the next drop-in dinner is in a couple of weeks.

  20. Hey Laurie, What is it they say, it's okay to talk to yourself (or carry on conversations in your head) as long as you don't start answering. It looks like you have a wonderful cast of characters to write about. It has been lovely meeting you.


  21. and I understand your comment, "it's cold enough to kill hogs" because I've killed hogs. LOL visiting via Vicki's GYBP and enjoyed your post.

  22. Pleased to meet your on the GYB circuit, Laurie. Glad you are a writer, I will spend more time on your blog. I write too - please see my Featured Artist's Interviews on my Blog. I am intrigued by your imagination fun! I am your new follower and look forward to your posts. Thanks for writing and sharing! best, deborah I am at:

  23. Hello Laurie...I made it...all the way from Bonnie Scotland at last! ;D
    Even though I've visited often it was still great to read over your back story and stats. All very informative and impressive!
    Looking back over a few of your posts I've got a fair bit to catch up on.
    I'll pop the kettle on and get comfy.
    Thanks for sharing and I hope your GYB party is as successful as last year!
    Enjoy :D

  24. Hi Laurie, I haven't been here in a while. I must say, it probably is better if you post a little more often. All those conversations running through your head need somewhere to go. Ha! Kudos to you for running. I have a friend who is constantly training for some sort of run. I can walk all day long, but don't ask me to run for more than a couple of minutes, if that. I don't mind a little jog and then walking again, but definitely cannot do full on running. That would make me puke. :) Have a great week. Tammy

  25. I truly enjoyed my visit to your blog. I look forward to enjoying hearing about your runs. (I am living vicariously through my running friends until my foot opts to cooperate again - lol!) I began reading your blog with the February post and the gorgeous, snowy picture from 2010. I do hope you enjoy your snow!

  26. Thanks for sharing your blog. I'm still trying to make it to all of the blogs (GYB). What a list! please check out my embroidery blog is you are so inclined. (I'm in the 1st set of the GYB links.)


  27. Hi Laura, just popping over (a little late) for the GYB party to thank you for joining my blog, and to join yours, too. I am so sorry to see the storm devastation in your area today. I am in WV and we got over 16 inches of snow today, but thankfully no ice (that was last week!) My mail cannot even get here and I can't ship orders from my Etsy shop! Off to look at more of your pretty pics and read about your most interesting life! (Sure wish I had the gumption/energy to be a runner like you!) Cindy from

    1. Hi Cynthia, thanks for following. Hope you enjoy your snow. The ice...well it is beautiful, but causes so much trouble. We're still waiting for our power to come back on. This has surely been a winter for the record books. Please stay and have a look around my blog as long as you like. I look forward to seeing more of your artwork in the days to come.