Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Slightly Snowy Seaside Sunday

It was a rare occurrence for South Carolina last night. It actually snowed in parts. It was pure delight when I awoke this morning to the slightly snowy seaside. I jetted out of the house with my camera in hand to capture the following images before the sun began to melt away this gorgeousness. It all began last night.....

Cliff and I were at dinner last night, when the snow began. It was a blizzard! See! I mean it was almost a pure whiteout. I almost couldn't find my way back to the car. Thanks to the many streetlights in Market Commons.....the lost in the snow crisis was averted.

Ahhh, daybreak. What new wonders will we behold this Sunday?

Well, what do you know? Snow! On the boardwalk, down by the sea....

A blanket of snow is what you'll see.

Myrtle Beach's shore line with the Ferris wheel in the distance.

Said Ferris wheel.

The gulls gather at the swash near Lakewood.

The snow covered fence dividing the dunes from the campground at Lakewood.

Snow covered deck.

Seaside seagull I.

Seaside seagull II.

One of many seashells by the seashore.

The Pier.
The End.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the snowy pictures as much as I did. I was like a kid in a candy story scooting around Myrtle Beach this 30 degree temperatures.....snapping pictures.

Oh wait! In case you were wondering....................

I've eased back into running after being sidelined with IT Band Syndrome for nearly 6 weeks. I started back slowly, keeping the miles low, as well. And I am happy to report that my knee feels much better. I'm a happy runner, once again. Last week, I ran 4.4 miles. This week I ran 8.1. This coming week I'm hoping to run 17-18 miles. I have that 10K coming up and I need to kick it up a notch. Check back often for updates.....

Until then,


  1. I am glad you enjoyed the snow. Me, not so much. I had a heck of a time getting my truck door open so I could go to work. It was froze and after about 7 pulls, it opened. Oh well, good to go until next year. Keep up the good running and good luck with the 10K.

    1. I had to pry my car door open also. But no matter! I love snow! Yep, looks like Spring will be here before we know I'll have to dream about the next snow for perhaps next year.

  2. love the pictures. Keep on keeping on. Scotts trying to

    1. Great! I hope he is going to do the Lake Lure thing with Cliff.