Thursday, January 31, 2013

Girl Monkeys

Lidia - 3 years old
When she was in her "Lover of Oatmeal and Monkeys" stage.

Girl Monkeys and all its glory is dedicated to Lidia….the child who can make my heart do things no other can.

Backstory: I was talking to Emily the other day about the post I was doing on Sawyer and Lidia spoke up and asked why I wrote so much about him. My heart sank! I never thought about that, other than the fact that Sawyer says the funniest things.


So, how do you explain that to an 8-year-old….especially one who thinks she is being slighted somehow? I did the best I could. I told her that I talked about her too, but just a little differently. I promised her that I would write about her next. Let me tell you, the pangs of guilt have weighed heavily on me this week. So, without further ado…..I’m sharing this story that I wrote about Lidia when she was 3 years old. It may be a repeat for some, but I hope you enjoy it just the same.


  Girl Monkeys

Some children will eat anything, but not Lidia. You have to give her a choice. It can be from the same box, but a few choices none-the-less.

Case and point......This morning I offered to fix Lidia some breakfast and after offering her several things, I mentioned the Fruit and Cream oatmeal that she likes. "OK", she said. So I pulled out the box only to find that she had already eaten all of the Strawberries & Cream and Blueberries & Cream. They were her favorites. So I told her that we only had Peaches & Cream or Bananas & Cream left. I could see her pondering the choices I gave her. This could be good or it could be bad. I was thinking, please be a good thing, please be a good thing......and then she looks straight up at me with those big brown eyes and tells me........

Oh, I need to make myself a mental note here to contact the Quaker Oatmeal people because apparently they don't know that their
Bananas & Cream oatmeal is for "Girl Monkeys".




  1. She is right ! Only girls eat Bananas & cream. Oh but you can put it on your face and it will soften your face.It will make it smooth as silk.

  2. By the way you need to share the story of when u broke your hand and Cliff had to shampoo your hair. I still laugh at that one. Sista

    1. Yes, share that story. Hilarious!!!

  3. Dear Gussie, yes, I will post that one soon. And thanks for the beauty tip. Who knew?