Monday, December 24, 2012

Sunday Night Conversation with Sawyer

This is Sawyer. He's my grandson. He's six. And, he's hilarious!

Lidia and Sawyer are spending the night with Cliff and me, tonight. Cliff had them playing in the woods again….building shelters, building fires, cooking, etc. Boy did they need a bath, when they were done! So, after dinner I drew Sawyer’s bathwater and he proceeded to tell me that he could bathe and wash his hair by himself. Alright then. I went into the next room to be near.

He’s six.

How clean can he possible get by himself?

The bath conversation went like this:

Sawyer:  LaLa!!

Me: What’s wrong?

Sawyer:  I got soap in my eye.

I go help…..later….

Sawyer:  LaLa, I’m daydreaming.

Me: About what?

Sawyer:  LaLa, how long can you daydream?

Me: All day, I guess.

Sawyer:  I can’t help myself from daydreaming. (Remember, he’s six)

After a good 20 minutes…...

Me:  Sawyer, are you finished? Did you wash your hair?  

Sawyer: No, I was daydreaming and didn’t have time.


Until the next convo,

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