Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's my Birthday!!

Bad job of focusing, but you can see the mileage at the top.


Amount of miles run: 5.2

Amount of time I wanted to stop and walk: 5 (to coin a phrase from a new running friend....log-legs)

Amount of times I did: 0 (hallelujah)

Things I noticed along the side of the road: a wrench, a dead frog, a dime and a brick


Yes, today is my birthday and it has been an awesome day. It started with a call from mama singing Happy Birthday via a stuffed toy bear. LOL! Here's how the rest of the day unfolded...................

Breakfast: Comfort food. Grits and Eggs.

Spent the day with: Cliff. He took the day off work to spend it with me. Sweet!

Ran: 5.2 miles in Lakewood.

Remember this? I posted it a few weeks ago. Beautiful place to run.
This was the same place today, Dec. 18th. It turned ugly. I really had to watch my step.

Or...I could step on one of these.
Or...one of these. Take it from me, one of these little suckers will throw you to the ground in a heartbeat.

And, it could will make you look like this.

Lunch: Quesadilla Explosion Salad at Chili's w/Cliff.

Call from: Whitney, wishing her Ma a happy birthday.

Throughout the day: Received special birthday wishes....calls, cards and comments from Facebook friends and family.

Lazy afternoon ended in finally packing up to go home. Arrived home to find Emily, Lidia and Sawyer waiting with birthday cake and presents.

And then a nice ending of a great day was one last call from Cammie....singing in an oh-so-sultry and raspy voice...Happy Birthday!

I sure don't feel a day older, just a little wiser and for sure a little more cared for. All the birthday wishes have been so special. Thank you all for remembering!


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