Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Colorado: Sapphire Trail Hike - August 2

"Oh boy, Sunflower seeds, num, num, num, num! Thank you, Lidia"

The Sapphire Trail was Lidia and Sawyer's favorite hike to date. Why? Because of all the chipmunks and squirrels to feed. Food of choice, sunflower seeds. And, all the rocks to climb. It was a short hike and the vistas were gorgeous. We even saw wooden teepees, no doubt made from the Pine Beetle Kill Trees.

Since this was a short hike and right off the bike path in Dillon, we had plenty of energy for more activities during the day.

Total Miles Hiked: 1.12
Cliff 's bike ride: 19 miles 
My bike ride: 8.63 miles
Lidia's swim in the pool: 40 laps

Photo Montage of the Sapphire Trail

Trail and Vista

Heading down the rocky overlook to feed the critters.

Rock Boy

Watching and Waiting

Buffalo Mountain

Lunch Lady

Now that the rock climbing and feeding is done, it's time for the HIKING.

Hmmm, have the Indians been here?

Oh, No...it's just my beautiful and sweet Carolina Babes.

View from the other side of the Sapphire Trail

And last, but certainly not least....Wildflowers along the way.
More to come,



  1. Laurie, your candid shots are sooooo good. Thanks for sharing them with us. I know you are having a great time out west!

    Jim Fowler, Greenville, SC

  2. I'm so enjoying this virtual trip with you in the mountains! So much more to see today & my kids would love feeding the chipmunks too!
    Your flower montage is beautiful!

  3. I think that would have been my favorite hike, too! I love how tame they are....how fun is that!

  4. Laurie, You guys are having some wonderful adventures. I love the pictures. I hope the children will one day remind you of this great time together..when you aren't even thinking of it. :):)Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. These are really good pictures. Are they from your phone? The little critters are adorable and as if they want to be photoed.

  6. Y'all need to get out and get more exercise! (Hee-hee.)

    Once again, what beautiful scenery. I'm really enjoying this trip of yours!

  7. Fun pictures and great flower shots. The beetle kill makes me sad.....then I remember it's natures way and the smaller trees are still there.

  8. You do take great pics..what a wonderful trip for you all!

  9. Nice children. Precious. And I love the squirrel. Thank you for sharing your photos.

  10. Great memories with your Grands...kudos to you Laurie!
    Linda :o)

  11. What a nice activity! I would love to feed the animals too and to photograph those beautiful landscapes.