Monday, July 11, 2016

I Have A Malady

It's true. I have a malady. A heat malady! 

Y'all, I'm surprised I haven't melted. It's been in the upper 90's for almost two weeks now. 

  My poor little flowers are struggling. The Gerbera and Zinnias are surviving pretty well, but I have to give them a good soaking, daily.

The garden, on the other hand, must be related to the energizer bunny. It just keeps on going. It's been so much fun eating out of the garden. Our meal yesterday was meatless and consisted of almost all veggies coming from our garden. I bought some Crowder peas from a Mennonite shop in town and served them over rice. And then from my garden, we had sautéed squash, fried okra, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. 
A meal to die for!

I'm excited at the promise of this cantaloupe.

The okra is doing very well.

I didn't tell you about our 4th, did I? Well, baby sista and her family spent a few days with us. It was so hot that we basically spent the whole time in the water. My nephew brought his stand-up paddle board and I tried it, but I just wasn't as thrilled with it as I originally thought I would be. It was a little difficult to get your sea-dog legs and I guess I'm a little lazy, but I didn't want to stand up the whole time. Cliff, on the other hand, had a ball. My brother-in-law pulled Lidia and Sawyer on the tube and they tried to get me on it, but I declined. Ha! 

My sister, her husband and my nephew pulling L&S on the tube.

 L&S were getting pretty brave.

 Cliff enjoying the SUP.

Cliff leading the children on a swim picnic. Sawyer is hauling the food on his kayak. They swam to the mandatory portage area to have their picnic.

 My brother-in-law made good on his promise to let me drive his boat.

My niece and Lidia cooling off. And because I just noticed their earrings, I'm calling them the Pearl Girls. Ha!

 You know it's hot, when you find a cow in the lake. HaHa! 
Thanks for the picture, Kaylan.

It was a great weekend. We enjoyed having family over for the 4th and look forward to another visit soon.......maybe a fall kayak trip with the sistas this fall!


Coming soon: Canning and Refinishing my oak table


  1. Oh, that water looks so cool and refreshing! Such fun! Okra flowers are really pretty. I've never seen it growing before. Great family pics. Hope you get some relief from the heat soon. x Karen

  2. My kinda meal! So hot here! It's 10 a.m. and already 100 F. Not getting outside much at all. But soon we'll be in Canada/States and I plan to enjoy the weather and the great outdoors. :)

  3. Looks like another fun day. Thanks for the heads up on the paddle board. The cow in the water made me giggle.

  4. I can't quite imagine how I would survive in your heat. Staying neck deep in the water would be the only option!

    What a booming success your garden has been this year!! You've put in the work and now you're reaping the rewards. Not only does the food you're harvesting taste good, but what a great feeling to know you've produced it yourself!

  5. Looks like a ball!
    They have a yoga on boards class here:) need more than aqua legs;)

    Believe it or's been that hot here many days..Jacques read June was a record month for heat in QC..the grass shows fortunate you are ON the water..views and all:)

  6. Hello Captain Laurie. :):) So fun to drive boats. I do not know it I would try that paddle thingy but by golly it looks fun. Glad you enjoyed yourself. You cracked me up with that cow in the water . Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. What a wonderful holiday report! In Greenville, we finally got some good rain after more than 3 weeks of temps in the 90s and dry as a bone! I remember many years ago eating nothing but fresh vegetables out of our garden. I didn't even miss meat.

    Jim Fowler, Greenville, SC

  8. Love those OKRA flowers...
    Nothing to eat from my garden yet...but...tomatoes are there and green beans! Perhaps a few beans this weekend at the cottage...
    You look like a pro there behind the wheel!
    HOT HOT HOT here too...humidex in the 40 celsius...roughly mid 90's...and...NO RAIN here either...geesh...
    Enjoy the rest of your week Laurie..
    Linda :o)

  9. It's been hot here too, but it usually cools down after a few days. Your 4th looks like a perfect weekend! It's great you have that beautiful lake to play in. I bet those grandkids love visiting you!

  10. The okra flower is so beautiful! I don't think I had seen one before.
    Nice pictures on the lake. It looks like you had fun!

  11. It looks like you are having a fabulous (though warm) summer!

  12. I had never seen an okra bloom until Don's blog last year and I just couldn't get over it! Gorgeous! Pretty enough to have a wedding bouquet made from them! haha.

    Your little cantaloupe sure is cute!

    We're hot here, too...and muggy. Ugh.

  13. Surely there is a video of you on the paddle board? What a fun day in the water y'all had!
    Pretty shots of the garden. I too have never seen an okra bloom. janey

  14. I love meals from the garden! Nothing compares. I'm hoping my tomatoes will start turning red soon. Right now we're eating turnips, beets, kale and rampicante squash.

  15. Hi Laurie! Love the flowers and I'm feelin' your pain on the heat wave. Hope that cantaloupe is delicious. Have a great week!

  16. A day on the water with family is always a good idea!

  17. Oh yes, a cow in the lake means hot. :) It has been hot here as well. upper 90's and even going to hit 100 on Thursday. My garden is struggling. both flowers and veggies. :(