Monday, April 18, 2016

I Might Be Declaring War

Do you know Joey Feek? She was the singer that lost her battle with cancer last month. She loved to garden and would start seedlings in egg shells. This winter, while lying in her hospital bed in the her mother's home, she asked her family to save egg shells for her to plant seeds in. That's where I got the idea to try this experiment.

I collected egg shells for several days....washed them, poked a hole in the bottom for drainage, put the potting soil in and then planted sunflower, geranium and zinnia seeds inside. They came up and looked so healthy. I kept them under a lamp light, kept them moist....basically babied them until they were big enough to plant. I had enough to plant at the beach and the lake and the cool thing is that you just plant the whole thing, egg shell and all.

The results of the experiment.......

The Lake:
1) Lost one sunflower to the cold weather, two weekends ago. The other two look good.
2) Lost all the geraniums to the cold weather, two weekends ago.
3) Lost only 3 or 4 zinnias to the cold. The many others are still small, but looking good.

The Beach:
1) I only planted geraniums at the beach. They were on a covered porch and not bothered by cold weather.  They were looking so healthy and cute.

However, I came to the beach today to find that every ding dong geranium planted in the egg shells were dug up and strewn around on the porch. Dead....every last one of them. Egg shells and dirt and dead geraniums everywhere. What in the world?


They make me so more ways than one. I know some of you think they are cute. No! Don't be fooled! They are a pest, a nuisance and probably from the devil.  I might declare war on them.

I was so mad, that I didn't think to get a picture of the mess. I'm back to square one with the geraniums. And for sure, I won't be planting seeds in egg shells anymore.

Cooling off,


  1. Oh, dear! Watch our squirrels!!!

  2. Ha-ha! I guess they thought they were getting eggs for breakfast. :) Try newspaper or toilet paper rolls to start your seedlings. You also just plant those straight into the pot or ground. Granted, you will still need to protect them from cold and naughty squirrels.

    1. Oh would think they only wanted nuts. If they only knew how much Cliff likes to eat squirrel, they would stay the heck off my porch. HaHa! I actually thought about the toilet paper rolls.

  3. I won't even get into my squirrel rants.
    I know God's little creatures..furry ..can be cute..

  4. Replies
    1. Lol! Those squirrels know how to get the best of me.

  5. Do not loose your resolve to eradicate every dang one of them! The have chewed on my house, dug up plants in my bog garden, and terrorized the birds at the bird feeder. I have been at wits end for years, but I live in the city and we are not allowed to harm them. We will see about that! Good luck with your seedlings, and keep us aprised as to the squirrel wars.

    Jim Fowler, Greenville, SC

    1. I'm not allowed to harm them, the beach. I am as perplexed as you in how to get rid of them. So far, at the lake, we haven't had any trouble with them. Knock on wood! Cliff likes to squirrel hunt in the winter....maybe he can take out one or two.

  6. Traps or guns... both will work! Gun works quicker though.

    1. Lol! War times call for desperate measures. I can shoot a BB Gun...wonder if that will work.

  7. Oh boy...look out squirrels....Laurie is pissed!
    Lucky they didn't get inside! They sure make a mess!
    Good idea in the egg shells though....and good for you for trying!
    You and Miss V would make a great team!
    Enjoy the rest of your week...
    Linda :o)

    1. Oh, that's had one to get in your cottage. Thank heavens he didn't get inside here. But yes, I'm on the warpath. Lol!!

  8. Ah, shoot, Laurie! I know the feeling of your disappointment . . . and frustration.

    One year when almost everything in the garden was just starting to look like it was up and going to grow well, we left for the day. When we returned home, it all had been chopped down. I couldn't figure out what happened. I was in tears. The next day, we had small grasshoppers ALL OVER the yard and garden. They had destroyed the garden.

    When it comes to squirrels, insects and other garden pests, you have to wonder why they are in this world. So sorry for your upset. :o(

    1. I was just thinking the same thing this morning...."what are squirrels good for?"

      Luckily, we haven't had any problems with them at the lake. That's where my vegetable garden is. Cross your fingers!