Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Weekend Snapshots At the Lake

First Bloom of 2016
The Spring Snowflake

 It was cold and windy. Old Glory blew all weekend.

 Lidia and Sawyer spent the weekend with us. Lidia is strong and healthy.

Sawyer has been sick...he is being treated for pneumonia. He played outdoors, 
but would stop and rest ever so often.

 There were plenty of birds staying for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

 She is a first for me.....female Eastern Towhee


 I had a left over white pumpkin from Thanksgiving. It sure lasted a long time and I thought the birds might enjoy it. The seeds were a little big, but I thought they might find the fleshy pulp tasty.  Apparently not! That or the birds were scared of big white chunks laying up in their feeder. They finally started coming around, but didn't eat a bite of the pumpkin.

A male Cardinal and a male Eastern Towhee, which is another first for me.

Lidia turns 12, tomorrow. We celebrated her birthday last night at Saskatoon's in Greenville. It is a wild and exotic game restaurant.  Some ate Kangaroo, some ate Buffalo, Elk, Alligator and Venison. The birthday girl ate Emu.......I ate Salmon. 

It's been in the thirties all day and we've been having snow flurries, since lunchtime. 
The flurries picked up some this afternoon, but I'm sure there won't be any accumulation. None-the-less, I was a happy girl to see flying snowflakes. 



  1. Hey, you got to have some snow by you! We're getting enough of an accumulation now that I can send some of ours to you!

    In all the years we've been here in Minnesota, we've had a couple sightings of towhees, but not very often. They are such pretty birds.

  2. These bird photos are fantastic Laurie! Some of your best!
    So nice to have your grandkids out for the weekend....hope Sawyer is better and Happy Birthday to Lydia!
    I still have my white pumpkin from my Thanksgiving too!
    Guess I should have put it out....hope it doesn't suddenly turn to mush while I am away! Eeek!
    Linda :o)

  3. Oh, Sawyer - too funny, the resting position he's in...LOVE the photo of Lidia, adventurous Emu eater! Beautiful photos, all - looks cold, Laurie - wishing you a little warmer weather soon. Not too much - just pleasant!