Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Many years ago, I was a Creative Memories Consultant. It all began after I saw a story about Creative Memories featured on the Oprah show. I asked my friend, Kathie, to go with me to a crop in Florence and I fell in love with the idea. I didn't sign on as consultant until a little later, but when I did it was so much fun teaching others how to preserve their memories in a safe way so that future generations could know and enjoy their ancestors of today. After a few years and some changes in CM, I decided to not be a consultant anymore. That's when Kathie decided to join the Creative Memories company and become a consultant. She's been at it since.

I still believe in the concept. You must safely store your photos and what better way than in an album that you can decorate and journal your life story. I love it!

In the last few years, however, I have been lax and needed something to kick start my scrapbooking, again. Kathie holds scrapbook retreats a few times a year and it just so happened that I was able to attend one this last weekend.

It was five of us and we had so much fun. There was girl talk, massages, cropping, eating, recipe begging, scrapping, Cricut cutting and more. Whoa, back it up..... I know what you must be thinking....massages? At a scrapbook retreat? Well, yes! Kathie had a masseuse come give massages to anyone that wanted one. I did! Thank you, very much!

I have to say, that little scrapbook retreat was all it took to get me hooked, again!

I'll show you a few of the pages I worked on. I like my pages simple with just a little color and maybe a die-cut or two. The most important thing to me is telling the story....preserving that memory of the day. In my photos below, you will see the page layouts, but I decided to do my journaling later at home, when I had time to think about what I wanted to write.

If you don't scrapbook, why the heck not?  I challenge you to give it a try. Do a little research....maybe watch a youtube video or if you have questions, shoot me an email. Or, if you are local, I can put you in contact with Kathie. When choosing your supplies, just make sure your albums, paper and decorations are acid free.

If you do scrapbook, HOLLER!  Now, go take a look at mine.

 One of our scrapbookers is missing from this photo. That's the masseuse on the left.

 A trip to San Francisco.

A 10K run on a beautiful barrier island, right here in SC.

A few more pictures to complete the story....all that is needed now is my journaling. 

Think you might want to give it try? I hope so!

And then, today, I attended Award's Day at Sawyer's school. 

 This little cutie received an award for having all A's in the first nine weeks of school.
I'm a proud LaLa! 
And, I love him!



  1. All of my photos are in a big box...or still on my computer! I am WAY behind. It's on my To Do list....the one of hopes and dreams that gets buried in the reality of life. But some day!

    1. I am way behind, too. But now that my fire has been lit, I will be working on them on a regular basis. I hope you get to work on yours, soon. I used to tell my scrap friends/students/clients to work backwards. Scrap your most recent photos and keep them current....then, work on the older ones as time permits. Working with a group or theme of pictures is an easy way to do a little at a time. For example, birthday pictures. Maybe you could carve out 10 or 15 minutes a couple of times a week to work on them. Just a thought.

  2. I used to do a lot of scrapbooking, but I haven't done any in a long time. Instead, I have been making books on Shutterfly or Blurb.

    1. I want to turn my blog posts into a book, someday. I've heard I can use blurb for that. I haven't looked into it yet, though.

  3. Looks like fun! I used to scrapbook. Not like that. Very rustic and would use anything I could get my hands on to create scrapbooks for friends. I can't remember the last time I printed a picture though. Everyone is doing digital scrapbooking now which really isn't my thing. One day, if I get organized, I'll get back to scrapbooking. Maybe not with pictures, but with quotes and such. I have a lot of supplies I need to use, that's for sure.

  4. First off -congrats for nine weeks of hard work!!!! Wow--good for him!!!

    Of all the things I have done with crafting I have never tried scrapbooking. I love the looks of it and think it is beautiful when it is all done but somehow never got "bit" by that bug! You do a GREAT job!!! xo Diana

  5. Your pages are beautiful, Laurie! You are awesomely talented. I have a Cricut but scrapbooking and journaling is something I just haven't taken it up. I have friends and family who love it and make the most gorgeous books, really beautiful creations. I know you are proud of your sweet boy and you should be!