Monday, August 10, 2015

Something's Always Blooming

Zinnias...planted from seed. They did wonderful. I'll definitely plant them again.

Geraniums.....planted in pots. They love the sun and heat. They've done well.
I'll, also, plant these again.

Canna Lily.....these were planted by the previous owner of our lake house.
I really don't care for them that much. I dug them up because they blocked our view of the lake from the den. But, have mercy, they don't go easy. Apparently, I didn't dig up all the rhizomes. And they love the sun and heat, too. They're blooming their heads off!

For this flower lover, it's all about the blooms! I have been pleasantly surprised that there's always something blooming at the lake. Although, I have sad news to report......after returning from my Wyoming bike tour, I have lost several shrubs that were planted last fall. Take it from me, until they are well established.....water them every other day, if possible. Soak them once a week. This is where I failed. The sprinkler system is not enough to keep them alive. I was hopeful. But, not being able to baby them for a month in this very hot, sweltering, inferno of a summer we are having proved to be detrimental. So, I've chalked it up to a learning curve. I'll replant this fall. Cliff is adding a new watering system dedicated to the flower beds, so we should be good to go.

Wishing you many blooms,


  1. How could you not like Canna Lily? So tropical! Not a perennial here....has to be dug up, stored and replanted the following year....perhaps in a pot, as a centrepiece, with lots of plants draping down, would be more to your liking!
    Geraniums are THE best dependable, eh?
    I bring a few in for the winter....they give me blooms, while the snow flies♥️
    Enjoy your day, Laurie!
    Linda :o)

    1. No, Linda, I'm afraid not. I still wouldn't like Cannas. The blooms are pretty enough, but I hate the way it looks when the blooms die. It's just overload. Yes, geraniums are one of the best in my opinion. I bet yours are gorgeous against a backdrop of snow.

    2. Can't blame me for trying! They are kinda difficult to grow here....wish I had your climate♥️
      Have a great day Laurie!