Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lake Greenwood Ferry

Lake Greenwood Ferry System
Open: Weekends
Ferry Time: Sunup - Sundown
Fee: Snacks Will Do
~*~ Laurie ~*~ 


  1. Steve and I were talking yesterday as we walked along the beach about the fun we will have playing on the beach with grands if we ever get any!

  2. What memories you are making for your grandchildren!

  3. For some reason I hear Those Lazy Hazy Crazy. Days of Summer playing in my head.

  4. Love this! the wee flowers beside your name!
    How did you do that?
    Linda :o)
    ps....have fun at the beach this weekend!

  5. Sign me up! Summer's going fast and these warm days will soon be replaced by...brrrrrr

  6. Laurie, once again, I had a lot of catching up to do when I visited you this evening. You have been one busy gal! I love the picture of the children on the lake. Looks like they are making the best of those dwindling summer days. I checked out all of your Wyoming posts and the Grand Tetons must have been absolutely thrilling. All the pictures are so beautiful!
    How great that things went well for you on the tour and it sounds like all your hard work the past months was well worth the endurance! I am so happy for you that all turned out so well and that you enjoyed the whole experience so much. It truly does sound like a trip of a lifetime. I am wishing you a blessed week ahead, Laurie!