Monday, May 18, 2015

What's Blooming?

The first thing I do, when I arrive at the lake is check the yard to see if there's something new that I haven't seen before and it's confirmed.....all sorts of new things are blooming. Eeeek, I am so excited to tell you the peony bloomed!

So far, it looks like I only have one peony plant and it only had one bloom. Pure gorgeousness!

Then, there are the Daylilies.

The little house the flying squirrel was living in.

The same house now has a family of birds living in it. I wasn't quick enough to capture the mama coming and going, but I spent a few minutes this morning listening to the babies.

And this is the tree that the birdhouse is attached to.
Can anyone tell me what it is? I don't have a clue.

A well established Hosta.

Brace yourself.

I'm fighting a new beast! Deer! They are wreaking havoc. Help!

You see this well established Lily, full of tender buds? I was so excited at the thought of seeing them in full bloom, wondering what color they would be......but, no more.
The beast ate every last bud! The poor thing is just left with little nubs.
I couldn't bear to take a picture of it.

Just wait, it gets more graphic.

This is one of my new Hostas, planted last fall. It's was just a little too tasty. Waah!

I planted three Hydrangeas and flanked them by the Hostas. I have high hopes for this combination. But as you can see, the beasts have been nibbling on them, too.

I remembered that Cliff's daddy once told me to place Irish Spring soap shavings around some Indian Hawthorns that I had planted at home. The deer were nibbling their leaves, too. The soap thing apparently worked...I didn't have any more trouble. So, I did the same thing at the lake. I'm hoping it works. I also placed a wind chime on a branch of a Crepe Myrtle that hangs right over the Hostas. If the deer goes back to that spot, I'm thinking that he'll bump the wind chimes and it will scare him away. Lordy, it's a battle!

And then there's this.......apparently, the beasts don't care for them.

Love this, but have no clue what it is.

The Gardenias smell heavenly!

And, last but not least, I bought this at Lowe's. It's Calibrocia.

I planted Geraniums and Creeping Jenny in a couple of planters by the back door, but forgot to get pictures. And I plan to place a large pot of geraniums on a bench going down the stairs to the dock. I'll try to remember to get pictures of those next time.

Changing Gears!

My bike training is coming along nicely. Saturday, I rode about 10 miles and Sunday, about 14. My legs felt like they could keep going for many more miles, but my sit bones were screaming. I ordered a pair of cycling underwear. I'm going to try them under my athletic skirts, because I can't stand the bike shorts that cyclists wear. I'll let you know, if they work.....who knows, maybe you want a pair for yourself. 

Emily and the children spent the weekend with us at the lake. Emily cooked dinner twice and did the dishes, too. I felt pampered! Lidia and Sawyer played in the lake the whole weekend. Cliff pulled them behind the boat on a kayak, on a raft, on a boogie board and even with them just holding on to the rope. They had a ball.

I've got a full load, this week. Tuesday and Thursdays is yoga, as well as 10 miles each day on the bike. I'm thinking of running Wednesday for some cross training. And then, I have some really long rides this hour Saturday and three hours Sunday, which will be approximately 4o miles.

Talk more later,


  1. Your plantings are so far ahead of ours here. Too bad about the hostas. Those deer really do a job on them. That is one thing about living in town-we don't have deer here. But at the cottage we did-so I only planted things I knew they wouldn't eat- daylilies and daffodils, etc. Crazy.
    Your place is looking so lovely. There is nothing like baby birds in a nest and a peony to say "home". xo Diana

  2. I feel your pain about the deer. I live right across the woods and we get a lot of deer in our garden. They probably think your plantings are just a giant salad buffet for them - they love hostas and hydrangeas and, obviously, day lilies. The pink plant is yarrow (Achillea) and the deer usually leave it alone. It's a prennial that is pretty drought and heat tolerant. The pink flowers eventually fade to white/cream. I love them! Oh, and the deer don't like peonies!

  3. We don't have deer. I wonder if the cats keep them away. haha...just kidding..well, maybe!
    Peonies are one of my favorites! Mine will bloom soon!

  4. We're behind you in the blooming of Spring but our dogwood are done and the azalea and others are going good. The deer don't seem to bother my stuff. I know we had many deer visiting this past winter but haven't seem much of them this Spring. I would be very upset if they ate my hostas and daylilies! Hope your trick works to keep them at bay. Good luck with all your training!

  5. I love hydrangeas, have no idea what hosta look like and am glad we don't have a deer issue.