Tuesday, March 17, 2015

They Came!

I left last Thursday for the lake and when I arrived.....stuff was happening. Flowers were popping up, shrubs were flowering and there were birds everywhere. I have them in the trees, in the shrubs, in the grass and on the tables. I was so excited. I was equally excited that there was no bird poop or foot prints on the porch this time.

I don't know what these are.....yet. They were a total surprise.

It's going to be a learning curve, discovering new to me plants.
I think the previous owner told us this was a plum....but, I don't know for sure.

Forsythia, that...I am sure.
Look, I finally got a bird photo.

These Robins are eating good....we have worms!

An this sweet little Wren, perched himself right on top of the patio table.
Remember that I left birdfeeders full, at home, before I left for the lake? Well, I got back home yesterday and the little orange feeders were empty. I nearly leaped for joy. And then it wasn't too long that I started getting little visitors.
They came for supper, and this morning, they came for breakfast. Again, there will be a learning curve here. I need to learn what kind of birds are visiting....I know a few. I need to learn what kind of food they like. And, I need to learn how to photo them. For now, here's what I have.....
The Cardinal

I'm not sure about this one. It has eye markings like a Wren,
but the breast color is throwing me off.

His tail feathers...he's so cute!

Look at those markings!

Uh oh, I've been spotted. 
He cautiously continues feeding while keeping an eye on me.

And they came, two by two.
Maybe someone out there can tell me what they are. There was another bird that I couldn't get a photo of...he was just too quick. That particular bird is very small with a grayish, bluish head. I'm wondering if it's a finch. There are multitudes of them. Maybe I can capture a shot of one tomorrow.
I'm thinking you should prepare yourself for an onslaught of bird photos. I'll try to constrain myself, but I'm not making any promises. Ha!
Take care.....talk soon,
P.S. - Sunday, Lidia and Sawyer went swimming for the first time this year....in their wetsuits. I could hear Sawyer screaming all the way up to the house. He went under. Ha! As cold as the water was, they played in the lake for a couple of hours. The wetsuits, obviously, works or they would have bolted out of the water the minute Sawyer went under. He certainly worked up an appetite. This child, the one who normally eats about as much as the birds above, ate his dinner like it was going out of style. 


  1. Laurie- What fun to see all that happening there. I am glad that your feeders are working at home. It's fun to see all the birds..and I don't know the names of them either--well, a few of the obvious ones, I know.
    Sounds like the kids had fun...those wet suits are GREAT!
    Have a good night and great rest of the week. xo Diana

    1. Oh, me too, Diana. I'm sitting her watching them now. There's a Cardinal having breakfast. Yes, the kids had so much fun....they love spending time at the lake. There's so much for them to do. Have a great week!

  2. So glad you got up to the lake with the grands. And, I am so glad that spring has sprung. We do not get that many birds around us although we are serenaded daily by a group of birds.

    1. Thanks, Carol. I always love time at the lake and the grandkids make it even better. I'm glad spring is here, too. I can't believe how many birds showed up, when the food came out. Ha! I love it. What kind of birds are singing for you? Do you have seagull visits?

  3. Your pictures are beautiful, Laurie! Isn't it great to see hints of spring in our neck of the woods?! I love it, though the pollen is already taking a tole on those with allergies. My husband feeds our birds and so we seem to always seem to have many of them. Dozens of those fat Robins have been covering our back yard, along with the Cardinals and others. I love them all, even those greedy crows when they are not trying to scare off all the others!

    1. Thank you, Lynn! Since this is our first spring at the lake, I'm discovering all sorts of flowers and flowering shrubs popping with color. The pollen wreaks havoc on my sinuses too. Since I started feeding the birds at home, there has been lots and lots of birds. Several of the blogs I read have amazing bird pictures and I learned from them to feed the birds. I just never thought to do that, before. Take care, talk soon!

  4. Ahhh...such beautiful birdie pictures Laurie! Isn't Spring just so inspiring? xoxoxoxo Jen

    1. Thank you, Jen! Love, love spring. Everything is new and refreshing. Good to hear from you. Have a great week!

  5. So glad they came, Laurie!!! Such beautiful creatures. I'm not much of a bird or plant expert, but I think that first plant is a hyacinth... if it smells like a whiff of heaven, it is. ;) Swimming in warm water will make a person hungry... swimming in frigid water... well, I guess you witnessed what that would do! LOL! Fun times. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos. blessings ~ tanna

    1. Oh, me too, Tanna! They are mesmerizing to watch. You are right, the flower is a hyacinth. I just learned this yesterday. The funny thing is I have the purple ones at home and I didn't even recognize the white one at the lake. That's too funny about the swimming in frigid water....now I know what to do to activate his appetite. Take care...talk soon.

  6. The wild birds are a joy to watch, aren't they? And they add so much LIFE to a place!

    You're making memories for you grandkids that will last a lifetime. What a summer they have ahead of them!