Saturday, February 14, 2015

Still Swooning and Slightly Sore

A few of our friends ran the Myrtle Beach Marathon, today. Cliff and I didn't. We ran an almost 9-mile trail run in Awendaw. We ran the same trail last year.  The picture of the trail above was actually taken last year. It looked exactly the same, today. I just couldn't take the time to stop for pictures today, though, because I was on a mission. I wanted to beat my time from last year. You can read about that adventure here.
Last year, we had just gotten over a terrible ice storm. This year, we have had a good amount of rain and portions of the trail were very muddy. I tip-toed through the muddy parts. It appeared that someone had taken the time to place a palmetto frond or a stick or a board across the muddy parts, but still...I took my time. I didn't want to end up looking like I had just been involved in a mud wrestling incident. Other than that, the race was pretty much unremarkable.
..........Well there was this..........
My dang nerves showed up big time and I have to say, they didn't go away as quickly as they normally do. I felt unprepared for this race because I had not trained as I should. Cliff said it was because I was scared of stepping on a snake. This is a reality I live with daily. Ha! Anyway, I guess little Miss Gut knows more than I do. She knew something was up. But just as always, when we stepped to the start line, I was fine. It was 35 degrees F when we started. I really thought I would be miserable, but I dressed just right. I actually started peeling off the gloves less than a mile into it. The jacket came off about half way through.
Get this......we lined up by age, I think. I was the only female in my age group. And, had the race coordinator decided to give age group awards, I would have taken first place, I think. But only the top male and female, and top overall won awards. What ev! Winning is so not in my vocabulary. However, I had a few goals....1) finish the race uninjured 2) don't finish last, and 3) beat my time from last year. I met all three goals. Yipee! Especially, beating my previous time. I am a SLOW runner......ok.....I've told you that how many times? Last year, I finished in 2:23 and this year, I shaved off 12 minutes. I finished today in 2:11. Holler!
After the race, we ate some of the home-made vegetable soup that the race coordinators provided. And then we wobbled to the Jeep to leave for home. When I got inside, Cliff had a box lying on my seat. It was my second Valentine's surprise of the day.
It was a heart shaped cookie. So sorry...I forgot to take a photo before biting into it. Yum! 
Earlier this morning he gave me a sweet present.
Valentine's surprise number one.  A bracelet with a heart charm. I love it! And then, later, while he was waiting on me to finish my race, posted a poem on Facebook for me that he had written nearly ten years ago. Valentine's surprise number three. I debated whether to share it with you or not. It is certainly personal, but since he shared it to my Facebook page, I decided that if he doesn't mind, then I sure don't. And it goes like this........
To My Sweetheart on Valentine's Day
One day I was me, and then I was whole
On my birthday it was, at twenty-five years old
My life, already long, had finally begun...
With the sparkle in my eye as bright as the sun
Your black shinning hair, brighter than white
Imprisoned my thoughts each day and night
Obsession it was, forever and longer
Growing and growing, stronger and stronger
Our vows were taken, taken to heart
And one we became till death do us part
And death it will be till we finish this life
With you as my bride, my beautiful wife
Unwavering and true, our love would endure
Through good times and bad, for richer or poorer
And so it has been since that special day
When I gave you my heart and you swept me away
Day in and day out, I crave more and more
Of your incredible love that I simply adore
When your lips touch mine, I hear the Heavens sing
And I feel like I'm floating on an Angel's wing
As your silky skin presses next to mine
Quivers of pleasure run through my spine
You're my first, my only, and will be my last
Each day's like my honeymoon returned from the past
You are my Angel, delicate, petite
Each time that you smile, I'm swept from my feet
But I am a man, fearless and tough
Strong and confident, salty and rough
I'm mean and thorny, oblivious to much
But I melt in your hands by only your touch
How this can be I cannot conceive it
That your touch is so precious, I still don't believe it
I look in your eyes and I see in your spirit
It is I who you love, I can feel it and hear it
Some years have gone by since that magical date
As my princess bride you secured my fate
And throughout those years our romance was sweet
My heart in your presence has pounded each beat
You are my essence, my life, and my love
A lifelong blessing from the Master above
On this Valentine's Day, I affirm to the world
All my love is for you, my Indian Girl
Love that man of mine! He can still surprise me after 34 years. I had a great Valentine's Day....hope you did, too.
Still Swooning and Slightly Sore,


  1. Well, you had a very fun day! Good for you meeting all of those goals! Very nice! I'm impressed! Love the gifts....he did great! :)

    1. Thanks Betsy! It was a very good day.

  2. Awww, Laurie, I'm swooning too. Such a sweet love story!! You two are a match made in heaven. Congratulations on your run and meeting all your goals!! blessings ~ tanna

    1. Thank you Tanna....I've always said that he was my soul mate.

  3. Congrats on your race. I would haVe been afraid to see snakes. And your poem brought tears to my eyes.

    1. Ahh, thanks Darlene. It's good to hear from you. I think I'm having a problem with Wordpress. I can't seem to get your posts. I started following you on Facebook so that I don't miss anything. LOL!!

  4. Those are three very wonderful surprises-what a great poem! Glad you were able to finish the race and not step on any snakes. Happy Sunday- xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana, as it turned out it was too cold for the snakes....I least that's what I kept telling myself. And, I had to slip off into the woods at one point to potty. If a snake had slithered up beside me....well, I would have done more than know...well, I would have done a lot more! HaHa!

  5. What a fabulous day - and NO SNAKES!!!!! Your husband is truly a keeper - glad it was such a marvelous Valentines Holiday for you! XOXO

    1. Yes, Tanya....I hit the jackpot with Cliff!

  6. Congratulations on meeting your race goals! And congratulations on catching a keeper. What a sweet Valentine's Day.

  7. 50 shades of gray may be the rage, but true love is written on this page....looks like you had a perfect day! Congrats on your improved time. You're an inspiration!

    1. OOOOH, I like that...and yep, it was pretty much perfect! Thanks for the congrats. My legs sure are sore today. Running on roots and through mud puts a whole other stress on them. But it's all good! I'll be running again tomorrow or the next.

  8. That poem brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful and such a thoughtful gift to give.
    Congratulations on the run!

    1. Thank you so much....the poem was touching to say the least. I get weak in the knees every time I read it and he wrote it about 10 years ago for me.

  9. It's always great to read about your running adventures! Lowering your time by 12min is a really good improvement!! Love is really in the air surrounding you ;)

    1. Thanks Sara. Yeah, this love thing seems to be a recurring theme. HaHa!