Friday, January 2, 2015

A Trail In The Sand By The Sea

I didn't write a post yesterday, the first day of 2015. It was just Cliff and I....the kids have all gone home. I didn't feel well so I didn't do much of anything except cook our usual New Year's Day eye peas and collard greens with cornbread. 

However, today, I wanted to run or ride the bike or something. So......after a late breakfast, Cliff and I decided to go on a trail run at Huntington Beach State Park. This particular run was threefold. The first was a trail through the woods, the second on the beach and the third on the jetties.

Part 1:
The wooded trail......

The trail was sandy, covered in spots with pine straw and had it's fair share of roots. I only twisted my ankle once and got stuck in the foot by a stick, once.

It even had some hills.

There were some pretty vistas. The path parallels a long pond. It's hard to see here, but ducks were plentiful. And if Cliff goes back there in the morning to duck hunt, I may need to start a fund for his bail money.

This is an oak, believe it or not.

Cliff thinks he may move in and build a house among it's branches.

I love running on boardwalks. We crossed two or three. Plus a major one that leads to the beach.
Part 2:
The beach trail.....

The major one.

The beach.

Do you see that thin black line in the middle of this picture? That's the jetties at Murrells Inlet and our destination.
Getting closer......
Part 3:
The jetty trail...

The destination.
The sea was so calm today.

Not much splashing on the rocks.
On the way back, Cliff caught crabs....
A crab, I mean, a crab. A horseshoe crab. LOL!!
 And, I thought I heard Cliff singing....
I got my toes in the water, toes in the sand
Not a worry in the world, a crab in my hand
Life is good today, life is good today
......under his breath.

Although, Zac Brown might want to slap him for monking with his song.
Just saying...


Well, this out and back run was nearly 6 miles. We had a great time and got some much needed exercise, as well. If I can keep Cliff out of the slammer and Zac off his back, we might take the bikes back tomorrow and ride them on the hard sand near the water's edge back to the jetties.
Til then,


  1. What gorgeous places to run, beautiful photos. I've never seen a live crab, how awesome to pick one up on the beach!

    1. We do have some gorgeous places here in SC. This crab wasn't alive, though. It would probably have bitten Cliff. HaHa!

    2. Is your son still racing bikes?

  2. It looks so beautiful. Love your pics.

    1. Thanks, Darlene. I thought of you because I know how much you like to run by the beach.

  3. Beautiful!

    Walking is made easier when there is so much beauty to behold.

    We are continuing with our goal of walking at least 2 hours each day and usually log in about 6 miles daily. Today is a short walk day because we have a tennis game arranged.

    1. 6 miles a day....that some serious walking. Good for you! I used to play on a tennis team, but it's been several years since then. Loved it.

  4. I'm hoping to be able to walk as exercise by live in a great spot for the running and biking you enjoy. Have a healthy and Happy New Year!

    1. I hope you are able to walk in the Spring, also. And yes, I do live in a great exercise area. It's flat! HaHa! How's your recovery going. Have you started therapy yet? Prayers for a quick recovery! Happy New Year to you!