Monday, June 30, 2014

The Meanest Man in America

Have you ever heard of a man named Pee Wee Gaskins? He was a BAD man....a serial killer in the 70's and even earlier. He lived only 30-45 minutes from my home, when I was a teenager. I never knew him, but I remember being very afraid of him. There is a documentary on You Tube about him. If you would like to watch it, click this link: The Meanest Man in America. There have also been a few books written on the subject. Occasionally over the years, Pee Wee's name has come up in conversation taking me back to that time in the 70's, when I remember that feeling of fear from just hearing his name. I don't necessarily like to read things like this, but since it was so close to home, I wanted to know more. After all, it was local history. So, just a couple of years ago, I saw a book in the bookstore about him and decided to read it. How someone can be so callous and have no conscience is beyond me. It's enough to make chills run up your spine. And now I know why he was such a feared man.

So......You may be wondering why in the heck I would write about the meanest man in America. It's simple. I was talking with Joyce, my neighbor at the beach, and she was telling me about a gentleman that she offered to give his grandson a golf car ride, while he set up his camper across the street from us. The man was so appreciative that he gave Joyce a signed copy of a book he had written. She showed me the book and what do you was the same book I bought and read a couple of years ago. I got all excited and Joyce asked if I wanted to meet him. So, we walked across the street and she introduced us. I couldn't believe I was actually shaking hands with a full fledged author of a published book. He was a very nice man and offered to sign my copy. The only thing was that my copy is in Colorado with my son-in-law. I almost wanted to go buy another copy, just to get his autograph. We finally came to the conclusion that I would bring my copy home with me when I visit Whitney and Jason next month and when Mr. Collins comes back to Lakewood for vacation, he will come by my house and sign it then. See how nice he was........

The Book. The Author. And the reason for this post.
Happy Fourth, Y'all!
Oh wait, in case you were wondering......
I have been running like a mad woman. At least my legs think I've gone crazy. I'm trying a new style of training, for me anyway, called the Hansons Method. It operates on Hansons' philosophy of cumulative fatigue. I'll explain that one later. Anyway, I've already ran 74.51 miles this month. And July's mileage will be even higher. I have high hopes for the Revel Rockies Half-Marathon in August and I can't wait to see how this new training method will have worked for me.


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    1. I know Carol and my legs are feeling it. July's mileage is going to be roughly 160 miles. I'm banking on these miles to help me have a fantastic half marathon in August. I'm anxious to see how well it worked.

  2. You are a machine! All those miles are impressive. Good luck with the marathon and I hope you get your author to sign your book. How creepy to live next to a serial killer...goosebumps on my arms!

  3. That must have been pretty scarey for you living that close to a known murderer. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

    1. Hi Chris, welcome to my blog. I'm so glad you've found me and thank you for your kind words. I will stop by yours for a visit soon. I'm just now catching up from a very busy summer. I'll have a new post up later tonight. Thanks again for following.