Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Just Some Things You Need to Know....

Murrells Inlet, SC
Taken last year, but this is what it feels like today. I need some sun.

1.   Spammers are driving me crazy!
2.   Because of  number 1, I have had to turn on the word verification option. At least until the spammers stop. Sorry for the inconvenience.
3.   It is dreary here again today. I don't like cold and rain at the same time. I think the rain is gone, but please SUN come out and play.
4.   Whitney flew in Friday.
5.   Whitney and I went to her friend, Sarah's wedding on Saturday. Cliff rode almost 50 miles on the Palmetto trail on his mountain bike. Whitney and I picked him up on our way home from the wedding.
6.   Sunday was Emily's birthday. She had to work the whole weekend so we didn't get to see her, but we blew up her phone with Birthday wishes....all day long! HaHa! She and the kids are coming home this weekend. Yay!!
7.   Sunday I ran 9.1 miles....with Whitney for the first 3.5 miles and then the last half in the rain. Had to be done! I survived and I didn't melt.
8.   Lunch and a movie with Cliff and my baby child, Whitney.
9.   Dinner with Cliff and my baby child for her 28th  birthday. Confused yet about the birthdays? Emily was born on March 16th and 3 years later, Whitney was born on March 19th.  Emily couldn't come home for her birthday, but Whitney did. See, it's simple.
10. Oh wait, dinner was at Wicked Tuna. Yum!
11. Monday, the weather was dreary and rainy still. And it was dreary and rainy in my heart. Whitney had to go home. I always cry when she leaves. I try not to in front of her or anyone else, for that matter. I have an ugly cry. It's so embarassing. She had not even gotten inside the door at the airport yet and here came the tears. So I took a picture of myself and sent it to her. I'm good at trying to guilt her into moving home. So far, not even a crying mama has worked. Lord! I need some new tactics. Do y'all know any?
12. Tuesday, my doctor said, "Your vitamin D level is back to normal." Well, good. Then he wanted to talk about taking something for osteoporosis, which I don't even have. My last bone density did show some thinning, but not much. Well hello, I have made all sorts of lifestyle changes since then and I don't intend to take drugs that have serious side effects, such as femur fractures....and especially since I don't even have osteoporosis. Especially! But I will continue to take calcium and vitamin D supplements and I will continue to lift weights and run and I will continue to eat vegetarian going well into the vegan realm. He agreed and was willing to let me do these things and retest next year. I believe wholeheartedly that I'll never need to take meds. I believe that you get to the root of the problem instead of treating symptoms. And that's that!
13.  Today: Run, upper body workout with weights, yoga tonight at Black Dog. Can't wait.

Happy Spring!


  1. Doctors are paid to suggest drugs - I just take calcium.

    I don't know how you live for days on end with gray/cold and I don't know how you run in the rain. But, if you are in training, I guess you have to.

    I must get 100 anonymous messages a day. I have to delete them from my email and from my spam folder on my blog - what a pain.

    1. Hey Carol... my husband says the same thing about doctors. The gray/cold....yuck! The sun finally came out yesterday afternoon. It was glorious. And hopefully, I've nipped the spammers in the bud. We'll see. Hope you have a great weekend. I know you'll be doing something wonderfully creative.

  2. I totally agree about not taking drugs.

  3. I'm sorry about the spamming. It is annoying even when it only happens occasionally, which has been the case for me--at least so far. It sounds like you had a wonderful time doing all of those great things with her. I have to admit that, yes, before I read past the part where I was questioning the 2 birthdays, I went back to the previous paragraph or so and re-read(a couple of times). Usually, I will have misread something, you know what I mean. Then, when I finally read on and saw your question "confused yet......," I laughed at myself. I thought I had an even worse case of ADD than I thought!

    It sounds like you had a real busy few days, with the wedding, running and all.

    I would be crying, too, if I had to watch either one of my daughters leaving to go so far away.

    I hope that your change in lifestyle will change the bone density problem for you and that your next test will have a good outcome.

    I have had major bone density problems, including spontaneous fractures in 3 ribs. Fosomax, spontaneous fractures in 3 ribs, then daily injections for 2 years.
    Your running is certainly a good thing for your overall health. I need to get back into at least a good routine of walking.

    It is beautiful here this afternoon and I hope you are having great weather, as well!

    1. Thanks Lynn.... Fosamax was the one I was so concerned about. The doctor even told me that he saw a patient that had been taking Fosamax prior to coming to him for 16 years. She had 2 femur fractures. I just don't trust drugs. So, I'll do whatever else I can do to prevent disease. I have read so many reports on the subject that I feel like I could write my own book.

      The sun actually came out yesterday afternoon. It was wonderful.

      Have a great weekend!

  4. Sounds like you have your health under control and doing well. I hate when Docs suggest meds for something that "might" happen. You stick to your guns! I'm so happy Spring is on the calendar...just let Mother nature know because I think snow is in the forecast this week....will it ever end?

    1. Me too, YaYa! Hearing that come from you is very reassuring. I've done my homework. Happy first day of Spring!!! I've got mother nature on speed dial. I'll give her a call. HaHa!

      Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. It sounds as if everything you are doing will strengthen every bit of you inside and out! xo Jen

  6. I certainly agree with you on the doctor part. Why should you take medicine for something you don't even have? I think doctors sometimes interfere too much. Someone is making money out there from prescribing unnecessary things which is why the insurance business is booming and our healthcare system is in such a shambles. Taking care of yourself is always the first step in treatment and listening to your body is more important than listening to someone else tell you what they think you should do just in case. You keep running and eating right and lifting.

    As for the spammers, I was getting a lot at one time but then changed something in my settings and it totally fixed it. Can't remember what it was as another blogger recommended it but if I find out, will let you know.

    Best wishes, Tammy

    1. Thanks Tammy....I would love to know how to fix the spamming problem. Although, I have not received any comments since I turned on word verification. Yay! But, they are fixated on one of my past blogs about my daughter's cat, of all things. Can't stop them from looking, I guess. But, if I could find a way to not have word verification on, that would be great. Thanks again!