Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nostalgia Has Just Hit Me Like A Ton Of Bricks

A good case of nostalgia hit me this morning. I was sitting in the den drinking coffe and watching the weather morning ritual. And my mind began to wander. I started recalling things that happened many years ago, when my children were growing up.

I remembered Whitney practicing her gymnastics moves off the back of the couch.

I remembered the time after Emily got her driver's license that we bought her first car....a pre-owned red Firebird. She was so excited to take the car out for a drive, but in the process backed into the telephone pole and left a swipe of red paint on it that is still visible today. Oh, and then the time she also backed into the garage doorway. And the time she ran up on the curb trying to miss a cat and busted her front tire. She's hard on cars. Ha!

I remembered Whitney and her friend, Sarah, sitting outside in the hammock......just swinging back and forth, laughing and playing and eating watermelon with our black lab, Abbie, sitting there hoping they would drop a piece of it.

Then, I remembered the time Cliff made Emily catch our goat by the horns. His name was Billy and Billy would rear up on his back legs and act like he was going to butt us, when we got near. Cliff was having no part of that goat acting like that, especially to the hands that fed him. So, Emily braved up and caught Billy by the horns and held him like a man. HaHa!

I remembered Whitney's 6th grade birthday/dance party. We pushed back all the furniture in the den so she and her classmates could have a big dance floor. She caught me taking a picture of her and her 6th grade boyfriend dancing and shot me the evil eye. HeHe!

I remember Emily having a friend sleep over and Cliff secretly hiding a walkie talkie under her bed before the girls went to sleep for the night. He waited all night to pull this stunt; I did too, HaHa! The next morning, I snuck up to the top of the stairs so that I could see into Emily's room, but they couldn't see me. Cliff blew a duck call into the walkie talkie. You should have heard that thing. It sounded like something dying. Emily and her friend shot straight up in bed...their arms flew straight out and they started looking wildeyed around the room. The friend finally asked, "Do y'all have cows?" I was trying to be quiet, but you know how you end up spitting all over yourself, when trying to repress a laugh. I busted out laughing so hard I just about wet my pants. We still laugh over that one.

Then, I remember the time Whintey was doing a science project on what held heat more, after bringing it to the boiling point....water or rubbing alcohol. Disclaimer: Do not try this at home! The fumes are awful. Whitney puked going up the stairs trying to make it to the bathroom.

I remember the day that Cliff took one of Whitney's Barbie Doll heads, tied a piece of fishing line around it and hid it behind the linen closet door and then hooked the other side to the baseboard in the hall. When Whitney walked by, she snagged the string and the Barbie Doll head came flying out of the closet and wrapped around her ankle. She screamed bloody murder. HaHa!!

I remember both girls getting ready for their proms, their graduations and their moves to college. I remember their brief moves back home and then they were gone the blink of an eye. I miss them and those times so much!

I remember the first time Whitney brought Jason home. I had this old dirty looking rocker recliner that I was replacing, but still had it in the den when Whitney and Jason got here. I realized it was still there and while Jason was meeting Cliff motioned for Whitney to help me hide it. You should have seen us pushing that chair down the hall to the back of the house. Good thing we had hardwood floors to slide it on. HaHa! I think Jason was so nervous to meet Cliff that he didn't even notice us pushing that ugly thing out of the room.

I remember the many nights I sat up and waited for the girls to return from their dates or from cheering at an "away" sleepy I could barely hold my eyes open and then sometimes I made Cliff do it because I couldn't stay awake a minute longer.

I remember the time we had geese. One of those geese was a mean son of a gun. He would chase us every chance he got. He chased Whitney and she would jump into the back of Cliff's truck to avoid getting pecked by the hateful thing. Cliff's mother would antagonize him every time she came over. He would chase her until she ran up on the porch. One day she happened to have a black umbrella in her hands and when the hateful old devil starting chasing her, she opened the umbrella at him. It scared him so bad that he took off running and never chased her again. Ha!

Then, I remember the time someone gave us a baby deer found in the woods just after it was born. The mother had died somehow. We named her Lilly. Anyway, we would feed this baby deer with a baby bottle. Lilly was the cutest little thing. She would come up to you and nudge you on the leg when she was hungry. She would run and play in the yard with the girls like a dog. One day an older lady friend came over and before the storm door could close, Lilly came in through the front door and into the house. We have hardwood floors so Lilly was having a hard time standing up. Her little legs were sliding all over the place. The lady was so shocked that the deer came in that she picked Lilly up from behind to take her back out the door. When she did, Lilly's feet went in all directions. It was like trying to put a cat in a tub of water. HaHa!! Finally, we managed to calm Lilly down enough to put her back outside.

Then, I remember my grandbabies and the times they slept on my couch or in my bed, the times they sat in their little carryalls on my table while I cooked dinner. I remember the times they crawled around the house and walked these same floors. I remember them playing with magnetized alphabets on the side of the fridge. I remember Lidia pulling a chair up to the sink to help me wash dishes and I remember that sweet Sawyer just hugging my legs anytime he came near.

I remember the time Whitney was lying on the couch holding Lidia above her and Lidia drooled all over Whitney's face. Whitney just about puked over that one.

I rememeber the time Lidia took off for the pasture to lasso one of the horses with the little piece of rope Cliff gave her to play with. I remember Sawyer playing with the new puppies and laying splayed out on his stomach in the dirt watching ants. I also remember the time he came and told us he ate an ant because Bear Grylls did.

I remember all the Christmas mornings and how much my girls love Christmas. And then last year when Whitney flew in from Denver on Christmas Eve and surprised Lidia and Sawyer Christmas morning. They though she caught a ride with Santa.....because that's what we told them. HaHa! You can read that story here.

I remember our famous egg sandwich breakfasts. Everyone that comes for a visit gets one. They're requested, frequently.

And now, my little family is all grown and out on their own. Such memories as these can make me chuckle out loud somedays and then days like today makes me teary-eyed as I walk from room to room and recall what happened there. There's not an inch of this house that doesn't hold special memories for me. Nostalgia brings them home ever so often. Our lives change no less often as the seasons and we make new memories during those times. They may not take place in the same rooms or on the same floors. Children grow up and their walls and floors and rooms become a breeding ground for their own family's memories. And I am happy for that. As for me, I will always have nostalgia. Nostalgia and I remain the best of friends.....and I depend on her to make sure my memories remain the same.

Peace out,


  1. What a fun post to read. You are making me nostalgic for my kids, but we don't have any grandchildren yet.

    1. I sure hope you get to experience grandchildren one day. They are a pure joy. They are coming home next weekend for a visit....I can't wait. Thanks for stopping by, come back soon. Have a great weekend.

  2. I understand what you mean. Aren't these memories precious, perhaps nothing else is so precious. I even think the memories of the hard times are important and they help us cherish the good experiences. Be happy with your running experiences.