Thursday, August 29, 2013

Update: The Move and First Day of School

So, it's been a couple of weeks now and I know you must be wondering how the move went. If you remember, Lidia wanted us to make breakfast together before they left. I thought we would make our famous egg sandwiches, but she had a different idea. Lidia had a surprise for breakfast and told me not to look until she had prepared it. She produced a paper bag and I was totally intrigued and curious as to where she came up with that. I left the kitchen and let her do her thing. She had placed the surprise on a plate and called me back into the kitchen. She was so proud that she was making us breakfast and that she alone had decided to do this the day before. It was chocolate cake! HaHa! She and Sawyer brought home some pastries from vacation with their daddy. So without blinking an eye...we sliced that beautiful chocolate cake and sat there and ate ours before anyone else came to the kitchen for breakfast. Oh, we still had our egg sandwiches. But hey, talk about having your cake and eating it too. The memory of that last morning before their move, priceless.

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

The move? Well, it actually went okay. We said our goodbyes without any tears being shed......until they were out of sight. And then the flood gates opened. I spent the rest of that day feeling lost. I can only imagine how Lidia and Sawyer felt. My saving grace was that I went up on Sunday to spend a few days with them and help Emily get unpacked and settled in.

Lidia and Sawyer's first day of school was that Monday, August 19th. I was so excited to be able to go with them on their first day and meet their teachers. I felt it was important for them to feel support and hopefully squelch their fears of being in a strange place, a new school and not knowing a single soul.

Lidia's first day of fourth grade. Sawyer's first day of first grade.
August 19, 2013

They seemed fine until Emily and I left them in their classrooms. I thought both Lidia and Sawyer looked like they could vomit. I know that's how I was feeling. I could hardly stand it! But I was upbeat and encouraging for them. I kissed them both and told them I would be waiting on them, when they got home from school. Reluctanly, we left them behind. Emily had to go to her first day of her new job, which was stressful in and of itself. I can't imagine what she was feeling. I'm sure she was in knots. She doesn't show these things well. But, a text later in the morning from her reassured me that she was having a good day.

I went back to Emily's and began unpacking and organizing and crying and praying for them all. It was a long day. I could not wait until the kids got home from school. A dear, dear friend, Patty, teaches at the same school that Lidia and Sawyer is now attending and she will take them and pick them up from school each day. That woman is a God Send! I love her guts and can not be more thankful that she is in my children's lives. So, right on time, she brought the kids to me after school. I watched as they leaped out of her van....skipping and jumping and giggling. I immediately felt my neck and shoulders ease from the tension I had been feeling all day. The kids had a great day of school! I was so relieved! I thanked Patty profusely for taking care of my babies and then she left us so we could get on to my most favorite part of the day. Lidia and Sawyer shared their stories of their first day of school with me over chocloate chip cookies and milk. I felt much better!

Emily, also, had a great first day of work. She loves her new job. I think I can now start to rest easy. Change is so hard to deal with. It's stressful on everyone. But thank the Lord things are rarely as they seem. Lidia and Sawyer are not stressing over the move like I thought they would. Partly because they know we will be there for them no matter how many miles down the road we have to travel but, mostly because of the love and care they receive from Cliff and me, their parents and our friends in the upstate. As the saying goes, "It takes a village". and I am so thankful that village is all around us.

During the day, while Emily was at work and the kids were at school, I sat and listened to the sounds of their new home and neighborhood. And to my surprise, they sounded so much like home. I hope Emily and the children quickly acclimate to their new home and neighborhood.  I know I am going to enjoy the new experiences and adventures we will have as Cliff and I most suredly will be visiting the upstate.....often. Oh wait, there is an added benefit. You remember my cousin, Terri? You know the one I call Sista and have all the crazy fun adventures with. Well, she lives maybe 20 miles from Emily and the kids. How cool is that? I'll get to see her more often now and I'm so happy Emily and the children will be near family.

Cliff came Tuesday and the kids were so excited to see him. We spent one more night and then had to leave Wednesday to head to Louisville, KY. Cliff had an Ironman Competion waiting on him. But before we left, we took a tour of Emily's new neighborhood. The town is an old Mill Town. It's small and rural. It lies near a river and there is a railroad track nearby. So many similarities to home. We were pleasantly surprised to find the bridge in the picture below. It was a one lane wooden deck bridge and reminded us or should I say shared with us a part of what that area was like in days gone by.

One Lane Wooden Bridge - Upstate SC
                                                      Come back soon y'all, I have lots to tell.




  1. What a sweet and heartwarming post Laurie. I'm glad everything seems to be going in the right direction for everyone!
    Be well my dear blogging sister!
    Beth P

  2. I like the picture of that bridge. Glad things are going well.

  3. Hi Laurie, I am so glad the kids and Emily are adjusting to their new home. I know it makes it hard on you, but we make drives. I did it when my first grandchild was born. We drove those miles. I have driven the miles this summer to spend time with my grandsons besides going to the nursing home. I love the wooden bridge because it brings back the memories of the rural America of where only a gas station general store was there. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  4. How hard it must be to live so far from your grandchildren. We have none (yet) and our daughter lives in San Francisco - a 7 hour drive away. I hate that she is so far away when she has a sad day and I can't hold her in my arms. We hope someday she will decide to move back and settle down in town so we are closer together.

    It is almost the weekend so hopefully you will be with your daughter and grands.

  5. I just saw your comment re partings on Chickens and Fine China and had to come over. We are the ones who have moved away so self doubt is added to the mix. Fortunately the kids see our little farm as a haven to which they can return again and again. You are so right, having your love as their foundation will enable your family to thrive.

    1. Thank you Susan for coming by and thank you for your kind words. I hope my grandkids will see our home as a place they want to come to again and again, as your kids do. And I really am quite sure they will.

  6. oh there you go. As parents and grandparents we never stop worrying about our kids and kidlets. As long as they have that unconditional love, they can weather the changes that life always brings. I am happy you got to share their first day of school with them and that a trusted wonderful friend was there as well.