Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Mama

Mama in 1958

I know, you probably are wondering what sort of funny post am I going to write about my mama. Well, believe it or not, there are plenty. But, I will save those for another day.....because today, February 28th,  is her birthday.

Mama was born February 28, 1941. I can always remember that because that was the year Pearl Harbor was bombed. To think....that was a whole life-time ago. So much has happened in her past 72 years.

Mama was raised by parents who worked in the Cotton Mills of SC. How's that for a look into the past? She was one of two girls and spent a lot of time with her grandparents because of her parents working. She learned a lot from her grandmother and she shares tidbits and quotes with us all the time that she gleamed from her grandmother. The one she quotes the most is, "Where there's a will, there's a way". I love hearing about things of her past. Maybe that's why nostalgia and I get along so well.

My mama is one of the sweetest, funniest, most patient, most organized and most beautiful persons I know. She is a God-fearing prayer warrior who when approached with a concern or problem guides you straight to the Father for help and guidance. She never forgets a birthday. She sends birthday cards and Christmas cards to multitudes of people. I've said it before, the greeting card companies love my mama. We really should by stock.

Mama always finds the good in people and believes in helping anyone in need, in anyway possible even if it means that she goes without. She loves movies, loves to read and loves to go out to eat. Among her favorite restaurants are Taco Bell and Myabi's. LOL! But tonight, it's going to be The River Room.

Mama and daddy were married in 1958 and daddy, shortly after, entered the Army. It was the Army that took her away from her hometown of Spartanburg. And it must have given her a sense of freedom and independence because she has yet to want to go back and make Spartanburg her home. We settled in this beautiful low country of ours. She would go back to her childhood home for a visit, but was always so happy to get back to our home in the low country.

Mama was blessed with six children, 8 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. I am her oldest and have seen it all. The ups and downs of her life. And I am constantly amazed at her outlook on life. The tenacity of her Independence is mesmerizing.

Like her mother, she is no stranger to cotton either. Most of my teenage years, she spent working in a sewing plant helping to construct t-shirts. In time, those jobs that she was so accustomed to was shipped over seas to China. She eventually, left the sewing plants for home. She is one that can not sit still. She needs to be doing something all the time. And sitting at home got old really fast. Needing to have extra income and something to fill her days, she began babysitting in her home. Now, some 20 years later and she has racked up quite a portfolio of children that she has helped raise. Her little children love her!! Some call her what our kids call her....Granny Pat. Some can't say that and call her P-Pat or Pat-Pat. But whatever they call her, it doesn't matter. She is filled to the rim with love.

Mama spoiled my little brother. That's what true southern women do. But she taught us girls many things....sewing, cooking, organizing and how to treat and take care of others are just a few. Most of these things have made me the person I am today. I only hope that I can shape my girl's lives the way she has shaped mine. She has been an encourager and motivator. I went back to college late in life. And one of my proudest moments ever was the day she sat in the audience of my college graduation. She was my biggest fan!

Daddy went home to be with the Lord in 2008 and as mama is older now, but still in very good health, I can't help but think about the future at times. And I quickly, very quickly remove the thoughts from my mind because I.Can.Not.Ever. fathom a future without my mama in it.

Thank you, Mama, for everything you have ever done for me and my family. You have been a huge building block and corner stone in my life. I thank the good Lord for choosing you to be my mama!

Mama at her 70th birthday party.

Happy Birthday, Mama! I love you!



  1. I am always so envious of people who have nurturing mothers. What a gift. Happy Birthday to your wonderful mother.

    1. Thank you Susan. My family and I know how much of a treasure we truly have in Mama. Blessings to you!

  2. She was my mama first. You had to come along and boot me out. Lol. Love this story. You and the rest of your family has been Blessed. Give her a birthday hug from me.

  3. Will do, Sista Sista!! Love you!

  4. Happy Birthday Granny Pat!! Hope y'all have fun at the River Room...ain't no party like a P-Pat party cuz a P-Pat party don't stop!!

  5. Happy, happy Birthday to your beautiful Mama...may the day hold lots of love! Tanya

  6. What a sweet story and thanks bunches for sharing it with us! You have been lucky indeed to have such a loving and caring mother - many are not that lucky!
    Hugs and happy birthday to your Mom,
    Beth P

  7. Happy birthday to your beautiful Mom! You and I feel the same about our mom's---we are blessed.

  8. Happy Birthday to your Mom..she shares my birthday today..or maybe I'm sharing hers! She sounds like a great woman and a wonderful role model. You are one lucky girl to have her. I wish her good health, happiness, and many more birthdays that we can share!

  9. What a beautiful tribute to your mom! She sounds like a wonderful woman. You are so lucky to still have her in your life.

  10. I'll certainly never meet her, but nevertheless give her a big hug from a mother in Germany who had a wonderful mother,too and enjoy the birthday with all your loved ones.

  11. Hi Laurie, Sending Birthday wishes to your dear mother. She is beautiful and I can see a wonderful inspiration to all. Thank you for stopping by with birthday wishes to me. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  12. Oh Laurie, what a wonderful tribute to your Mum. I think it's so important to tell the special people in our lives just how much they mean to us.
    I think your mum has a very special daughter! I think she may have passed on all of her beautiful qualities to you Laurie. ;D
    Happy Belated Birthday wishes to your Mum. She sounds a very special lady.

    My mother passed away three years ago and I miss her so much because even though I lived away from home, we spoke virtually everyday...I still find the urge to ring to tell her something before I remember she's not there anymore...but I know she's with me in many other ways.
    Take care and enjoy your weekend. :D

  13. Well now, that is a lovely tribute to your mother. Happy birthday to her! And may she have many more. My Aunt Betty took care of kids in her home for years and years as long as she possibly could. Best wishes to you, Tammy

  14. Thank You Laurie for honoring our MaMa. That was so wonderfully said ! I am glad that God chose her to be my Mother and God chose you to be my Sister . I Love You !